Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Form everything I’ve seen in the last few weeks I think McCain is going to tab Romney as his running mate. It’s a gut feeling more than anything, but when you listen to McCain and certain states he brings up on the stump, like Michigan, I too can see the value in putting Romney on the ticket.

While I’m one of those guys who would like to see a new conservative face on the ticket, preferably from the south, I think McCain and his team is looking for a known entity. Romney also clearly wants the job as his people have done a tremendous job in raising his name every single time this issue is raised.

With Romney, McCain gets a running mate who is younger, has strong connections to states like Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, and Utah, is a proven fundraiser, and most importantly has shown the ability to stay on message, an important trait in a VP nominee.

Our good friend Chris Cillizza has already written about the positive attributes Romney would bring to the ticket, so I thought I’d focus on a few different issues in regards to a McCain/Romney ticket

  • The economy is going to be the biggest issues in this election. Adding Romney to the ticket trumps anyone the Obama campaign could put as their VP in terms of a candidate who understands how to get America moving again.

  • It seems that traditional political thinking is upside down this year so I think Romney’s Mormon religion is a plus. While his religion will help the McCain/Romney ticket in states like Utah and Nevada which have large Mormon populations, Romney was able to attract a lot of Catholics when campaigning here in Iowa, just look at the counties he won. The Catholic vote in the past two presidential campaigns has been highly sought after so don’t be surprised if this is a factor. Additionally, adding a Mormon to the ticket will increase the chatter on the candidate’s faith. It will be hard to bring up Mitt’s Mormonism without talking about Obama’s religious background.

  • The Olympics. Maybe I’m nuts but as the entire world focuses on the Summer Olympics McCain would be smart to tab Romney who’s most noticeable achievement was his turnaround of the Salt Lake City games. While what he did in 2002 was remarkable, our economy needs turnaround.

  • The one question that remains is how the addition of Romney would affect the 2012 nominating calendar which will be approved at the National Convention. The easy answer is that he would support Iowa’s status as First in the Nation since he invested a lot here and did well. But if he is looking at a 2012 run if the McCain/Romney ticket isn’t successful, he might not back Iowa since Huckabee was so strong here. Face it, Iowa and New Hampshire didn’t treat him too well so he might be more sympathetic to states like Michigan over Iowa and New Hampshire.

Anyway, my money is on Mitt.


  1. Recently Romney was on CNBC talking about the campaign. A large part of the issues discussed was energy. He actually said that ANWR is on the table.

    Energy is the winning issue.

  2. Dude I sure hope you are wrong. There are a lot of Republicans in Iowa and America that want no part of Romney.

  3. Agreed.

    Romney spent what..60 million in the primary...10-20 million of that alone in Iowa...and he couldn't close the deal..what makes McCain think that putting Romney on will help him win in November?

    McCain needs to project a better message for his campaign than being the "two old white guys" ticket...because thats what the Democrats will immediately label a McCain/Romney ticket

  4. Woo hoo for the Mitt-ster!!

  5. I don't think a Romney selection would bode well for Mac in Iowa.

    I've heard Deace's tirade regarding a Romney selection a couple of times. We all know what that means.

  6. Please, no! If he knows what's good for him, he'll ask Mike Huckabee! I could really get behind that ticket.

  7. Don't forget NH - he puts that in the red column for certain.

    He doesn't need Deace when he's got Drudge, Hannity, Rush, et al stumping for him on a daily basis.

  8. >I've heard Deace's tirade regarding a Romney selection a couple of times. We all know what that means.

    No, I guess we don't all know what that means...because I'm lost on that one.

    Steve Deace isn't an enthusiastic McCain supporter, but it doesn't really matter. If you listen to Deace, you'd think all Republicans in this country want Mike Huckabee for President. While I think Huckabee is a good candidate and someone I consider as my 2nd favorite Republican presidential candidate (I voted McCain at the caucus), it is quite clear that the majority of Republican's that vote in primaries in this country want John McCain. We can know this because they voted for him.

    It's just that those with the microphones are primarily social conservatives first (and only sometimes fiscal conservatives second - although I do believe Deace is a fiscal conservative too).

    McCain doesn't meet the social conservatives 100% ideologically on their issues, although I believe he'd mostly vote with them. I myself am a fiscal conservative, and I believe social issues should be left to the states (you know...what the Republican party circa Abe Lincoln stood for).

