Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Incumbents win Federal Races by large margin.

State Senate Republicans only lost one seat (19 seats)

State House Republicans lost 3 seats (44 Seats)

I’ll have more thoughts later and come back to eat some crow, but so does the Register and all the Greenwald groupies.


  1. Hopefully the defeat that was last night will hopefully translate into a new and reformed Republican party. We just have to remember to not leave the conservative base in the dust like McCain did. We also can't sit here and divide ourselves into factions. We have to push a people first, smaller government, pro-life, pro-family message. We didn't lose this election because we didn't appeal to the moderates and liberals but because the base was left in the dust. Remember 94!

  2. As do the Miller-Meeks minions...

  3. We did not lose to Loebsack, we lost to Obama by large early voting and same day registrations in Linn and Johnson Counties.

    Loebsack skated under Obama's coatail. Its that simple.

    Let me be clear, MITT FREAKING ROMNEY in 2012!

  4. I'm a Miller-Meeks minion, and would really appreciate John explaining in more detail what his admonition is for us...

    Miller-Meeks was one of the few bright spots in this campaign - many of us hope to see her back - this time with the support of ALL republicans.

  5. If you look at the Linn County numbers, "3M" lost by 4,000 more votes than McCain did which would suggest (strongly) that her own people did not support her. It seems at least on the surface that the Lehman undermining at the behest of Teahen hurt 3M within our own pro life base.

    So thanks for doing your part to help ensure the re-election of a democratic congressman. Sorry it wasnt Julie Thomas and that Loebsack will just have to suffice for you two.

    Every pro-abortion vote that Loebsack makes is on your blood stained hands.

  6. Christopher Rants has lost seats each cycle he has been leader. On what basis does he feel he can continue to serve as leader of his ever shrinking caucus? Will he finally admit he knows nothing about electing republicans?

  7. Last nights results should finally force the Iowa GOP to realize that we can't continue to run campaigns the way we have.

    LMF running cookie-cutter TV ads for multiple candidates across the state isn't doing the job any more.

    We need to get back to what we USED to do..good old fashioned grassroots organization.

    Plus..we MUST...MUST begin to work out an effective absentee and early voting system as soon as possible. We can try to keep making the argument that Republicans vote at the polls..and that might be true for some..

    But guess what..we leave the no party's and soft D's ripe for the picking by the Democrats.

    Instead of a 72 HOUR program..we need a 72 DAY program...

  8. Yeah, that’s it. Miller-Meeks was set up! He campaign didn’t suck and fall apart all on its own, no it must be someone’s fault! Please. Are you listening to yourself? The Miller-Meeks campaign has been looking for someone to blame for a General Election loss since it won the primary back in June. You cant blame Teahen, he realized he lost and didn’t drag out the primary in a painful recount process. Now you're looking to blame Kim Lehman? Oh no wait, maybe they’re in league with each other and have set out in some kind of unholy alliance to “get Miller-Meeks!”

    Miller-Meeks shamefully and largely unfairly slandered Peter Teahen during that primary. It makes me sick to even think about it. But what happened at the end? He got out of her way without a challenge because it was the right thing to do. Then he bit his tong because calling Miller-Meeks out for the fraud she is would have been an insult to all of the people who volunteer and poured their time into helping her get elected.

    Miller-Meeks lost because she wanted to be all things to all people. She had no ideological identity outside of health-care issues. Did you listen to her interview on Deace? Did you actually read her comments on life and Marriage in the newspaper? No one distorted her record. The words used in that Iowa Right to Life newsletter came from Miller-Meeks, not Kim Lehman.

    If you're looking for someone to blame for the fact that Miller-Meeks didn’t break 40% of the vote I would suggest you take a drive down to Ottumwa and knock on 3Ms door.

    Face it, your candidate was a dud. Not only did she not win, she didn’t get close. If you're going to be a diva you had better back it up at the polls. 3M didn’t do that. Stick a fork in her ... She's done.

  9. Hmm..sounds like Kim Lehman's in the house...

  10. Nothing particular against MMM as opposed to any other Republican -- I mean, y'all know what I am.

    But donning the beret of objectivity: I saw no evidence, anywhere, that she was seriously in play -- other than a whole lot of wishful thinking in the Republican blogosphere.

    With Greenwald vs. Latham, there were external indicators that the race was on the fringes of the radar screen. Partisan split of the district, Emily's List coming in, etc. I was surprised by the margin (I called it Latham 53-47).

    The Demosphere kept pushing Rob Hubler, but it was more because Steve King is the Republican we love to hate and it definitely wasn't actual predictions of victory the way the GOP blogs were calling it for MMM.

  11. Deeth..

    1st off..How does it feel to work for a guy that even the Iowa City Press Citizen hates?

    2nd..There was NOTHING that showed that the D's gave a RIP about Greenwald after Sept. She spent away all of her money.

    For cryin out loud John..Greenwald didnt even WIN Story or Boone counties!

    3rd..Miller-Meeks won multiple counties in the district. (Something Greenwald DID NOT) (MMM won 7 of the 15)..and Loebsack STILL has not demonstrated that he has appeal across the ENTIRE 2nd District.

    And Loebsack will once again continue to ignore anywhere other than Iowa City/Cedar Rapids.

    Loebsack had better be thanking his lucky stars for the massive coordinated early/absentee voting effort in Linn/Johnson/Des Moines Counties..

  12. I respectfully disagree with the "slander" and "fraud" elements in your screed on MMM, no fan of 3M...

    I lived that first hand with time in both camps.

    Not many I know bow at the mic of Deace, but maybe that's my problem.

    You're telling me I have to accept that a 24 year ARMY vet, former Nurse, current Doctor, married to the same man for 25 years with two great kids, should not be supported by Republicans when running in the General?

    Get used to the Democrat majority.

    thank you for your reply. you're probably right the enthusiasm for the candidate blinded many of us somewhat.

    No one foresaw the effects of the economic impact of the race in the last months. But I have frankly never worked with a candidate that was more authentic or one that worked harder.

    If I can tag into Linn4life's post, my singular point is republicans fighting (or not voting for) republicans after the primaries is counter intuitive.

  13. Someone please fill me in. I was busy working local races and didn't pay attention to the 2nd district. What is the problem with Kim Lehman? I personally don't like her, but didn't know there was a general ill-feeling toward her.

  14. You want the scoop on Kim Lehman. Copy and paste these links. had some stuff on it as well.

  15. Time to replace Lehman. I can think of a republican woman in Linn County that would be a great choice.

    I've heard Sarah Henderson's name mentioned by a few people. Does anybody over there know if she would even do it?


  16. Greenwald had groupies? Who knew?

  17. please no ! not Sarah Henderson. would rather have 10 Kim Lehman than one Sarah. think of somebody else. why not Sandy Greiner ? She is very qualified . or someone from Muscatine ?