Friday, November 7, 2008

OP or GOP, the choice is yours.

Yesterday I wrote about a few names that were mentioned in the mix to be the next chair of the Republican Party in our country, most of you took the time to bash candidates and staffers. Nice job folks, really classy, but please tell me how the heck that helps us fix the problems within our Party. Your behavior is sickening, and its people like you who need to go away and never be heard from again.

Today I’m writing about the next chair of the Republican Party in Iowa. I hope you can find a little self discipline and actually discuss the topic that I’m writing about. I also hope that you find a way to be constructive, so keep the personal vendettas to yourself.

I hadn’t planned on writing on this topic so soon. The State Central Committee doesn’t meet until the first Saturday of December so I thought I had a little more time. However with today’s announcement that current Chairman Stewart Iverson is stepping down, and Ted Sporer’s announcement on Steve Deace’s radio program yesterday that he is seeking the position, I guess now is the time to have this discussion.

First we need to understand the process.

The first action that must be taken by the SCC is a 10 day notice that there is going to be a chair and co-chair election. That means for them to elect a chair at their December 6th meeting, notice will have to be served around Thanksgiving. I don’t think this is going to be any big secret, but if they don’t elect a new chair in December it will be obvious that the SCC and the powers that be are still searching for an acceptable candidate.

After notice is filed, it will take nine votes to elect the chair. There are 17 people who are allowed to vote for the chair and co-chair. They are the 15 members of the SCC and the National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman. Now I get the sense that this time around people, meaning county activist would like to have time to lobby and talk to their local SCC members about the candidates and potential candidates.

The following are the candidates that I have heard that are or may be interested in the position. Please note my comments below do not represent an endorsement or anti-endorsement of any candidate, I added those for educational purposes only.

Ted Sporer – Polk County Chairman, former SCC member. It is no secret that Sporer has long wanted the job. His recent write up on his blog is a great write up which I would encourage you all to read. Sporer has a boxer’s mentality and desperately wants to take the fight to the Democrats. While no one will disagree with that, some people might be turned off at Sporer’s rhetoric, while other might find it refreshing. Sporer is a veteran of the Party and knows how it operates, and he has produced some very solid ideas in the past. Sporer would find an easier path to the chairmanship if he could point to some previous successes. He did address that issues yesterday on the radio, and I only bring that up because that’s what I hear on the streets.

Danny Carroll – Former Legislator. Carroll’s name was mentioned as a possible replacement in the last chair election but I believe he was sick or didn’t follow through on his bid. Now some will say that there is no way we should select a person who has loss two consecutive house campaigns to the top spot at the Party. While I understand the point, I think Carroll deserves consideration just like every other potential candidate. Carroll can attest firsthand the power of the Democrats early voting machine as he has won both campaigns on Election Day, only to see him lose once the absentees are counted.

Marlys Popma – Former RPI ED, McCain/Nussle Staffer. I found it interesting that her name was mentioned to me on the same day the Des Moines Register posted a story about her considering her retirement from party politics. While some will see her name and think it’s the Party continuing a rightward drift, some people think she is the choice of the establishment of the party. It seems odd but you have to consider that she worked for McCain and Nussle, so she’s a known commodity to the people who were involved in those campaigns. She also has served as the party’s Executive Director twice, so like Sporer she understands the inner workings of the Party.

Please keep your discussions civil folks; let’s discuss what needs to be done to win elections without eating our own. Whoever the chair is they will need to be able to serve as the Party’s spokesperson, fundraiser, and organizer. Personally, I think we need a chair that’s committed to changing the mechanics of the party apparatus. I think Republican’s 72 hour program is good, but it needs to be combined with 5 month turnout plan that includes neighborhood canvassing, and voter registration efforts.

For Iowa Republicans to be successful we need more than a chair who gets it, more than new strategy, we need everyone to buy in to the system and work for a common goal, victories on Election Night. Until we go that we are the OP, not the GOP.


  1. Marlys Popma all the way.

    Is she actively seeking the job?

