Monday, March 9, 2009

An Open Letter to Bob Vander Plaats

Dear Bob,

Since you announced you candidacy for Governor on January 26th, I’ve probably been one of your loudest critics. I understand your stance of not responding to “anonymous bloggers.” It would be the same stance I would take if I was in your position. Yet, you did somewhat respond to my criticism when you were on with Steve Deace this past Friday afternoon. After listening to you and reading some emails that I have received from those involved with your campaign, I think that maybe I need to do a better job of letting you know why I do what I do.

To read the rest of my letter to Bob, Click here.


  1. Krusty,

    Are you sick of the website already?

  2. Krusty -

    As an avid supporter of Bob Vander Plaats for Governor, and as one who hasn't followed your previous criticisms of Bob, I want to say that I think your letter is very fair and will ultimately help Mr. Vander Plaats.

    You're right, we MUST send Culver packing in 2010. And the specific policy positions and agenda items you're asking for from Bob are appropriate. I don't know what his campaign strategy will be, but I'm willing to lay a lot on the line and bet that he'll answer all your questions and you'll like what you hear and see - as will other "konservatives" around the state.

    I've heard several names mentioned for Republican nominee in 2010 (King, Failor, Rastetter, Rants, Vaudt, Northey, Rod Roberts, Latham, Larson, etc) and so far none of them hold a candle to what will become of Bob's organization, fundraising and across-the-board conservative philosophy on the issues.