Thursday, May 22, 2008

Primary Kolors: HD 69

In the past I have tended to focus mostly on Federal and Statewide races. When deciding to kome out of retirement and made a kommitment to be more involved in the local legislative races. I’m pretty excited about some things I’m working on.

Today’s focus is the primary in House District 69

HD 69 is in the northern part of Polk Kounty includes Johnston, Grimes, but doesn’t include the city of Ankeny. The seat is kurrently help by Walt Tomenga who is retiring. Thank God! I think Walt voted for the same day voter registration and was wrong on Eminent Domain. I’m too darn lazy to do research today. I have serious issues when a Republican doesn’t understand the importance of the property rights of the individual…

The two primary kandidates are Erik Helland and Al Lorenzen.

I’m a little weary of Lorenzen, he sounded good on the radio the other day, but my research created more questions than answers.

1. Tomenga gave him his blessing to run. Not an endorsement I would really want.

2. Lorenzen’s largest donor is AFSCME. I didn’t know they supported Republicans, and wonder what he has told them or what they see in him to warrant a kampaign kontribution in a primary.

3. Another Lorenzen donor is Bill Knapp. Does he get the keys to the Florida Kondo like Chet does? Again, interesting bed fellows.

On the other hand Helland is supported by Iowa Right to Life, Iowa Farm Bureau, and Iowans for Tax Relief. One might call that the Holy Trinity.

This race is getting heated up and apparently Lorenzen is making an issue out of the fact that Helland is “finishing his education.” It is a true statement. Helland is finishing Law School at Drake. What a terrible thing… Hey Al not everybody is given an opportunity at a free college education like you received in 1984 the University of Iowa, at taxpayers' expense mind you. And by the way, didn’t you get your degree 18 years after leaving the U of I? Just trying to klear that up and wondering why wound knock your opponent for going to Law School?

To me it looks like there is a klear choice in HD 69, Erik Helland, and it’s not just because he spells Erik with a “K.”

Word of advice to the Helland kampaign, I really like the blue sky mail piece, but why did you use a picture of the Senate chamber on it when you are running for the House? I expect more out of you guys! K’mon!


  1. A wise man once said:

    "In a better world, Iowa's right-side tax policy groups would be making the same points from a free-market, small-government perspective, but Iowans for Tax Relief is a shameless loophole lobby for the interests that harvest these tax subsidies..."

    Tax Update Blog

  2. Bungled the link. Here it is:

  3. Chris, your commentary belies a very limited exposure to the "free-market, small government" across the board opposition to excessive taxation that Iowans For Tax Relief represent.

    Moreoever, the citation link is nothing but a conclusory ad hom attack on ITR.

  4. ITR absolutely does advocate for loopholes for Friends of Ed. Any argument to the contrary can only generously be termed misleading.

    The very nature of tax loopholes (or "concessions" or "targeted relief") makes future across-the-board tax relief harder to achieve. The beneficiaries of the ITR's swiss-cheese approach lose their relative advantage when everyone else also gets a smaller bill from the state. They have a stake in the status quo. ITR gets them their discount (for a none-too-small donation) and they check out of the the movement.

    Any serious student of politics knows that an intensely interested minority is more powerful than a wide body of people who, while interested, also have other concerns. This is how a relative handful of loophole recipients could capture a group that started with good intentions. This is how that group went on to capture large segments of the Iowa GOP. And this is also how we still have the highest corporate tax rate in the country.

    Lets see that ITR of the 80's and 90's.

  5. Chris, Chris, Chris:

    The Truth:

    1. ITR established in 1979
    Top income tax rate in Iowa 13.89%

    2008 Top income tax rate in Iowa 8.98%

    Where's the loophole?

    2. ITR has protected Federal Deductibility, so Iowans are not forced to pay state taxes on money they already paid in federal taxes.

    Federal Deductibility benefits middle income Iowa renters the most. If you rent, Federal Deductibility is almost certainly your largest deduction.

    If you are a middle income home owner, Federal Deductibility is most likely your second largest deduction.

    Rich corporate folks, who you seem to find evil, I do not, have all sorts of options of how to allocate resources to create the most favorable tax situation.

    Joe Six pack does not.

    Are you sure you're a CPA?

    Don't know what your axe is you wish to grind with ITR, but your dishonesty is transparent.