  2. I want Sporer - someone who has wanted the position for so long and is willing to be a bulldog from the top. I know it is easier to take it to the Dems when you have someone behind you that is wanting to stand up for you and someone that is taking it to them as well. My number 2 pick would be Popma for her right leanings. I love how the Dems can drift left, can be partisan, can be filled with hatred for Conservatives and yet when the Republican party wants to drift right even members of our own party are shouting that we cant do that...I say no more...we need to hang on to conservative principles...remember 80 and 94 people. Also look at Obama's campaign - in the primary he shored up the base by being left, in the campaign he drifted center but also threw in leftist ideas to keep his base happy.

  3. John Wooden or Vince Lombardi. We need to get back to the fundamentals of winning races. To that degree, I don't see any names on your roster that have ability to unite our voters and donor$.
    At the first practice every year, John Wooden would hold a basketball in his hand, raise it up to the team and explain, "Gentlemen, this is a basketball." Won 11 or 12 NCAA championships in a row. We forgot what it means to plan our work and work our plan. Too many in the Iowa GOP who think they've paid their dues and have ascended to the exalted level of "senior advisor-consultant" and they no longer work, make calls, drop signs, etc.
    We need a good old prairie fire, where we burn away the entire roster of failed "visionaries" and start over.

  4. Sporer -
    He really wants the job, he is a bulldog, and he'll be able to articulate in an attention-getting way what needs to be articulated!
    Go Teddy Go!

  5. As a county chair for the past decade, I've witnessed a steady decline in RPI. We no longer have good communication between the state and counties.

    To be successful, the RPI chair needs to be: 1) A uniter - We need to stop sniping at each other and get back to our conservative roots. 2) A good communicator - We need someone who can share the message of the Iowa Republican Party. 3) A good fundraiser - We've done an incredibly lousy job in raising funds the past few years.

    I don't believe that either Ted or Marlys can be viewed as uniters. Both tend to be quite divisive and will alienate sectors of the party. Danny does have a chance. Yes, he lost his last 2 races in times of heavy anti-GOP sentiments. I don't believe that he should be thrown from the mix because of that.

  6. Go Ted Go!

    Sporer put forth a re-building plan immediately after the 2006 devastation - well that WAS devastation until Tuesday evening rolled around.

    My SCC member supported it and provided me with a copy. While too lengthy to dig out and post here, it was a detailed plan that included amazing ideas:
    * Work on registering R's
    * Getting R's to vote absentee early
    * Working on the I's after that
    * Helping the counties with money but more importantly coaching, mentoring ...LEADERSHIP
    * Being a PRESENCE in the media, both the Chair in Des Moines and local county leadership

    These ideas were amazing because the SCC as a whole stuck their head in the sand and their fingers up their butt (or was it the other way around)and under the leadership of Ray "I like being Chair" Hoffman dropped it all like a lead balloon.

    And if you do more than attend R meetings and look around, you will recognize that that is what the D's have been doing for at least the last 3 cycles.

    I agree with Tibby. Coach Wooden said "Gentlemen, this is a basketball" - Ted will say "Ladies and gentlemen this is the Iowa GOP and we succeed by getting votes".

    We need to knock on doors and see who is on the other side - like Wooden's Bruins taking the court. But like those great teams or any other team for that matter, before the game comes practice. Ted Sporer will lead the Iowa GOP by coaching the Rank & File ... preparing them for the person on the other side of the door.

    There is much much more, but there is one more item that must be discussed. If history holds true, Rants will gather his continuing to dwindle minions prior to when the SCC meets and attemot to get himself elected leader. The change has to start there.

    Re-read tibby's comment after the part about the plan - so true, brother, so true. Encourage your state reps (if you have one) to reject Rants's efforts. Or let's hope he runs for Governor and we can bounce him in the primary.

    Ted will represent and articulate R positions and do it well.

    Some Ted critics hang their hat on Ted's somewhat blue language at times. Give me a f-ing break!! Oops!! How many years has Ted practiced law? You do not do that by droping F bombs in court. Ted knows when and where to straighten up his rhetoric.

    Encourage your county activists to contact their SCC members and ask them to vote for Ted Sporer for Chairman of the Iowa GOP.

    Go Ted Go!

  7. I like all of these people mentioned, good people--care about the party, all that.

    I'm not sure if any of them are the answer but I really think Ted as chair would be a bad idea. Cool that he's never shy about speaking out but that's part of the problem. He does not have a filter and a lot of times, says inappropriate things that only turn people away.

