Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Grab Bag

Greetings, like most of you I’m a little groggy on Monday Mornings. Sorry for the delay.

Yepsen thinks Culver should shake it up.

While it may seem that only Iowa Republicans have internal issues, the Democrats, and especially Chet Culver have some big obstacles in their way in the 2010 elections. It’s not because of stiff Republican competition yet, it’s because Chet Culver and the State House and Senate Democrats don’t really get a long, and they have expanded the size of Government so quickly and by such an amount that clever accounting tricks will not allow them to kick the can down the road.

Yepsen, seems to think a staff change can fix things, I don’t, but I know an election will.

Steve Deace’s Cat

When not talking about politics, he’s talking about the new Batman movie. So when I found this picture I thought of him. Sorry dude. It’s just too funny. And is this really your cat?

Scheffler & Lehman on Iowa Press

The Real Sporer has a good write up on this. I just wanted to add my 2 cents. First I think both did a nice job. And while Phyllis Kelly and Steve Roberts are long time leaders of our party, the time has come to pass the baton. Both Scheffler and Lehman are more articulate than the two that they replace have been. That’s a good thing folks; we need all hands on deck to right our ship.

McCain-Portman 2008

While Novak was wrong on his prediction of McCain announcing his VP last week, I’ll go out on a very shot limb and say it will happen this week. Why? The Olympics start on Saturday and last for a few weeks, then its time for the Obama love fest convention. The time is now.

Who’s the pick? Rob Portman from Ohio.

McCain has to win through the Electoral College so his nominee has to deliver a key state. There is none more key than Ohio. Romney could help in a number of areas and he has really pushed for the spot, but I think the McCain campaign has welcomed the speculation, but will go with a guy who can deliver a bunch of electoral votes, that guy is Portman. Get to know him.


  1. I think Portman has too close of ties to President Bush. The Dems are already calling a McCain presidency a third Bush term as well as calling the war in Iraq the Bush/McCain war. The last thing McCain needs is another tie to our unpopular president. The Dems will do their best to exploit it.

    I agree the VP nom needs to win a swing state, but there are other people who can do the same without close ties to President Bush.

  2. Hot Air thinks it's Pawlenty

  3. can Pawlenty carry some baggage on the MINN Interstate bridge collapse?

    How well is he liked in Minnesota?

  4. Goodness gracious folks we are certainly having a nice discussion. Me thinks that distinguished gentleman from Arizona will be in a dilly of a pickle if he selects Portman.

    The good congressman Portman is known as a Bush guy and the Bush third term slogan is already catching more fire with the D's than square dancing on a sunny Springfield day.