    "Fiscal conservative" isn't a dirty word.

    Wow - this post got off topic!

    To bring back around, I would be interested in a McCain - Huckabee ticket, although I doubt that would happen.

    Romney seems to be the best strategic choice here for McCain.

  9. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I just woke up. Thinking of a McCain / Romney ticket makes me sleepy.

  10. I really hope he makes a better selection. The $ Romney could bring and credibility on the economy are plusses, but he won't help with the social conservative base that is ify towards McCain and he won't help with the independent voters.

    I think the most important role McCain's VP will or should have is to get out and confront the Dems on the issues because we all know McCain won't do it himself. WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM ON THE ISSUES, but the general public doesn't know that because all they see is Barack Obama throwing out his emotional and meaningless speeches. Romney is not the person to be out there promoting the issues and telling people how much better we are, he just won't get a good reception.

    I agree with Dawn. Mike Huckabee is the guy for the job. He would definitely bring up all the issues and show that we are better on them. He is a great grassroots campaigner, and would be a great voice for Conservatives everywhere. He has the communication skills and ability to appeal to all voters. He would be a great person for McCain to have campaigning heavily on his behalf.

  11. Huckabee is worthless.

  12. "I've heard Deace's tirade regarding a Romney selection a couple of times."

    Deace is pathetic. He doesn't run this state, he's a totally clueless blowhard.

  13. Deace is a Reverand Wright type hate mongerer. He will find a reason to complain regardless of who is on McCain's ticket.

    The guy simply hates Republicans. Not Democrats, Republicans. You could easily convince someone that he is a Liberal plant to divide and destroy the only party conservatives have to turn to.

    There's a black helicopter theory for ya.

  14. Quit giving Deace a hard time because he actually calls certain republicans out on their hypocrisy. BTW, he's pretty hard on Gronstal, too, so it's not just flowing in one direction

  15. Boy this sure has gotten off of topic. Simply put, if John McCain picks Romney, he loses. It is simple as that. Romney just turns off too many people, personally I would like to see McCain pick a new conservative face. Bring on the new leaders of the Republican Party.

  16. Oh Al, quit acting like you're voting for John McCain anyway.

    Anyone that either Pres candidate picks is going to turn off people.

  17. Mitt would rock. Compliment the ticket, very well he would...

  18. Ever since I heard of Sarah Palin, I've liked her... I think a new face would be good.

  19. I think most people could get behind a McCain/Romney ticket just for the physical appearance of it. Although I don't agree with Romney's politics....I don't totally agree with McCain's either. If the 2004 election was won on national security, this one will be won on economic security and I think Romney would play well into that. Let's face it, Romney is much more eloquent than least he can read a teleprompter better than McCain....right now the McCain's appearance of being a grumpy old man is a real minus.

  20. The problem with Huckabee is that Iowa is the only state he helps McCain in.

  21. What does Huckabee know about foreign policy OR the economy? He tripled his state's spending, increased it's debt, and raised taxes. He's the wrong solution.

    He adds nothing to the ticket but a few folksy jokes and a hard core Christian Leader label (that is a net negative in several swing states.)

  22. I don't think we fielded one GREAT candidate in the race this year.

    McCain won because of that (I voted for Rudy).

    Romney wouldn't be awful, especially because of his economic background, but I'm looking for someone new.

    Deace is a horrible man and Huckabee is a horrible candidate. I really don't understand what people like in Huckabee as a candidate. I like him as a person. He can be funny; he's a nice guy. Just no way presidential and people need to look more at his record in Arkansas. And I'm really tired of Deace defining this narrow band of issue as "Republican" and everyone else is not.

    That will get us, what 12 votes in each county? We need to band together and find someone with smarts and energy get behind them.

    I'm still waiting but I don't like Huckabee in the mix.

  23. 11:13 Actually I could be persuaded to vote for McCain, but not if Romney is on the ticket. In order for me to vote McCain he must pick a running mate that actually stands for something other than wanting elected.

  24. Al, then McCain had better not ask Huck. Huck definitely will say anything to get elected. He is a squishy populist.

    He thinks he knows how much corporations should pay their CEOs and he would use the full force of the government to enforce it.

  25. Not only that, 6:43, but Huck seems to think it's ok to be a "consultant" to Arkansas state interest groups while he was governor. He made over $300K in speech money but almost $100K more consulting to the groups that had issues before him as Governor.

