Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GOP National Committeeman

One of the things I’m looking forward to at this weekends Republican Convention is the race for National Committeeman. As I wrote before, my pick for the National Committeewoman is State Representative Sandy Greiner. Many people thought that Steve Roberts, the current Committeeman was going to be unopposed, but the rescheduling of the convention due to the floods exposed Steve Scheffler’s stealth campaign for the spot.

The race between Scheffler and Roberts represents the classic battle between Conservative Activism (Scheffler) vs. Moderate Establishment (Roberts). Both men have been involved in Republican politics in Iowa for decades. Robert’s cut his teeth with Governor Ray, Scheffler made his mark as a conservative activist with Pat Robertson.

Both have been communicating with delegates via mail, phone, and appearances at county central committee meetings. A loyal Krustacean forwarded me an email from Roberts yesterday, they were a little pissed that Roberts didn’t use the BCC field and exposed all of the addresses he sent his letter two. Not a good way to make friends.

Anyway, Roberts’ letter stresses his long career as Committeeman and takes the following jab at Scheffler.

Just like most of you, I have done all of this as a volunteer, receiving no compensation, except the satisfaction of working with wonderful people across this great state on a common purpose to elect Republicans to office at all so that our principals and philosophies can be put into actual practice. For me, while various interest groups that support the Republican Party are vital to the success of the Party, the Iowa Republican Party was and is my first and only priority, because I believe as the Bible says that, “No man can serve two masters.”

The criticism is aimed at Scheffler’s involvement with the Iowa Christian Alliance, and his history of being outspoken regarding candidates that don’t line up with his beliefs.

Scheffler on the other hand is playing to his base by saying that Roberts is a squishy moderate that believes in a top down approach to party organization. The following is from Scheffler’s email.

“The past few weeks have made it very clear that the Establishment Republicans see retaining this office as crucial to having a Party structure that flows from top down. In other words, the Establishment wants all decisions to be made by them. The message is that grassroots workers are not important and that, of course, we are welcome to do the hard work, but at the same time, we should be seen but not heard. In addition, it is evident that all Establishment Republicans, which would include those who are not pro-life and see social issues as negatives for the Party, are supporting my competitor.”

As I stated above this will be one of the most interesting parts of the convention. Scheffler’s strength is that he is known by the activist in the party, he’s one of them. Robert’s on the other hand hasn’t done the traveling that Scheffler has been doing for years until lately. I’m told Robert’s is favored by the Party Leadership.


  1. Lets see, Scheffler is the longest serving member of the state central committee. If you want to run for the state central committee you have to call scheffler, if you want to run for state chairman you have to call Scheffler, if you want to be a delegate to the national convention, you have to call scheffler, Now, who is the Republican establishment?

  2. 11:52

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

  3. If they throw out Roberts, a man who has given his life to the GOP, it will be the final signal that moderates and mainstream conservatives are not welcome.

    I fear where our party is headed. This message of exclusion by Scheffler will only make things worse in the suburbs and swing areas in Iowa.

  4. Scheffler recently attended a county central committee meeting I was at where he openly attacked countless Republicans, including Roberts, whom he didn't believe were conservative enough. It didn't even end with current Iowan politicians, he attacked Christie Whitman, Joy Corning, a former GOP candidate for Secretary of State, and even, indirectly, a State Rep in the room.

    That's not the kind of man I'd want to represent Iowa Republicans.

  5. Delegates! VOTE GREINER and ROBERTS

    I will be too.

  6. There would be desirable ancillary effects, too: Steve King would have a hard time getting re-elected. And we might even be able to recruit football players who aren't jailbirds.

  7. Seriously? You think Scheffler losing this race would make Steve King vulnerable? What a hoot!! Scheffler depends on King, not the other way around.

  8. Krusty!

    You must vote for Steve Scheffler for National Convention. Or else you won't get to heaven.

