Wednesday, July 23, 2008

John Edwards = Schmuck

Apparently John Edwards was caught spending some time with his mistress so he could introduce himself to his love child. What a fraud. Krusty Kudos to all you Iowans who supported him in the caucuses…


  1. Is it just me, or does she look like Prince Charles' Camilla Parker Bowles to you, too?

  2. first thought in my head.

    2nd was eeewwwww

  3. Definitely Camillaian. So while his wife is using the last years of her life to campaign for him he's carrying on with this woman. He had plausible deniability up until this point. Now he's hosed. Will the real press pick this up?

  4. He was hosed the minute he joined with Kerry as his VP back in 04..

    Dude is nothing more than an ambulance chasing charlatan who paid $400 bucks for a haircut.

    He further hosed himself when he kept on campaigning even AFTER his wife and him announced that her cancer was terminal...any idiot with an ounce of compassion would have quit and gone to spend time with his wife and family...

    All this simply does is ensure Edwards ticket straight to hell when he dies... :)