    We need someone with social conservative credentials but yet someone that does not threaten the fiscal base of the party. Start bringing our factions back together.

    I don't think Ted is the answer.

  8. Krusty for chairman!!

  9. We need a person that will create a 21st century form of goverment. I am tired of the same rhetoric, cut taxes, fiscal responsibility. (need a plan not just catch phrases) This is the same thing the Dems say.
    I ran, and have implemented Results Based Goverment at the City and County levels. (new management method that creates efficient & effective goverment) Now I am coming to the Senate and will passionately fight for this new form of management of creating results and outcomes which will cut taxes in a systamatic way.
    We need to be a party of creating sound policy rather than just playing defense. We need to find good candidates who won't just vote yes or no, rather, go back to their constituents and sell the plan or idea! I want a new head of the GOP that can espouse to these principles!

    Randy Feenstra
    Senate seat #2

  10. While I want to get behind someone like a Ted Sporer for chair, the last two election cycles have proven that trust and belief in the established party (and their leadership) is not there.

    While I know first hand that a Ted Sporer has really fought the strategies and direction of the SCC and the chair for the last two cycles, the party chair position is about being able to exact influence in tough circles which he has not been able to do.

    I believe that in order to rebuild the base of the Republican Party in the state, the party needs to re-think from the ground up, and with the State Chair position being the public "brand" of the party, the SCC needs to bring in an outsider that can appeal to an audience that believes RPI is no longer a viable organization.

    ....even Grassley openly avoids working with RPI (and has so for years), as he feels the value and opportunity is not there. Probably not a good sign that our most visible and tenured elected official does not have faith in the state party.

    Now, having said that, we need people like Ted Sporer to be right in the thick of things to help craft the strategy. I see someone like Ted as the "Karl Rove" of the state party. I believe his ideas and strategies are top notch, and can carry this party where it needs to go. I am just suggesting that given the current public climate for the party, we need to display a different brand image.

    ...Whether we like it or not, much of politics is a marketing activity, and while RPI should not sell out its platform to appeal to the masses, it would do well to engage is strategies that help "sell" their ideals. We need to have a state party chair that show progress, not establishment and as the Obama campaign was very successful in using "more of the same"….. two cents worth

  11. Alright we have a new Senator in the house err Senate! Congratulations on your election, we look forward to seeing you in action in Des Moines.

  12. I'd like to know Ted's list of accomplishments with the Polk County party...

    Great guy, bad choice for chair.

  13. Of these choices, I think Danny is the obvious way to go. He's been in the trenches going up against the Dem machine, so he knows their motives, and he'd be in it for the good of the party, not just another paycheck or entry on his resume.

    But most importantly, Danny is calm and reasonable. I think he is the one who can unite the factions of the party.

    Marlys has lost too much credibility and burned too many bridges.

    Ted has a place in all this, but it's not at the top. He's more "party whip" material, not face of the party material.

  14. None of thee above. Yowza that is scary.

  15. I am afraid Ted would be about as effective as Rants has been.

  16. I think Carmine Boal would be excellent. She has an even temperment, is used to winning and has built a loyal base of both Democrats and Republicans as witnessed by her vote totals. She is a commense sense, articulate and , not to be underestimated, nice leader who would be a great face and voice for the party.
    I hope somebody can persuade her to help lead us out of the wilderness!

  17. If RPI is a disaster than Polk county GOP is a catastrophe! Think about you want it to get better or see how bad it can really get?

  18. Uh how about none of the above...if you have to pick between this group Marlys all the way. But the party will likely be broke no-matter who in this list wins. With all the clowns running on the SCC nobody good wants to run through that backstabbing buzz saw.

  19. Yea SI runs with Scheffy's approval and gets 14 of the 17 votes or something like that and after a few months deserving or not os thrown under the bus run over a few times. Gee I wonder why no solid candidates are stepping forward.

  20. We need to get someone in place like Dave Roederer. We can trust that he will unite the various factions of the party. I've never heard him tear down our candidates on afternoon radio talk shows either.

  21. Dave Roederer would be a God Send but he is too smart to do it. If you believe in miracles he and Dave did it he would single handedly return the party to prominence, no doubt about it.

