Monday, December 1, 2008

I’m Back!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. I know some of my hardcore readers wanted a little content to hold them over for some of the break but I needed a little break. It’s great to be back, and we have a lot to discuss.

GOP Central Committee meets this weekend.

My sources tell me that there will not be a chairman vote; that will be held till their January meeting. So this weekend’s gathering will be more about the direction of the party since the losses on November 4th.

Personally, I have never liked the fact that Iowa Republicans wait so long to elect their new leader. By the time a new chair is elected 3 months will have passed, three months we will never get back in rebuilding the Party apparatus. At our current rate a new Chair will be elected in January, and staff will be brought in sometime in February. While 3 months is too long to go without a chair election, the Party can’t go without a fundraising operation for 4 months.

As we get fired back up after the break we will be discussing some of the things that our representatives on the SCC should discuss at their meeting this weekend. Please add your thoughts in the comment section.

Terror Attacks in India

I don’t know if I’m the only one but the Thanksgiving Terror attacks in India scare the crap out of me. The rocky relations between India and Pakistan are well known, and could escalate at a moment’s notice. Both countries have nuclear weapons, and with America in a time of transition, we are not able to play a meaningful proactive role in calming the tensions between the two. While America is focused on its financial crisis, we still need to be the voice of reason around the world.


  1. Krusty, did you mean "krap" or "crap"?

  2. I hate to say there's not a deep bench when it comes to hiring the next leader. That's one of the problems with our "leadership model." We look for a Michael Jordan"esque" figure who scores a lot of points but doesn't win games....until (fire Doug Collins) you bring in a TEAM of players to make you stronger. Suddenly the Bulls win...3 peats, twice! Now that's a future our party can rally behind. Let's put the best person we can find into the position and then surround our leader with talented workers. I also suggest a new approach to our staffing model based on the emerging demographic metrics that show us getting slaughtered in the urban areas while we retain a comfortable margin in the rural areas of the state. Decentralize the DM/Polk office and place "executive directors" in the urban centers of the state to begin the rebuilding process that can only occur at the local level. Trust me folks, you can raise "kash" from DM, but you can't fix the party by attempting to throw tools at the "engine" from a distance. It's time to get under the hood, get dirty and work! We need a tune up and good fuel in our tank, and I don't mean just money, I mean workers, activists, candidates and gasp, yes, new life-long "R" voters!

  3. Still laughing at you, enjoy the next four yearsDecember 1, 2008 at 2:54 PM

    Wait we fired Doug Collins (GW), we passed on an aging George Gervin (McCain) and we drafted our Micheal Jordan, Barack Obama.

    Now we have brought in our second most adept politician in America, in Hillary, We have our pit bull in the Post, Rahm Emmanuel, to fight off all the Fascist Neo-Cons, we even got our own Stacey King, Eric Holder to knock some Republican's on there ass if they get mouthy, or dare I say, uppity :)

    Not to mention at least 58 Senate seats, with a few Republicans in our pocket as well (Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe, even Chuck Grassley and John McCain at times).

    Oh and an overwhelming majority in the House...

    I think we have finally put the nail in the coffin of the militant far right Republican fascist movement.

    May it rest in Peace.

  4. Militant far right Republican facist movement?

    Wow..sounds like staff weenies at IDP are bored today.

    So looks like Obama has brought in the tired overpaid veterans who were the top guns 15 years ago.

    Today, the "Change" has become the Clinton 3rd Term. Does Obama REALLY think that the Clintonistas that are now part and parcel of his new administration are going to work in HIS best interests?

    Obama and the Democrats kept railing on that McCain would be the "Bush Third Term"...yet, Obama has now appointed Clintonistas in major positions across the board so far in his administration.

    The list so far--
    Hillary Clinton--Sec of State
    Eric Holder--Atty Gen
    Rahm Emanuel--Chief of Staff
    Janet Napolitano--Homeland Security
    Timothy Geithner--Sec of Treasury
    Bill Richardson--Sec of Commerce
    Lawerence Summers--White House Economic Council..

    Hmm...what's the tie between ALL of these people..

    ALL were appointed by Clinton to serve during his administration.

    The Obama "Change" is officially a joke. This will be a 90's redux.

    So crank up those Alanis Morissette and Third Eye Blind CD's....

