Monday, March 2, 2009

I’m out of here!

This past Thursday was the 3rd anniversary of Krusty Konservative. Usually I make a big deal out of such things and toss around some of my stats. As I’ve said on past occasions, I’m always amazed at the number of people who read this blog and participate in the comment section. Your participation has meant a lot to me over the years and has kept me going.

As we enter year three, you will notice a significant change, as I will no longer be blogging on this site. As some of may have noticed, I’ve experienced a number of difficulties with blogger in the last few months. While blogger has been a great free service, it’s time to find a better home for Krusty.

Starting on Wednesday, my new home will be on What? You thought I was hanging it up again? Never, I’m having too much fun.

While the technical problems with blogger were annoying, I also was interested to find a venue that could increase the viewership of my daily column. It is my belief that will provide me with just that.

I’m also told that some other Iowa blogs will be making the move along with me. I do not know the details on who else will be blogging at but I think its great idea to bring various conservative blogs together under the same roof. While I can’t announce the other blogs, I was able to take a screen shot when I was allowed on the site to take a look around.

The Iowa conservative blogosphere is going through some drastic changes. Later today Tim Albrecht’s will take root. I’m told that Bean Walker is a news aggregator, kind of like a state specific version of the Drudge Report.

Coming on Wednesday is Craig Robinson’s, a conservative version of the Huffington Post that will focus on Iowa Politics. Robinson’s site will contain political news content, blogs like Krusty, and opinion and editorials from various Republican leaders.

One of the things I’m most excited about on the new site is the message board. I love the interaction we have on Krusty, but sometimes it gets out of hand. I think the message board will be a great place to interact with other people across the state.

These are exciting times for the Iowa Blogosphere. I look forward to blogging with my fellow Komrades. And if you’re a blogger and are interested in joining me at, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with Craig.

My email will remain


  1. Exciting times Krusty. I have been so tired trying to find the news....filtering out all the crap. It looks like will do the work for me. I can go back to drinking in the morning. A win/win. Good luck!

  2. That website looks very Kool. Kan't wait to see it and read you there, Krusty.

  3. This is an exciting time to be a conservative and a Republican. It's great to see this is happening. And happening when liberal media outlets like the Register are dying.

  4. The sooner the Register dies and several other papers in Iowa - the better off our state will be.

    They continue to spread lies, misrepresent and conveniently only cover one side of the story or try to cover both and botch it badly.

    Long live Albrecht's BeanWalking and Robinson's Republican

    As Joe Biden would say...God Love'Em.

  5. 9:22 wrote:
    The sooner the Register dies and several other papers in Iowa - the better off our state will be.

    Will USA TODAY keep their reporting eyes on hanky-panky under the Dome in DesMoines or on a crooked cop in RedOak or . . . ?

    When the local papers are gone we all will be none the better off for it.

    And you people who only rate a paper by it's political leanings are STUPID. Historically, local newspapers have always held party leanings,; just recall the old newspaper names before the time of buyouts and mergers for financial reasons.

  6. Does this mean Krusty will finally stop being such a puss and use his/her real name? Maybe a step out of the shadows would do you some good.

  7. That comment is hilarious comming from an Anon.

  8. 11:14 -- It's hilarious, but it does ring true. Anonymity is cowardly. And since I'm too much of a coward to put my name here, I think I know a puss when I see one.

    The Iowa Republican had a lot of possibility, but now that it is simply going to continue to foster cowardly anonymity, it has lost all credibility before it starts.

  9. Weren't the Federalist Papers anonymous at the time?

  10. Isnt the Beanwalker just an online newsclippings service? And how does that differ from

  11. Can't wait for the Beanwalker! See you Krustacian's there tonight!

  12. Cowardly anonymity? Seriously?

    Dude stop reading the blog if it causes such emotional distress.

    Or start your own.

    Grow up

  13. 12:59-- It doesn't cause me emotional distress. But when I see someone acting like a patriot and pretending to speak with authority on something while hiding behind anonymity, I can't help but call them out.

    It's cowardice, plain and simple. It's a way to commit character assassination without any means for anyone to defend themselves. If you think you're right then put your name next to your words. Otherwise, it comes across as weak.

    I should know. I'm a cowardly anonymous poster just like Krusty. Yeah for me!

  14. How effective would the “95 Theses” have been if Martin Luther had nailed them up signed “Anonymous?” And how about an anonymous “Declaration of Independence?” Abraham Lincoln could have written an anonymous “Emancipation Proclamation,” and maybe spared his own life at the hands of bigots.

    When you truly feel that you are right, even about small matters, don’t be too cowardly to put your name on it.

  15. Is Craig Robinson actually "krusty konservative?"

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  16. Considering the personal attacks that continually show up on this blog, Krusty's anonymity is an absolute necessity. There's enough readers claiming a bias on this candidate or that candidate without Krusty revealing his/her name. Add it on and all we'd hear is "yeah but you worked for Doug Gross" or "you worked for Mitt Romney". I like the anonymity. It keeps some of the vitriol out of the blogosphere.

  17. Kaiser Soze --

    Are you serious?

    You are joking... right?

  18. It was Tim and Nick Ryan all along.

  19. It was Yoda and Albrecht. They are both Mittens from Ida Grove.

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