  22. let's get another pussy as state chair - that's been workingNovember 7, 2008 at 11:52 AM

    danny carroll can't handle the grinnell college students for gawds sake. how is he going to handle democrats and all their statewide cheating?

    Sounds like some are still looking for just a host of a tea party rather than someone to lead. Same ole same ole insanity. Let's do it some more. If we just do it harder and faster it will work this time. gawd.

    Be sure to be carefully silent. Don't rile up those democrats. Be sure we keep our issues to ourselves. It's a secret. Don't let anyone know what we stand for because it's embarrassing. Someone might get upset with us and not come to our tea party.

    What a bunch of pussies. You must find the minority very cozy and comfortable.

  23. Lets not get out of control people, we have been good thus far. It doesn't have to get personal.

  24. Ted, could you please keep the conversation civil? There are others who have constructive suggestions to make who know what it will take to rebuild the party.

  25. Krusty - what is the state chair supposed to do? Be a recess monitor? What is this uniting bs? Uniting what and for what purpose?

    Our major major problem is not winning - not being united. We are divided because of our failure as a party to perform.

    We are divided between those that know changes need to occur and those that want to keep rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

  26. If an individual is not disqualified by currently being on the SCC, I would like to offer the name of David Chung. He would definitely be able to bring technical knowledge to bear for the information age, he will fight for the party more so than for any single issue and I don't believe he carries any baggage to cause intraparty bickering before he would even take office.

  27. that's not ted talking so stop dismissing it.

  28. Ok, so many of you don't like the three above-mentioned names. I've heard Carmine Boal's name mentioned. Is there anyone else you folks think would be a good choice? Instead of griping, show me some names!

  29. Let's face it - half of this job is the public face we put on the Republican party, so let's focus on someone who resides close to the Des Moines media market. We're constantly outgunned by the Democrats who can parade people like Gordon Fischer on TV to spin the Democrat talking points. That's why David Roederer or someone of his caliber would be the preferred choice.

  30. I think it is time to bring in some fresh faces and new blood to the party, which is why I am not excited about any of the mentioned names. I fear it will be more of the same, while the backroom bickering continues. We need someone who is articulate, comfortable with the press, can raise money, and gets what needs to be done to rebuild the party.

    The best choice may be someone who is not a currently on the Central Committee or a former state legislature, or political operative. The best choice may be someone who is political active, with a strong business background who embraces what the Republican Party stands for. I have no idea who this person may be, but it would be great to find a darkhorse candidate with this type of background.

    I will say this - to whoever wins, you have a tough job ahead of you. Good luck.

  31. There are plenty of good people out there but none of them will do it. They saw what happened to the current chairperson and they know the underhanded power plays that certain members make nearly nobody good will take the job. Good chair prospects are interested in taking on D's not other R's. Precisely why Roederer or Lamberti would never do it...unfortunately!

  32. We have to find someone who can implement an effective absentee/early voting effort. Personally, I hate the idea of people voting 6 weeks before election day, but that is how the game is being played. We've lost too many races because people voted in September and didn't even know who our candidates were.

    In deciding who the next chair will be, we have to pick someone who knows how to do something like this.

  33. We need a new fresh face to Iowa Republican party politics. If we expect to compete with the new age of voters we need someone that thinks like them. A young, vibrant person is needed in chairman. This is a time to put someone in that hasn't been around RPI for the thick and thin. We need a revitalizing of the 72 hour program along with fresh competitive ways that Sporer cannot provide. A fresh face is needed, not someone that will continue to do things as usual.

  34. Stan Gustafson from Madison County for State CC Chair!

    Stan is a retired marine with a demonstrated record to win elections.

  35. Gentry Collins all the way.

  36. Gentry? Surely you jest.

    I'm thinking he's going to be wanting to be getting a big, juicy check from the Romney 2012 campaign rather than a measly little check from the party where he has to pretend that he's not actually in the bag for Romney, all the while screwing over other campaigns.

    I'm sure he's trying to find someone else willing to collect the measly check from the party while actually being in the bag for Romney, all the while screwing over other campaigns.

