Monday, July 14, 2008

Republican Convention Wrap Up

Coronation or Convention? If you think I’m referring to the victories of the social conservatives at the state convention you are mistaken. I’m referring to the fact that King was everywhere doing everything.

We all know that Congressman King would never miss a convention. While some people think it’s something to show your face at and escape, King was camped out there morning, noon, and night which is nothing new for our favorite congressman.

King hosted a pancake breakfast before the convention started on Saturday morning at Hy-Vee Hall, addressed the crowed early in the morning, introduced 2nd CD candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks, spoke at the lunch, and was involved with every aspect of the convention, even the junior delegates.

The reason King is loved by the activists is because he shows them that he cares. He talks to them, he motivates them, and he hangs out with them. What the media and the Democrats don’t understand about King is that he has earned his rock star status by his work ethic, not just his conservative convictions. If King ever decides to run for statewide office, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

King’s presence probably was highlighted by Senator Grassley being stuck in an airport and Congressman Latham not being able to change his plans when the convention was rescheduled.

Convention Chaos: Sometimes it’s the littlest of things that can cause the hiccups. Apparently there were no chairs put out for Audubon and Winnebago counties, and some counties didn’t have enough chairs to seat their delegation. I really don’t understand how these things happen. What resulted were some confusing votes on the convention rules. Not a good way to start off the morning.

Committeeman and Committeewoman Election: To some of us, this was going to be the most interesting part of the day. It became clear after the Deace radio program that Scheffler and Lehman were the frontrunners. The two of them combined to make a tremendous team that would be hard to beat in a convention that was dominated by social conservatives, and both easily won. Both Scheffler and Lehman also gave better speeches than there opponents, which is important in convention races.

Roberts didn’t do himself any favors by going on Deace’s program on Friday night. While delegates were driving in from around the state, you have to think that some of them would be listening to Deace’s program. Roberts came off as old, tired, and incoherent. Roberts’ speech at the convention was very similar. To me, it was sad to see it end for Roberts in such a manner. Roberts has been an entrenched part of the Republican Party for decades. Near the end of his time allotment Roberts began to round into form. He was gracious, and thankful for the opportunity to serve his party. While I might not always agree with Roberts, he is the epitome of a statesman. Both Lehman and Scheffler would be well served to learn from Roberts’ example.

As you all know Sandy Greiner was my pick for Committeewoman. Her race was no doubt an uphill battler when running against a ticket of social conservative activist that work for the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowa Right to life. If you know Sandy, you know that she will continue to work her tail off for our Republican candidates.

Did you know Huckabee rhymes with Nominee? Mike Huckabee attended the convention on behalf of the McCain campaign. Like always, he delivered, and the convention delegates responded. Huckabee encouraged the convention delegates to unite behind John McCain because the alternative is Barack Obama and the liberal judges he would appoint.

There is no doubt, Mike Huckabee will run for president again, and in Iowa, he will come in as the frontrunner to win the Iowa caucuses. There is no doubt that the Republican Party in Iowa and nationally is adrift. But, for the few minutes that Huckabee spoke, you could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Huckabee has a way of breaking down the traditional partisan barriers by being able to communicate with Joe and Betty Mainstreet. He is also able promote his conservative convictions in a way that doesn’t scare or turn off people who might not be motivated by the social issues. Iowa Republicans need to take a page from Huckabee and learn how to campaign on traditional values in today’s highly partisan political environment in a kinder, gentler way.

The problem with McCain surrogates is that they often times remind us that we are not really excited about our nominee. It’s not typical to be more excited about seeing a surrogate than the nominee, but that was the feeling in Hall B on Saturday morning.

Vaudt and Northey: Iowa Republicans are blessed to have 2 great statewide officials in Nothey and Vaudt. Both are extremely competent in their positions and great communicators on the issues they deal with day in and day out. Vaudt is the only elected official in Iowa (both Democrat and Republican) with a sense of style. These two have become Republican Rock Stars.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks: It was interesting that Miller-Meeks spoke in the morning before lunch, while the other non-incumbents spoke after lunch. Miller-Meeks continued to show the differences between her and the other candidates at the convention. The most noticeable part of the Miller-Meeks campaign was their ambulance parked in the corner of the convention hall as their base of operation.

When speaking to the convention delegates Miller-Meeks was the only candidate not to use the podium, and instead opted for the wireless mic that allowed her to move to the front of the stage, which showcased her speaking abilities. The Miller-Meeks team also was the only campaign that made it seem like a convention. They had the 2nd district delegates armed with placards when she spoke, which was a nice touch. Miller-Meeks was introduced by Congressman King which sent a good message to social conservatives who made up the majority of the convention delegates.

It’s easy to see why people think Miller-Meeks has a chance in this political environment; she’s different from any other candidate Republicans have ever put up against a sitting congressman.

