Thursday, November 20, 2008

Huck hits Iowa

Huckabee is over in Cedar Rapids for a book signing. He had a crowd of over 100 there to buy his book and get him to sign it. Nice bus.

So I expect the Mods will rip on Huckabee, so I'll post the following picture of Doug Gross driving the mystery machine. I think that's Roderer in the back seat.


  1. The Huckabus Is In Da House!November 20, 2008 at 3:30 PM

    100? Krusty...try more like 500..that place was standing room only.

    As for Anon 3:22

    Dude...if we as Republicans can't start laughing at ourselves once in awhile..its no wonder why people think we're a bunch of a-holes.

    Some humor every now and then is a very healthy thing..especially in politics.

  2. What's humerous is 500. Right.

    I'll take the Mystery Machine any day. Ya know why they need all those Scoobie Snacks, don't you?

  3. who is that in the picture?

  4. Wow, new Krusty is all about personal attacks. I liked old Krusty.

  5. I'm fine with "humor" and "laughing at ourselves" but unless Krusty is Dave Roederer or Doug Gross, I don't really think he's making fun of himself....he's making fun of others.

    Which I don't really think is all that mature. But whatever.

  6. Oh, please. Grow a sense of humor.

  7. If Doug and Dave would stop pissing on social conservatives and the Iowa Caucuses I would stop making fun of them. Its pretty simple really. Plus if calling them Shaggy and what ever the other dude is called gets under their skin they need to find a new line of work.

    I could call Dave "Destiny Dave" would that be better.

  8. You have to hand it to Huck, he is well liked and in many ways, likable. Okay I said it, pardon while I swallow the vomit from my throat...the smoke is just now clearing from the November election and Huck is already out of the blocks for 2012. His book is self serving and loathsome. Not to mention the obvious hits on Mitt Romney. Heck, the index at the back of the book almost needs an entire page to reference all the Romney "hits." I was there to take inventory of "who" these folks are. Now the silver lining, had you told me 250-300(honest) would show up for this, only days after the election, I'd have called you nuts, but sure enough, there was visual evidence today that our great party has not quite met our end.....contrary to reports.

  9. There was WAY more than 100 people there. Try 500!!!!!!

  10. Reportedly over 500 in Des Moines tonight with lots of long lines.

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  12. I wish Gov. Huckabee and long and very successful career as a Fox talk show host.

  13. Barnes and Noble reports their were at least 900 people in Cedar Rapids today.

    I hear reports from Des Moines that say their was 900 in line the first 40 minutes.

  14. The marginalization of new Krusty continues.

    Dude, find your "k" key once in a while.

  15. It's too darned early to start this again.

    I won't support any of the 2008 retreads. They need to go home and stay there.

    Huck is far better suited to show biz.

  16. I'd be honored to drive the Mystery Machine....if this is a personal attack, then we have now become the Democrats. Lighten up. You'll never get a date with Daphne if you don't relax a little.

  17. Not to mention the obvious hits on Mitt Romney. Heck, the index at the back of the book almost needs an entire page to reference all the Romney "hits."

    Nonsense. They aren't attacks or hits if they come from Huckabee. He's the REAL Christian...

    If 500 people are all that are interested in a personal appearance by our candidates, we have a problem. Obama gets that many just waiting to see him walk out of the restroom.

  18. IowaSF, again you have your head firmly implanted in your .... Huckabee held his tong on what a loathsome, self-serving campaign Romney ran from November through February. Why? Because Romney could have won the nomination and it wouldn’t have been constructive to tear him down. Now that it’s over I'm sure Huckabee is all too happy to call Romney and his cronies out for the sleazebags they were. It has nothing to do with Romney's religion. It has everything to do with his total lack of a soul. Republicans hate Bill Clinton because he would say or do anything to get elected. He would lie to people, divide them, play on their worst fears, and crawl through any muck pit just to win ... In my opinion, Romney is no different. Worse yet, he cant even man-up and take responsibility for his failure. He wants to lay blame on everyone else.

  19. I have not heard a single attack from Romney towards Huckabee after the primary. What is the latest count on attacks from Huckabee towards Romney at right now? A thousand?