  37. It's nothing personal, but I think it's pretty obvious that Ted Sporer would be divisive and vindictive as State Chair, just as he has done in Polk County. Yes, Ted, you are smart and you speak well, but you lack wisdom and leadership. The last thing we need is to appoint someone as Chair because they're ego drives them to it. If the State Central Committee Members appoint Ted it will lead to further divisiveness, and I'll not support any of those central committee members again. That's not personal, it's fair and we need to encourage results and accountability. Gentry Collins would be a far better choice.

  38. again, no personal attacks please, lets stay objective.

  39. I agree with those suggesting a newer, younger, more energetic prospect. And I agree that having an articulate, knowledgable person from DM to handle the media is preferable. Outside of Gentry, are there any younger candidates out there? Perhaps in a profession other than politics, but instead with some connection to the business community? Fixing our fundraising gap is going to be a big issue for the next chair.

  40. I hate to even bring this person's name up, because people on this blog can be such low life's, but personal issues aside, what about Jeff Boeyink?

    Technician. Attention to detail. Successful track record when he was with ITR. Perhaps, a second chance with RPI is just what the doctor ordered for both him and the RPI?

    Intelligently discuss.

  41. We do need a new, young proven leader in this position. Matt Hinch is a name I'll throw out there. He knows the issues and has the political savy to accomplish great things.

  42. Boeyink? I think we have proven that those who run the state party should not serve two masters (Paging Kim Lehman, your table is being given to someone better). Is he not with ITR anymore?

  43. not Gentry Collins. Heard him several occasion tearing down a fellow R that cost that person's reputation. He called the press without investigating the real facts. We need someone who will do this to Democrats , not Republicans

  44. Doug Gross, watched him on iptv, sounds like he has some good ideas... they have it online if you go their website

  45. I also watched Iowa Press. Yepsen asked how the Iowa Republican party will succeed when radio talk show hosts denounce candidates as RINO's.

    The entire 30 minute video is up on IPTV's website.

  46. 8:38 a.m.

    What hole have you been living under.

    First, Boeyink is not with ITR any longer. I think he would make a good Chair or an Executive Director under Teddy. He's a smart operations guy who knows how to execute.

    Second, Kim Lehman's table is her table. The Party cannot just "give" it to someone else. I don't agree with her organization's comment, but she will either step down or stay. It's not the place of RPI to take her out, especially since it was her organization and not her personally that brought "disrepute" on the Party, if one can even categorize it as such.

    Anyway, there are plenty of SCC members who serve more than one master (e.g. Sheffler/ICA; Shaw/Iowa Renewable Fuels; the list goes on).

    Finally, if the position of National Committeewoman were to become vacant, then it should go to Sandy Greiner. She knows how to win elections, especially in tough districts (criterial one), she can raise money and have "standing" with those that have the funds (criteria two), she represents the Party's views well and is known throughout the state(another important criteria) and she has a rural/eastern iowa background (something that would bring a little diversity to the SCC; her rural/agri-business credentials are second to none).

    I have not heard any other names that meet those criteria.

  47. Let's make sure the chairman candidates for the state central committee are properly vetted. We seem to always forget that Iowa Courts Online is just a few clicks away. A background check only takes a few minutes.

    Had RPI checked some of our statehouse candidates last spring, we wouldn't have had the embarrassing disclosures in the Des Moines Register a few weeks ago. We need to approach these candidates and ask them if it's worth it to have their legal problems made into front page headlines and lose on election day.

    For example, I just checked one of the names that Steve Scheffler mentioned on Iowa Press that might run for governor. The guy has 24 court citations, many of them for speeding. The dems and the Register will have a field day with this information if he's the Republican nominee!

  48. Supertramp,

    Wow, you are so misguided by your obcessive hatred for the likely replacement of Lehman that you make no sense in your "logic" if you can even call it that.

    For starters, Lehman did not give 3M a rating for her position on Life, but rather assasinated her character and lied about her positions. After a lengthy list of nonsensical excuses, Lehman was confronted by SCC and county chairs and activists alike about her poor behavior.

    Those lame excuses include:

    - I have a really large staff and I did not write it
    - I never saw it before it went out (even though it came from her e-mail address)
    - I'm a newbie to politics
    - I never did anything wrong, its 3M's fault

    And then she went ahead and mailed out hard copies of the same newsletter.

