Friday, February 27, 2009

The Union Play List: u-Tunes

I thought it might be good to recap the activities of this past week.

On Monday, Democrats accepted defeat on the Prevailing Wage. They say they will be back.

On Tuesday, the Unions attacked Principal Financial Group for belonging to a pro-business, non-partisan group called the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

Also on Tuesday, CCI, Citizens for Community Improvement attacked Rep. Dolores Mertz and accused her of being factory farmer. CCI is just a lap dog for the Unions.

On Wednesday, House Leadership (Union Thugs) took away a number of Veteran bills that Rep. McKinley Baily was to manage on the floor. Baily is an Iraq War Veteran and one of the Democrats who votes against the Union Bosses.

I thought the following video was in order.


  1. You are a confused young man... er... woman. Whatever you are, you are seriously confused and should probably try to work on that.

  2. CCI is a lap dog for the unions? Have they been notified?

    Didn't they go after Mertz because of her ag policy? I forgot how much unions are involved in ag policy.

    Just a point of note, it rained yesterday in Jefferson. Damn unions screwing up the weather.

  3. The first two posters are obvious lap dogs for the Unions.



  4. Geeze, Labor can't be _all_ bad if they spend some of their money this way:

  5. Today's good news from The BIG Liar that is Obama.

    Ya know that tax cut that 95% people are supposed to get? Well, it's not a tax cut at all. It's a tax rebate, which means the $13.00 increase in your pay will be considered income and you must pay tax on it on your 2009 tax return - basically giving it all back.

    More Change I can Believe In.

  6. Wow - McCarthy is a lawyer but he can't speak english? No wonder he's against english only. I wonder if he ever writes any briefs or does real lawyer work.

    Oh well, somebody has to graduate at the bottom of the class.

    Let's be sure to archive this one the next time they want to make fun of Sarah Palin or W.
    Henderson: "You are a full-time legislator and a full-time attorney. What is your political future?"

    McCarthy: "I don't know.

    I think about that sometimes of whether I should not have a political future (laugh), maybe go and try to make some my money for my family for a change.

    It's a lot different from what people.

    If you have got a private career and you serve as a citzen-legislator, it's a financial sacrifice in most cases both in time and in resources and that's why I admire a lot of my colleagues who are up here, volunteering their time, but I don't have any plans other than getting through this session." (Laughter)

    (that was all one sentence)

    Where's Brad Zaun to zing this at McCarthy.

  7. Romney Wins CPAC Straw PollMarch 1, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    For the third straight year, activists attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) chose Mitt Romney as their next presidential favorite in a straw poll, CQ Politics reports.

    Romney got 20% support, followed by Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal with 14%, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with 13% and Rep. Ron Paul with 13%.