Monday, July 7, 2008

The Liberals are happy about $4 gas.

Sorry, the long weekend overlapped into today, so I’m a bit tardy on today’s post. Anyway I’m still trying to determine what to write. The $4 gas is on the top of my mind as it cost me a lot to travel this weekend. Think about it, if you put 35,000 miles on your car in a year it will cost you almost $5k. Ouch. So when I finally get home and realize I’m broke, I open up the laptop to find an article by Time Magazine entitled the 10 Good things about $4 gasoline.

Here are their reasons:

1. Globalized Jobs Return Home
Says Who? The reason the jobs leave in the first place is for cheap labor, reduced regulations, and a better business climate. Increased energy costs are gong to force more businesses to fold or more production over-seas. If you are one of the 500.000 or so who work for Ford and Chevy $4 gas has you very worried.

2. Sprawl Stalls
Yeah I get it, people can’t afford to build new homes, so let’s celebrate! I know some people hate “urban sprawl,” but what would the Des Moines metro be with out Jordan Creek? Also while some have poked fun at the fall of Regency Homes, it’s never funny when someone loses their job.

3. Four-Day Work Weeks
What’s the point if I can’t travel anywhere, oh that’s right, more time to balance my check book and see how much money I don’t have. Are there saving to be made with a 4 day work week? Probably, but we need businesses to be successful so in turn they can provide good wages and benefits to their workers.

4. Less Pollution
Oh so the Chinese are going to stop dumping human, industrial, and agricultural waste into their rivers and streams? I’m all for a clean environment, but I’m sick and tired of the liberals in office and in the media telling me I’m the root cause of global warming.

5. More Frugality
This one is my favorite, and I’ll be the first one to say bull$hit. One would hope folks would tighten up their spending habits, but this morning at Casey’s as I bought some of their wonderful breakfast pizza, the gal in front of me is complaining about the price of gas but bought 3 packs of cigs. Hey lady, stop the nasty habit and you might have some more coin in your pocket. I’m not blameless either, why am I complaining when I could have made breakfast at home…

6. Fewer Traffic Deaths
Whatever. While road rage might be reduced, pump rage is on the increase and so is crime. So when the local meth junkie feels the effects of $4 dollar gas I assume instead of reducing his spending, he will probably break in to my garage and steal my stuff which I could purchase back at the pawn shop, or he will just break into the local pharmacy and steal some cash and Sudafed.

7. Cheaper Insurance
Another myth, do you really think the insurance company is going to cut your rate because your driving less? I don’t because their energy costs are going up just like mine and they will simply pass it on to the consumer, something Joe & Sally American can’t do.

8. Less Traffic
I have not seen any evidence of this at all. Plus I’m sure the gas stations, casinos, and tourist attractions are thrilled that people can’t afford to drive.

9. More Cops on the Beat
In rural America that’s not a good thing. Again, if law enforcement is struggling to fuel its fleet they will either raise my taxes, or provide less service which would increase crime. There are no winners there.

10. Less Obesity
I’ll believe it when I see it. Sure people might not be eating out, but that doesn’t mean they are going to all of a sudden live a healthy lifestyle. K’mon folks.

What pisses me off about articles like this is that they have no concept of what typical American’s are like. I’m sure as bunch of Liberals all sat around a table and said, “hey, we should write a story about how great $4 gas is.” They are obviously as out of touch as the democrats in Washington are. They offer no solutions, the just tell people to grab their ankles and take it.

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  1. Krusty:

    You can't beat somebody with nobody. When all we offer is more of the same, well then the American people are smart for not putting us back in charge.

    You can't go to D.C. and spend like crazy, earmark like crazy, pass new entitlement programs, moralize on your high-horse while screwing a page or tapping your foot in a bathroom stall, take bribes from lobbyists, send troops to Iraq when Bin Laden is in the Pakistan/Afganistan mountains, and expect the American People to say - Thank you may I a have another.

    I would rephrase your last paragraph and say Washington D.C. Democrats AND Republicans are out of touch.