    No remorse and outright defiance. Many of us have waited to address this till after the election becuase we did not want to further draw attention to her obvious attempt to derail 3M's chances. Now is the time to address this and its quite clear that she needs to go and it is the wishes of the county leader within the 2nd CD and the SCC representives from across the state.

    Secondly, it most certainly is NOT Ms. Lehman's table. Serving as national comitteewoman is a priviledge and not a right. She betrayed the SCC and the republican party by her attempts to thwart a GOP nominee for congress after said nomionee defeated her candidate in the primary. I won't even get into the impropriety of her involvement in a primary campaign to begin with nor her "wolf in sheeps clothing" comments on WHO radio regarding 3M.

    Thirdly, of the other SCC members who serve more than one master, none of your examples have taken direct action in a false and misleading representation and outright lie to defame a good republican nominee. Lehman did.

    Sandy Greiner would be great, but we need new leadership and the national committee positions should not be treated as lifetime achievement awards.

  49. Danny would make a great chair. He appeals to all sections of the Party and will be a strong inspiration for fellow social conservatives statewide. Will all do respect to the other candidates, I think he is the way to go.

  50. Just say no to B.O.

  51. 3:55 & 4:58 (as if your identity is in doubt):

    First, I haven't heard the old "B.O." slam since first grade. Thanks for opening the old childhood scar. I am mortally wounded (right...).

    Second, I have never hidden my identity (Supertramp=Brent Oleson). Most people know that. My opinion is worth about 2 cents, but this is a blog, I enjoy discussion about our future, take it for what its worth.

    Third, my post on Chair and National Committewoman was based on logic and the positive reasons for looking at the suggestions (not the negatives for anyone else).

    Fourth, "obcessive" is spelled "obsessive," which I am certainly not as it concerns any of the names being dropped for NCM. Now, spouses...perhaps a different story.

    Fifth, the rationale for Kim staying or exiting as NCM is still there. She has every right to participate in a primary. So anything happening there is fair game. Her organization did something after the primary that reflected poorly on her and the Party. But "disrepute" being put on the Party because of it to her personally is a big stretch (and the rules basis for which one would use to remove her). It is a privelege to serve as NCM. However, the convention elected her (I did not support her). The SCC cannot and should not remove her based upon this event due to bringing "disrepute" to the body. If she personally, under her own name and not an organization for which she works, did what happened in the MMM campaign -- different story.

    So, back to civil discourse, lets have a healthy discussion, and use logic and reason to discuss these things, not personal attacks. Its good for our future as a Party to have robust debate. Just trying to do my part.

    P.S. Hawkeyes Win!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. God I hate when people get so high and mighty. The misspelling crap especially. It just show as arrogant they are. This is just a blog not a graded event. Remaining anonymous is part of blogging. Everyone quit being so pussy hurt.

  53. Remaining anonymous is part of NOT being accountable for your words or deeds. It's gutless. It takes no courage nor intelligence because you don't have to defend the substance of your statement. Anonymous posts should be given little to no credence because we do not know what is motivating the post or the credibility of the person posting.

    If that is arrogant, then guilty as charged (I mispell frequently, it was highlighted in the latter post to drive a specific point about the "anonymous" poster).

    Now, if wanting a discussion on who will lead my party and who "likely" replacements are for not yet vacated positions on the SCC (Kim Lehman) are "high and mighty" attributes, then again, guilty as charged. And by the way, how is it that there is a "likely" replacement for Kim Lehman? I haven't heard of any delegates being called for their opinions, any polling of the activists, any discussion on this blog about it, or any overall back and forth on the subject. Why not? It warrants major discussion if the SCC intends to oust Lehman or she steps down. Greasing the wheels in cloak of darkness is no way to "install" leadership.

    Seriously, anybody out there want to address the issues outlined about Chairman and National Committeewoman, or are we going to play high school gossip games and think of juvenile "hee hee" statements.

    We need to turn this party around, it is serious business, and we need ALL hands on deck. Why can't this blog be a place for activists to put in their intelligent two-cents on these needed changes?

    Any intelligent thought?

