Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will Barack Obama be the last American President?

Some Russians seem to think so. I have to tell you I laughed a bit as I read this, but our future looks bleak. While the two major political parties have been jockeying for power we have neglected the real problems that face our country. Sure they talk about health care and energy, but when are we going to get real and start talking about the looming entitlement crisis? Ford, GM, Chrysler and a bunch of financial companies were deemed too large to fair by our Government, but what about Medicaid and Social Security? Every single American has paid into those programs and they could cease to exist if foreign entities call in our debts.

Ron Paul wasn’t so crazy after all.

I’ll be honest, if Ron Paul had a different position on foreign policy he would have been my candidate of choice. It seems that Peter Schiff, one of Paul’s advisors predicted our current crisis in 2006. In the following clip he is ridiculed by the TV host and Art Laffer.

So did Laffer pay up?

Clinton cashed in

Man this guy has the golden touch. Bill Clinton received $2.1 million Citi Group, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs. Nice work if you can get it.

Sarah Palin

So the turkey clip of Sarah Palin is making its way around YouTube. What I want to know is where does she get her staff? I know the media loves to blame her but her press aide is terrible to have he positioned to see some dude cutting off the heads of turkeys during her interview. Sarah, I’m willing to go to Alaska and help you out, just send me an email at krustykonservative@gmail.com. Palin is a rock star but is being failed by those who work for her.

I’ll be out the rest of the week unless something big happens. I guess you can say I’m on call!


  1. I think it is great people need to know where their turkey comes from, enough of all this pc crap. It is bold and gutsy.

    Palin 2012!

  2. Bold and gutsy?

    Keep drinking the kool-aid.


  3. Krusty - you dumb turkey...

    You posted it online. I doubt you get the job.

  4. It used to be that Krusty would supply us with, wait for it...


    All I see now is comments on stories I can see on Drudge.

  5. Dude its the week of Thanksgiving, I have crap to do this week.


  6. Krusty,
    Come on now...

    "While the two major political parties have been jockeying for power we have neglected the real problems that face our country."

    When has this not been the case? This is the way it has been since I was born for sure. And maybe even since the beginning of America.

    Ron Paul has some good ideas. I honestly like his foreign policy... Seems we fund people who fight other people and than turn around and fight us, so we fund someone else, (example, Taliban, Saddam) and it never ends.

    How bout we let our military fight and kill these people and let appeasement be damned?

    As for Palin, she will never make it anywhere with the people she has, they really let her down.

    Anybody think Newt has a chance?

  7. Newt have a chance for what?

  8. Krusty was better when he was Nick.

  9. The Republicans might have actually won if they had nominated for Ron Paul and the economy might be on the road to recovery.

    Unfortunately the majority of the republican party has been drinking Neo-Conservative Keynesian koolaid and they're incapable of rational thought at this point.

    Maybe 8 years of being Obamanized, repeatedly, violently, with no lube, will bring them to their senses.

    But I kinda fucking doubt it.

  10. Ron Paul is an idiot. Yeah he sounds good to our libertarian senses till we actually stop and think about what he is actually saying.

    His biggest problem his he feels government should not represent the people and is opposes to defending american interests abroad including our own citizens.

    He also believes very strongly in some parts of the constitution but completely ignores other parts.

    Of coarse then there is the bill of rights which he says are illegal

  11. Krishna is about to be the new chairman of the party and we're here talking about Ron Paul?

    If there are any SCC members reading this - if you vote for that guy or allow others to do so - you're finished.

  12. Krusty,

    There is a difference between "Defending America" and spending 10 billion American tax payer dollars to build roads, bridges, schools and hospitals and provide healthcare and security for 65 million people in Iraq.

    Essentially WELFARE Iraqis on my dime...

    And you call Obama a socialist, ha!