  9. What we should really be asking at this weekend’s Republican Convention is why Tom Latham is a crony for the unions. I heard that he received $5000 from SEIU, and there is even a picture up on their site with Latham at their office. It’s sad that Tom Latham is more in bed with the unions than that socialist Chet Culver. If he keeps this up, this 4th District Republican is staying home this November.

  10. We would ask Tom but he probably will not attend.

  11. Lehman on Steve Deace's show a few weeks ago attacked Miller-Meeks calling her a "wolf in sheep's clothing"..and now she expects us to elect her to represent all Republicans?

    Scheffler wants to start issuing purity tests for any candidate running for office as Republican....If you don't pass his purity're not worth it to get any $$ or support or anything.

    Scheffler attacks Roberts for being a part of the Republican Leadership Council...does Scheffler know that fmr Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele is on that board..he's certainly NO moderate..

    Joy Corning served with Governor Branstad for MANY MANY years..does that mean that Governor Branstad isn't "pure" enough for Steve anymore..and needs to be purged?

    I am so tired of the BS from these fools. They're not worried about WINNING..they're worried about advancing their organization's agendas..and using RPI to do so..instead of doing it on their OWN.

  12. Scheffler on the other hand is playing to his base by saying that Roberts is a squishy moderate that believes in a top down approach to party organization.

    And Scheffler isn't a "Top Down" Manager? Give me a break!! It's Scheffler who doesn't trust us little people in the grassroots. Why else would he require signing a pledge card before he'll endorse you as a delegate?

    Those pledge cards are the most blatant example of Top Down management we've seen in Iowa Politics in the last 10 years. So, I wish Steve would revise his letter. It's insulting to those of us in the grassroots who have been doing all his grunt work for years. We are trustworthy enough to do his grunt work, but we definitely cannot be trusted as a Convention Delegate.

  13. I will be voting for Scheffler and Lehman.

  14. Tired of the BS, part IIJuly 11, 2008 at 7:08 AM

    How bout some reasons Al?

    Why would you vote for two people who's goal is to effectively take over RPI in order to further the agendas of their private single issue organizations?

    They can't advance their agendas on their own, so they're going to use the $$ and machinery of the RPI to do so.

    Why would you vote for someone like Lehman who has publically run down our candidates who are running RIGHT NOW. Our National Committeewoman should be someone who should give 100% support and assistance to ALL of our candidates, no matter if she agrees with them or not.

    Why would you vote for someone like Scheffler who would effectively institute "purity tests" for anyone seeking to either run for office or being involved in a leadership capacity (nat delegate, state central committee, etc). Sounds like more of a Democratic Party tactic than Republican

    These people could give a hoot if McCain and GOP candidates win in fact, I'll bet deep down inside, they're hoping they gets skunked. Its better for business for them.

    They'll get to play the victim card for 4 years and then they get to run their shakedown games again when GOP candidates start running for President again.

  15. I'm voting for Lehman and Scheffler because Because they actively support the platform principles. They have worked to get the issues the grassroots care about.
    We keep electing the same old guard that talks the talk but no action and that’s why the base has stopped donating and stopped voting. Yea, they stand for pro-life and pro-family, but almost every Republican does too. These are the people who have had to sit on the sidelines while the Party elite placates about these issues and they did nothing.

    Not only that but it’s the social conservative people who are more passionate about reducing government then the country club anti-life moderates. What kind of Republican do you think voted for the values fund or the SILO tax. Not the right wing conservative. We are all tired of the same old tired argument against these people. They are more Republican for their commitment to the principles that matter—which by the way is the platform. The document that our state chair hasn’t bothered to read.
    I'm going for Lehman and Scheffler

  16. Sheffler is full of hypocrisy. Ask him about proxy voting at committee meetings. It will be any eye opener.

  17. I am voting for Scheffler and Lehman because they Roberts and Greiner have presided over a drastic decline in the Republican Party. We need to have people on the committee that can organize and energize the base of the party. And whether you like it or not, Lehman and Scheffler represent the core of the base. It is the people that they represent that go out and campaign and volunteer.