  5. Cedar, didn’t you hear what Obama said when someone called him out on retreading the Clintonian tires on CNN?

    "understand where the vision for change comes from first and foremost. It comes from me!"
    -Barack Obama, November 26th 2008-

    Sounds a lot like another historic quote I remember...

    "The Revolution is over! I am the Revolution!"
    -Napoleon Bonaparte, 1799-

    Yeah … and we're the fascists ... idiot ...

  6. When I say idiot, I refer to annon 2:54 ... Not you Cedar.

  7. No staff weenie here, Waxwing,

    Just the guy that kicked your ass in 2006 and on the 4th of November and the one that will kick your ass in 2010 and 2012 too.

    Hope you like Gay Marriage too! :)

  8. Thats it, push your advantage beyond your reach and see how long it is before voters cut your hand off. Didnt you learn anything from the Bush Administration?

  9. Gay Marriage Leonard BoswellDecember 1, 2008 at 5:19 PM

    I say, I say, I loves me some gay marriage!

  10. Hey "Laughing" you truly stepped on and ruined a perfectly good sports analogy with your septic post! Reminds me of the "smirk" I had to endure on Isiah Thomas's face every season when the Pistons beat the Bulls, even after Jordan scores 50+ points and like little thieves, they'd "thug" their way to another NBA ring. Well, pride comes before the fall as the good book says. How great it was to finally put a team around MJ and when the clock ran out, little man Isiah with his head hung low, "slunk" off the kourt without as much as a handshake, or butt pat, for your special konstituants who get excited about that...
    Your day is koming...please chirp away some more on this blog, and smile....while you kan!

  11. You guys are too much. What kinds of information are you armchair quarterbacks going to give to be discussed at the SCC meeting?

  12. Laughing.. all means try to shove tax increases, socialized medicine, and gay marriage down people's throats again..

    In fact, Laughing, marriage amendments in one matter or another have passed the in majority of states in the country now..including in very blue states such as California, Oregon, Michigan and Wisconsin.

    So..who's "ass" are you kicking here Laughing? Sounds like to me you guys are losing the battle pretty soundly when it comes to this conservative issue.

    And I see you have no response for the fact that Obama is now about to begin Clinton's 3rd Term. So where's the "Change", Laughing?

    Obama is a fool to really believe that the Clintonistas that are now surrounding him are going to be acting according to his direction.

    Its well known that the Clintonistas do what will be beneficial only to the Clintons.

    Again..the 1990's Redux..Have fun doin the Macarena and collecting your Beanie Babies (cuz those will be the investments actually worth something here soon after everyone gets "bailed out")

  13. It is also important to note that Barack Obama was actually LOSEING the election to McCain until the financial crisis prematurely ended the campaign. When McCain was out talking about conservative issues and firing up the base (something that has been bemoaned in the press and with some shortsighted Republicans) McCain was running strong and Obama was out wandering the country, off message. Babbling incoherently and looking completely befuddled as his massive leads were smashed by finally energized Conservatives. It literally took the biggest financial meltdown since 1929 to give momentum back to Obama, now he’ll get a flagging economy to which his answer is Socialism.

    Here is something to keep in mind: Despite how “intellectual” he pretends to be, Obama fails to realize that Socialism has failed every time it has been tried because businesses and wealthy people capable of propping up the system and making capital investments simply move to a more business friendly environment. When the people who can write the checks to pay for the spending leave, eventually the system runs out of money and collapses.

    So while you won today “Laughing” you really didn’t win anything. You befitted from a cyclical change in the political environment but in the end, your guy will do significant damage to the country and its economy and will likely be run out on a rail when the system gets worse in 4 years. We will then get it back, but it will be so badly broken that I doubt anyone will be “laughing.”

  14. Laughing, welcome to a new age of liberalism!December 2, 2008 at 6:11 PM

    Oh give me a break.

    That is exactly what you said in 06.

    It was just a fluke

    Its not going to last.

    It is absolutely hillarious to hear you guys go on and on calling Obama a socialist before the election and the day after he wins you say he is right of center!

    No amount of spin can save the Fascist Republican movement, it is dead.

    As for Ass kicking, I am talking of you Cedar, and you alone.

    I would love to credit for stomping you Gestapos, but I cant, the truth is, despite all of your mud-slinging, name-calling and physical threats, 68 million people voted for Barack Obama, more than any candidate in American history.

    That tells you a little something about America. Please let my words inspire you! Get together and put up a fight next time! It's too easy for us :)

    And please get someone decent to run in the first district, its pathetic