Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Latham sets the tone

Congressman Latham has a new radio ad on the airways talking about $4 a gallon gasoline and the unwillingness of the Democrat controlled Congress to do anything about it. It’s a good ad that puts the ANWR debate into perspective.

Latham has also been very vocal in calling out the Democrats for wanting to go on their August vacation period before passing the emergency flood aid.

I’m sure the liberal wacko’s running Becky Greenwald’s campaign will say “look he’s scared” and fabricate stories of Tom Latham’s demise. What is really going on is that Latham has a pile of money at his disposal and is going to set the agenda for his re-election campaign. Face it, we know it looks like a Democrat year and Latham and King are the only big targets for them here in Iowa.

Latham was smart to get out of the gate quick and set the tone for his re-election campaign. He’s not just going to have a shock and awe air war; he has also assembled a very nice campaign staff to work on the ground.


  1. I love that guy.

  2. I've seen the Latham campaign already working hard! Going to the meetings, participating in the parades, and building a great organization. Very impressive!

  3. My goodness that ceratinly was a speech that has me much obliged.

    There is just one dilly of a pickle that puzzles me. Where are the likes of Bruce Braley, Leonard Boswell and especially Dave Loebsack? You know, those fine gentlemen who serve in the congressional majority?

    Anywho - dagnabit, I'll be back after awhile crocadile. I have to go silence all them gosh darn crickets that all of a sudden started chirping louder than thunder.

  4. William Meyers has certainly leveled the playing field with a true grassroots war, by getting heavily involved in the smoking ban issue. He recently launched a website, which is now the focal point for the anti ban movement. Repealthesmokingban.org will make Meyers a force to be reckoned with...........

  5. Go Tom Go! Go Tom Go! Hey 4th district what do you say? Tom is gonna WIN today

  6. Tom Latham is a Great American.

  7. When Democrats were running for the House two years ago, they lied to the American people by promising they had a plan to lower gas prices.

    Thanks, Democrats, instead of lowering it, it has doubled in price in two years and they want it to go higher.

    Democrats are refusing to allow more drilling and refining of our own oil.

    The American people MUST be made to understand exactly WHY we have these kinds of gasoline prices.

    In 1995 Clinton vetoed a bill that would have opened ANWR to oil production. If Clinton had not vetoed that bill, we'd be using Alaskan oil right now.

  8. Why are gas prices so high?

    From 2000-2006, Latham sat around approving everything the whitehouse proposed and did nothing to fix the coming oil crisis.

  9. Don't you worry Becky Greenwald will make it better by yelling at us and telling us how much America sucks.

    Man Yepsen sure can pick them

  10. If drilling is the answer to our gas prices, Latham should be lecturing oil companies for not drilling on millions of acres already available to them. Why do they need more when they are not even using the areas they have now?

    Speaking of oil prices, why did the R's in congress block the recent efforts to control oil speculators? That may be the most effective short term solution, besides lowering demand.

  11. Are you also aware, Mrs. Bueller, that the Democrats do not have what we consider to be an exemplary record in telling the truth?

    They have missinformed the public with their rhetoric an unacceptable number of times. In the opinion of this voter, the Democrats are not taking the growth of this great nation seriously. Now I've spent my morning examining their records. If the Democrats think that they can just coast through this election and still win in November, they are sorely mistaken. We have no reservations whatsoever about holding them back another cycle. Ha ha ha

    Some of you might say that this is news to you.

    Well wake up and smell the coffee Mrs. Bueller the Democrats are just leading you down the primrose path.

  12. Latham is one of the only pols on the hill to tell it like it is. We need more of him in Washington.