  54. In reading this post, there seems to be interest in a young and articulate "fresh face" for the chair, but I'm not seeing many suggestions. George Davey would not be well-suited for this job. Anyone that bothered to pay attention to the vote concerning the proposed courthouse could tell George had no idea what he was talking about. Doug Gross is not exactly a "fresh face" for the job, although he is very well connected to the business community. (No way would someone his age leave his law practice for this gig in any event, but since we're brain-storming here that's immaterial.) Other than Gentry and Hinch, both of whom work in politics, I haven't seen any suggestions. Really, aren't there any fresh faces out there that might be suitable for this job? I fear the same old names will get us the same old results.

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  56. Steve Deace would be awesome!!

    My problem with Ted, whom I happen to admire greatly is how he handled the Polk County GOP.

    It has been feast or famine. We get Pawlenty for our fundraiser, but no real big and much needed money was raised.

    We had one GOP Sup who is more interested in running for Congress than he is helping out the party this cycle and oh, by the way has paid Ted a "consulting fee" in the past. Ted talks abot the need for conservatives but Brownell is a closet Democrat.

    Maryls could be a huge superstar but she already said in the paper that she wanted to "retire" from politics. Not exactly someone you want leading your quad (paging Dante Culpepper).

    Danny Carroll isn't a warm personality but could be a stop gap from the bleeding.

    George Echcorn (see Carroll)

    Libby Jacobs would be phenominal for the spot, but I am voting for Steve Deace. You may not like what he says, but he doesn't hide his agenda (pro life) unlike other "consultants"

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. Has anyone stopped to ask WHY Ted wants the job? The Party Chair is the face of the party. Ted’s willingness to do the job is not in question – unfortunately his personality is not ready for prime time. Marlys has made too many bad decisions that directly contributed to the mess we find ourselves in. Of the three you mention, only Danny Carroll has stuck to his guns and the GOP platform.

    I can’t help but wonder: why would HE want the job? Has he said that he would consider it? Even if he did, could the SCC ever see beyond their own little world and break with their tradition of appointing the guy who “wants” it most? How about if they go get the guy the people will “want?” Danny would be on THAT list.

    We are going to have to go to war with the Democratic grass roots machine, the Secretary of State, and the left wing special interest groups that throw money in to the state to swing elections. Danny Carroll has seen all of the problems up close – and often with little or no help from the party. If we have any hope of winning the governor’s race in 2010, someone has got to start exposing whatever it is that the Democrats are doing and solve the problems in the GOP fast. Danny would know the problems we face and be motivated to fix them, people like him and enjoy working with him, and he will be a tireless champion for the platform. (Note to SCC members: the platform is a document written by the people who do the work. READ IT, and pay attention.)

    Krusty, I think Danny is our guy.

  59. Bill Dix should be our next chair. He is not as abrasive as some of the names mentioned.

  60. Ha! Bill Dix. That's a joke, right?

  61. Wasn't Dix hired to fundraise for Peter Teahen? As in Teahen, the candidate with all the name ID and still got outraised by a no name candidate from Ottumwa? That Bill Dix?

    Any other suggestions?

  62. holy crap.

    Peter Teahen had a fundraiser?

    who knew!

  63. What about Bill Salier?

  64. The first duty of the chair is to raise money. Can't keep the lights on with prayers and best wishes.

  65. WE haven't had an agressive and "in your face" state chair and we haven't done so well for a few years. I have some interest in trying to be a little more agressive than we've been, because what we've been hasn't worked. Bill Northey is a nice, non aggresive guy but barely won his primary and then only due to some last minute TV ads (smart) and by by promising a job to Karrie if she dropped out and supproted him. Danny just hasn't been able to compete with the necessary level of power, and as much as i like Marlys, I just don't think she can move through the various secgments of the party to raise the money necessary to run the party. Sandy Griener has some real enemies,is just as abrasive as Ted without his ability to articulate policy. In conversation around the state i've heard some folks mention mark Leonard, but he seems too private and too committed to his business and family to take time out for Chair. So it looks to me like we come back to Ted as the man of the hour who is not afraid to sacrifice himself for the good of the party. Anybody with any kind of a profitable career will take a financial beating being chair simply becasue of the time away from economically productive activities. So, since i haven't seen real solid successes with RPI for a long time, i believe a new approach is needed and that would be TED.