Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Putting our words into action

I’ll be the first to admit, the internal struggles within the Republican Party is frustrating, and something that I don’t enjoy writing about. So today we are going to address this topic in a different way, putting your money where your mouth is.

Yesterday, I received a press release noting that the Iowa House Republicans hold a slim lead in cash-on-hand over their Democrat opponents.

During the reporting period, ending on July 14th, Republicans running for the Iowa House had $1,177,107 cash on hand compared to the Democrat candidates having banked $1,164,602. Republicans in leadership positions out raised the Democrat leaders by nearly two to one and reported twice as much cash on hand.

The candidates running under the Republican banner this year are the most qualified, aggressive, and effective campaigners that I’ve ever worked with,” said Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha. “They’re fundraising hard, knocking on doors, and doing all the things it takes to win their elections.”

This is a good sign. Despite the doom and gloom that keep hearing our Republican candidates have kept their heads down and kept working their tails off.

So here is today’s exercise in how we can all get along under the “Big Tent” of the Republican Party of Iowa. If you’re a social conservative its time to man/woman up and put your money where your mouth is. There are two rock solid social conservatives who have the opportunity to change what party controls the Iowa House. These are two candidates who will carry the water when it comes to the social issues.

The first is former State Rep. Danny Carroll who is sunning against Eric Palmer; the second is Jamie Johnson who is running against McKinley Bailey in HD 9.

Danny Carroll has $33,447.55 cash on hand for his campaign. Eric Palmer has $42,680.20. Put your money where your mouth is and help Danny reduce that gap by making a contribution to his campaign.

Jamie Johnson is a rock solid conservative, he has $17,797.28 cash on hand to McKinley Bailey’s $31,470.91, only a difference of around $13k. This is a seat that we Republican’s have held for years, and Jamie is working his tail off to win it back. Tell Jamie to keep up the good work my sending him a contribution to his campaign.

Folks, these are not presidential or congressional campaigns, any contribution you can make to their efforts will make a difference.

For our fiscally conservative friends who tell us they don’t want to support cultural warriors like Carroll and Johnson, I have a couple candidates for you to put your money where your mouth is. Now, I’m not saying these candidates are not socially conservative, but these are two candidates who are uniquely qualified to serve in the Iowa House based on their professional backgrounds.

The first is Dr. Stephen Richards from Algona who is running against Delores Mertz. Richards has $14,983.15 cash on hand to Mertz’ $28,049.29. Richards who is a physician and has a military background is a great candidate to run against Mertz. You can help Dr. Richards close the gap by sending a contribution to the following address:

Citizens for Richards
404 E. Kennedy Street
Algona, IA 50511

The second is Ross Paustian from Scott County who is running against Elesha Gayman. Paustian has and agricultural background compared to Gayman’s background of being a field staffer for Obama. Paustian has $24,588.27 cash on hand to Gayman’s $16,225.09. Sure he has the COH advantage, but I know 99.9% of you are bandwagon supporters so jump on and help seal the deal.

You know what to do, so go do it.

An Interesting Nugget

Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC here in Iowa, you know the one that made tons of contributions to our legislative candidates in 2004 and 2006, still has a pretty healthy Cash on Hand number with over $436,000.00 in the bank. It will be interesting to watch and see what he does with it. So VP nominee or not, Mitt is well positioned.


  1. Speaking of the big tent, why hasn't the Polk County central committee had a picnic fundraiser for the past two summers? When we used to have the summer events, it unified the party. We also had some reserves to help finance candidates for the fall elections.

  2. Because the Nussle campaign killed it off the first year. They told donors not to give money and instructed the potential speakers not to attend.

    We were told it was essential to Nussles election that Polk County not turn out the grassroots for the bonfire before the election.

    I wonder who's idea that was.

    This year, Stew is doing all he can to derail GOPfest. He doesn't want Polk County to have an event.

    There have been several dates and then, RPI decides to schedule something to thwart Ted.

    I know Polk County is working on GOPfest. Hopefully, it will occur.

    God forbid the troops get fired up before November. Wouldn't want to have that would we?

    Nice leadership Stewman the Newman.