    The guy is a total slimeball.

  26. Hey anon 9:06

    States rights - Abe Lincoln? Seems to me that Abe was a social conservative and overrode several states' choice to own slaves.

  27. Number one, quit thinking that you'll vote against, or not for, Sen. McCain.

    Second, I'm in full support of any McCain ticket, even if he abandons the SoCos like me. People, it's better than the alternative. Bottom line.

    Third, Al, I'd like to hear who you would LIKE to see on the ticket. I see McCain is effed six ways to Sunday most of the time. Unless he has someone on the ticket who can inspire. We already know who you don't like.

    Fourth, Anon 2:42, bring your weak shit to the mall. Let's go. As a former supporter and staffer, I am set and ready to defend and debunk all your statements. See above email address. Back them up or back the fuck off.

    Fifth, Anon 3:55, Mr. I voted for Giuliani, you'll never find someone like that in our party again. At least not in my party. We'll forever cherish the life of a baby and our right to bear arms. Once our party sways from that you can jump on the bandwagon. Until then, peace and chicken grease.

    That is all.


  28. The more comments I read, the meaner and crankier they became. But suppose you all feel better to use nasty words to get your point across.

    So, my point: no Romney for my vote. He could not buy my vote in Jan. and will not get it now.

  29. 1)I think Joel's right in that if we all truly believe conservative politics are better, then we better vote for McCain regardless of who he picks as a running mate.

    2)I don't think his pick will actually make a huge difference on the number of votes he will get. We should already recognize that he is the better option.

    3)I think, as I said in my earlier post, that the best thing McCain's running mate can be, at least for the election, is to be someone who will get out and bring the issues to the front of this race and stop letting Obama spread his "message" without being challenged on what it actually means. Obviously John McCain is not doing a very good job of that, I hope he picks a running mate who will do it. I think Huckabee would be the best to do that, feel free to disagree with me but you all know how he did in Iowa. And this time he'll get to go against liberals not other conservatives.

    4)Deace calls them how he sees them. He does care about your politics. He's a Christian first and thats not a bad thing. In fact I think it's good and gives you a great perspective on things. Even if your primary concerns don't line up with the rest of the party.

  30. Fifth, Anon 3:55, Mr. I voted for Giuliani...


    yes, and I heard Ms. Lehman basically say I'm not a Republican, but I've been one before she was born.

    The Lehman, Sheffler, Deace party of the tiny tent (who foolishly cast out even conservative Republicans) is a non-starter for me - especially in these troubled times.

    And I agree with a poster above who says Energy is the winning issue.

    RUDY FOR Secretary of TSA!

  31. I think all of the above comments illustrate one major point. McCain can’t choose either Romney
    or Huckabee as VP. As much as Mitt would like to throw a tantrum about how “Huckabee cost him the race.” Its simply not true. The only states that Romney was able to win were states that were uncontested by other candidates … That’s not exactly a solid measure of success. The states where he hung his hat (Iowa and New Hampshire) both rejected him. He only won in Michigan and Nevada because Huckabee and McCain had already taken off for South Carolina for the real contest … Romney finished a distant 4th.
    Romney excites only the party elietes and lets face it, they climbed on with McCain a long time ago. He doesn’t bring anything more to the table than McCain already has.

    On the flip-side of the coin, Huckabee brings too many negatives with him. I like Mike, I voted for him and I’ll vote for him again in the future if he runs but as this thread shows, 1/3rd of the party hates him … just as 1/3rd of the party hates Romney … McCain cant afford to get into the middle of the Huckabee/Romney fight. Mac won because he was a consensus choice down the stretch after Florida, not because he as the great, universally supported unifying figure. If he picks Huckabee or Romney, it would be too easy for the “disenfranchised” side to simply pick up their ball, go home and wait for 2012. McCain’s not strong enough to hold the party together if the Huckabee/Romney fight were to turn into a full blown war between their supporters.

    McCain needs to pick someone completely unaffiliated with the 2008 primary season. It was simply too bitter and no one emerged from it with enough clout to hold the party together without the help of the loseing sides. If he wants a VP candidate that wont sink the GOP in 2008, he needs a fresh face that wont upset either the Huckabee or Romney wing of the party.

    Thats just my take.