Thursday, March 5, 2009

Distractions? Or Are Democrats Really This Stupid?

I don’t really know what to make of House Democrats filing two Labor Union bills yesterday. One of the bills, HF 530 would allow union workers to choose their own doctor if they get injured on the job. The other is the most contentious bill they could file, HF 555. HF 555 requires non union members to pay union dues. Talk about un-American.

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  1. The bill would require non-union members to pay a fee for services provided to them by the union.

  2. If I work at a place that has union representation and I use a union provided service, say to file a grievance through their peep, I would want to pay for that service I used. Its only fair to pay for what you dont get to drive away from the gas pump after getting gas without paying...

  3. The problem is that if you work at a place that has union representation, you have no choice but to accept whatever terms they have negotiated with the company, even if you believe the terms to be bad for the employees. I cannot negotiate my own compensation and work rules with management. What if I don't want union services? Tough luck, you get them whether you want them or not.