    Now who is the real Christian?

  20. Ask anyone involved in a presidential campaign this last cycle and they'll tell you that the Romney campaign was a dirty and underhanded as they come.

    If Huck was going to be truthful at all about the campaign experience, there's really no getting around mentioning how awful Romney and his minions were.

  21. Maybe Romney can't attack Huckabee because there nothing to attack.

  22. Yes, I know, Huckabee never ran his campaign on religion.

    This never happened

    This either

    No mention of his religion at this event

    I like the last article, as it nicely points out that even Pat Robertson kept religion out of the race. We shouldn't be voting on a church.

    Unfortunately, some people in our caucus refuse to respect Freedom of Religion.

  23. Hey IowaSF, when you grow-up and get over the whole Christian/Mormon thing let us know. Some people may want to discuss issues that matter to our state and nation.

    By the way, you can start with defending Romney's first stance of saying that the auto industry needs help. Then his next stance in supporting the bailout bill that was really welfare for the rich. Then explain again his flip on his first stance to wanting the auto industry not to receive help. Looks like he would rather help the white collars than the blue collars. You want to debate and not name call and go on the facts? Huckabee said "no way" to the bailout and he still says "no way" to the bailout.

  24. Hey IowaSF, when you grow-up and get over the whole Christian/Mormon thing let us know

    In other words, you still can't defend against the facts, and so you still only have things like "crybaby" and "grow up" to offer.

    Which part of keeping religion out of the campaign do you disagree with?

    you can start with defending Romney's first stance of saying that the auto industry needs help.

    Already covered that. He was asking for more INVESTMENT in alternative technologies while proposing TAX INCENTIVES for new car buyers.

    A little different than giving them 25 billion because they asked.

    Of course, none of this has anything to do with Huckabee running as the REAL Christian Leader, but I digress.

    There's a difference between social conservatism and religious elitism. I can only hope future GOP candidates will recognize the difference.

  25. IowaSF, you proved that you can't get beyond the Christian/Mormon issue, and I was trying to argue the facts. You, however, never touched on Mitt's orginal backing of the bailout for billionaires and then not supporting the blue collars. I chose to compare that to Huckabee's understanding of the free market and personal responsibility along with smaller government. Instead of arguing the points that actually mattered you turned it into who was the Christian candidate. Thanks for proving my point. I couldn't have done it without you.

  26. Sorry IR, you don't get to change the topic of discussion because it doesn't suit you.

    However, as for the bailout, it didn't even come up until September. Guess where the Dow was during the primaries?

    All you've done is try to change the subject or name-call. The topic of discussion is how can we get the two major factions of the GOP working together.

    That won't happen until people understand why such a division was created. You can belittle Romney, but that doesn't fix the problem, it only makes it worse.

    Was it legitimate to have concerns about Romney's true stance on abortion? Absolutely.

    Was it legitimate to have concerns about Romney's true stance on gay marriage? Absolutely.

    Was it legitimate to run an entire campaign in Iowa based on being a Christian? No.

    This is the concern fiscal conservatives have, and rightly so.
    Straw man arguments and name-calling might make you feel better, but they don't change what's wrong, and they don't mend the fence.

    I don't expect Huckabee to take personal responsibility for creating the wedge. I fully expect him to run the same campaign in 2012. It's only a matter of time before we hear Jindal has a muslim sounding name, and that Palin might belong to a cult.

    Because, you know, that's what is important in government.

  27. I'll bite IowaSF. The first link that you provided refers to a question that Huckabee asked. Simply a question. Not an attack a question.

    The second link that you provided was an ad wishing people Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I know that you are referring to the supposed floating cross in the background. It was a bookcase pure and simple.

    And in the third refers to the values voter summit. What's wrong with that. Of course I am sure that you meant the name of the article. That you will have to ask Time about.

    People keep trying to claim Huckabee ran a campaign on religion here in Iowa. This is simply not the case. In my opinion it is just sour grapes because your guy didn't win. I think that you need to get over it because the caucus ended months ago. It is time to move on and get over it.