  3. Krusty - Using Diane's et al's logic, we aren't going to give our version of "money" or effort to R's just because they are R's. We are going to be selective about our support - just like she and Gary. We are concerned about the leftward drift they wish to take the party. I'm concerned they will only focus on corporate welfare - as is the desire of the fi-cons.

    Why should we blindly accept your candidates?

    What kind of R's are they? What agenda do they wish to promote? Why are they going there? What is their mission to achieve?

    Is this just a job or a conviction? Are they planning to be professional politicans who just go along to get along, or will they be citizen politicians who go serve and then come home?

    Please tell us more than just their on-paper registration as R's.

  4. 10:52

    Educate yourself.

    Danny Carroll and Jamie Johnson are exactly the type of Legislators Social Conservatives want to see elected. I'm not asking you to take my word for it, call them up, talk to them. Read their websites.

    If you don't want to support a movement conservative then I gave you tow other options.

    Man people are LAZY. here's a thought, be part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

  5. WOW 10:47 is a not so bold faced lier! Those are some real whoppers! Sad thing is there are gullible fools reading this who believe that crap.

  6. The natural disasters in Iowa have really hurt fund raising efforts of our local candidates...

    Don't forget those with real chances to unseat D's in national races...

    Dr. Miller-Meeks for Congress

  7. A Donor to Kraig and ChristopherJuly 23, 2008 at 12:38 PM

    If money won elections in Iowa then Mitt Romney would have won in Iowa, not Mike Huckabee. Why not just have Kraig and Christopher share some of their funds with the other guys? It seems when I donated at the fundraisers with them I was told it was for the House candidates. I only see it in their pockets. Thank God that elections cannot be bought.

  8. Great post Krusty. Hopefully the negativity in the comments means that only the professional complainers are at home and that the people who really make the Party run took your advice to heart.

  9. Gee, why would the person make up a lie about Nussle's campaign regarding GOPfest and what would make me believe the person who says it's a lie?

    The person who says it's a lie must have other information, or as we suspect, is guilty as charged.

    Too many people know about it buddy o mine.

    Remember the "enemies list"?

    I think the softball that got hit over the fence hit the guilty party who yelped.

  10. The last GOP fest I know of was the straw poll between Nussle and Vander Plaats. Wait, I guess there was one at the Zoo after that.

    Anyway, they are always fun.

    I don't understand how one earth the Polk County GOP was unable to do an event during the run up to the Caucuses. They would have cashed in. That is not the fault of the state party, but the Polk County GOP.

    We all know Ted doesn't give a shit what Stew thinks. I doubt Ray Hoffmann gave Ted any trouble either.

  11. Ahh I almost forgot the "enemies list." A guy in a black helicopter dropped it off to me under a full moon one misty autumn night.

  12. Go, Republicans. We're depending on you. Get involved and help your local Republican candidates defeat the evil Democrats who have practically destroyed this state in two short years. WE cannot afford to have them in the majority any longer.

  13. Republicans should also write letters to the editor extolling the attributes of the candidates that you like. Put signs up in your yard supporting your candidates. Tell people that you meet about your candidate. Just get out and do something for your candidate. If you can hold fundraisers for your candidate. Basically do whatever you can to get your candidate elected to office.

  14. Sorry, I just heard about the GOPfest dispute.

    Most peopoe know I worked in the building in 05-07. There was an enemies list, Nussle people showed it off after the election. They absolutely did interefere with Polk and other counties' events. John Thune's staff confirmed it.

    Ted agreed to withhold GOPfest so as to not compete with the Reagan dinner in 07 because the Reagan dinner was looking like a flop. Ray promised Ted some money for not competing during the same season. Ted was trying to think big picture and we ended up being cheated.

    As for 08, I don't know. GOPfest was rescheduled because of hte flood and because either Daryl Kearny or Stew Iverson told Huckabee not to be involved. I heard (and now see) that RPI brought in Karl Rove on the GOPfest back up date (today) but it looks like Ted got a big hitter for the traditional fall schedule anyway.

    I'm sure Ted doesn't care what Stew or Ray said but I suppose out of state people didn't know how unpopular Stew and Ray really are in Iowa.

    So before you people call out liars you'd better check your facts.