Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I’m packing things up today for the move, but have a couple of things to discuss.

State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald sucks at being the custodian of the IPERS fund.

The Des Moines Register has a story today that says that State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald missed the red flags leading to IPERS losing $339 million dollars. The Register just forgets to mention Fitzgerald in the story. Fitz is up for reelection in 2010.

People should be outraged about this, especially state employees and retirees who’s money Fitzgerald has lost. Republican’s should be using this story to find a competent candidate to run against Fitzgerald in 2010. If you want to know why I think republican’s can do well in Iowa in 2010 consider the following:

Governor Chet Culver and the Democrat Legislature:
Increased Spending by a Billion Dollars, Mismanaged the Flood Recovery, Raised Taxes, Forced Local Governments to Raise Taxes, and will have budget problems for the foreseeable future. Oh, and they can’t pass one significant piece of union legislation…

State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald: Lost $339 million dollars of current and former state worker retirement funds. If he was in the private sector he would be out of a job today. Since he’s an elected official he will probably get reelected by a wide margin.

Secretary of State Mike Mauro:
While it’s not in the news, there was rampant voter fraud in the 2008 elections. As these matters get investigated and come to light, Mauro could be damaged.


Tim Albrecht’s TheBeanWalker.com launched last night. Iowa now has its own version of the Drudge Report. So I wonder, instead of having the famous Drudge siren, will the Bean Walker use something like this:

I mean if you want to keep with the ag theme it seems appropriate.

If you are like me and are not up to date on the term “walking beans” the ever helpful Kay Henderson gives us a history lesson. Maybe it’s the part of the state I’m from but I only knew of detasseling corn.

See you tomorrow at TheIowaRepublican.com!


  1. TheBeanWalker.com has a siren up, check it out!

  2. "While it’s not in the news, there was rampant voter fraud in the 2008 elections"

    Huh? We're supposed to accept this on faith? There's no way the GOP could lose except though cheating, right? You're losing thinking people every day due to these kinds of baseless assertions. Grow up and start developing ideas, not excuses. It's been 15 years since the GOP had anything interesting or new to offer.

  3. Maybe when Krusty switches over to the new site he'll get some actual ideas instead of just spewing venom and hate.

    See you over at Iowa Republican, anonymous troglodytes!

  4. Fitzgerald has always been vulnerable, problem is R's never run anyone of consequence against him

  5. Ed Failor Jr. for Governor (or State Treasurer)

  6. You can't be a real Iowan if you don't know what walking beans is all about! . . . .city-slickers!

  7. Um, bean walking is not exactly a complicated concept.

    Basically this means that Timmy is a walking, talking garden weasel.

  8. Fallen Apple meet tree far awayMarch 3, 2009 at 5:19 PM

    Ed Failure Jr.... Nuts.

  9. We already have one Failure as Governor. We dont't need another.

  10. 11:52 Are you serious? While working a campaign this year I was repeatedly told by my superiors to register everyone and that included re-registering people "just to be safe." Although Krusty needs some evidence before he says something like that you know that there's plenty of evidence if people really care to look.


  11. Re-registering is not a crime. It doesn't give anyone a second vote. It overrules their older registration, that's all.

  12. Nice to see how Democrats blew it and nobody seems to care about 340 million dollars down the drain on their watch.

  13. Jr. is the answer to Iowa's economic struggles.

  14. Voter Fraud? Mauro? Huh? The ghost of the 1998 FBI investigation about Mauros bros rears its head again!!

  15. Finally, someone stating the obvious. Democrats rely on vote fraud. Why else do they not want voters to produce photo ID to vote?

    Why else do Democrats have organizations such as ACORN? They exist solely for the purpose of registering as many Democrat voters as possible. They don't have to be legal, or even real.

    ACORN was also paid bounties to enroll buyers to buy homes for which they were not credit worthy.

    In addition to voter fraud, this whole economic debacle has it's roots in liberalism where it was pounded into people's heads that everyone should be able to own a home--if you could afford to make the payments or not.

    Remember "affordable housing".