Chris Reed: Some say people just are not excited about Chris Reed, but that wasn’t the case at the convention. Reed was the only statewide candidate to speak to the convention delegates on Saturday and you could feel the difference in the room when Reed took the stage and talked about providing some real change in Washington DC by sending 34 year incumbent Tom Harkin back home. Don’t worry folks; he’s not coming back to Iowa. Heck this race is like a 2 for 1. Defeat Harkin, and I’m sure his wife gives up her seat on the Board of Regents since it will be too costly to travel to the meetings from the Bahamas, unless Conoco Phillips will let her use the corporate jet.

David Hartsuch: Out of all of our challenger candidates, Hartsuch is the one who needs to make up the most ground. He didn’t have any signage and told the audience that he made his formal announcement that he was running on Friday. It was also clear that Hartsuch is basing his campaign around energy costs and energy independence rather than the social issues that have made him a champion of the social conservatives. While he is a long shot, with escalating gas prices and the Democrats reluctance to do any thing about it who knows, it could be a hostile environment for incumbents this fall, and Hartsuch could pull an upset.

Kim Schmett: For me Schmett was the surprise of the convention. When he started his speech I wasn’t too impressed. He asked for a moment of silence for Boswell as he is dealing with some serious health issues, but then unveiled a video “debate” between him and Boswell which was absolutely hilarious. If they send it to me I’ll post it right away. Krusty Kudos to the Schmett team for thinking outside the box on their campaign.

ICA Domination: The Iowa Christian Alliance once again was the only organization to work the convention in terms of getting their people elected as delegates, electors, and to the nominating committee. For all those people who complain about it, you have one option: out- work them. The biggest win they had was the election of Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman to serve as National Committeeman and Committeewoman. If you wanted to give the ICA a score, it would have to be 96 out of 100. They only had a couple of people beat their slate to serve on the nominating committee, and the At-Large slate was approved except for Gopal Krishna who was removed for John Ortega. Ortega nominated Roberts.

Why ICA should be Worried: While victorious, there is some serious rumblings from some delegates that they didn’t like how ICA operated throughout the convention process. As I said above, the only way to beat them is to out-work them, but they made some enemies this time around. Also Scheffler and Lehman now have to prove that the delegates were correct in electing them. It’s going to be a tough row to hoe for them in my opinion. They are now “the party” and not ICA and IRL officials; this role is something they will need to adapt to quickly.

What’s next? Special Election to fill Scheffler’s Seat on the SCC: The drama never ends. Roberts serves through the National Convention so maybe the special election will not be for a while, I don’t know. However with the addition of Kim Lehman to the State Central Committee is seems as if ICA controls at least 10 of the 17 votes on the committee if not more. So will they try to add to their majority or will the so called “country clubbers” strike back?


  1. To say ICA organized better is correct. Good on them.

    It will be interesting to hear more about committee meetings, attendence and control by proxy and other bullying tactics that went on in their 'organization' efforts.

    I was floored by the Lehman, Scheffler speeches when they told us they were going to push their agenda as national committee people. Roberts (yes he gave a weak speech but there was some substance) was right when he said pushing personal agendas is not the role of those positions.

    They essentially said they would define what republican means and only support that definition.

    Looking at the delegate list to the national convention and how it was developed and moved through the committee nominating committee (who did no nominating) tells the story.

    Maybe I'm not a republican any more. I'm still trying to figure that out. the interesting thing is, many conservative republicans are wondering the same thing, and several of the ICA supporters I talked to after the convention wondered if they supported the right candidates when they saw who was on which "side".

  2. Krusty-

    Excellent write-up!

    Let me give you an insight into the seating issue.

    It was a symptom of a much larger problem. Those who were charged with organizing and running the convention were not allowed to do so by the committee chairman of that committee. That committee's input was given and ignored. That committee fought long and hard between when this became evident after the first draft of the agenda came out and the chairman of the po committee named himself as the temporary chair of the convention. Something none of us had discussed at our meeting and after how we were disregarded, would never have agreed to.

    Had the members of the committee been allowed to have hands-on input into the running of the convention; the seating issue would never have happened.

    The problem was much larger than just the seating. But I will have to explain it all to you in an email. The seating was just the icing on the cake. It also contributed to the lack of organization regarding counting of ballots and voting procedures.

    The standards holding the signs with the county names on them were placed at both ends of the rows, basically placing two counties in the same seats. My own county having only 7 delegates show up, decided to move to the back after the extra seats were made available, so that we could all sit together.

    This was one of the reasons I tried to explain in my speech asking for Mr. Krishna's removal from the national delegation. As chairman of the permanent organization committee, it was his responsibility to ensure things like this did not happen. Since he made it clear that those of us on the committee who wanted to be more directly involved in the planning of the convention were not needed or welcome; the problems lie squarely on his shoulders and none else. We tried to get him to see reason, but were ignored at every turn.

    It is only poetic justice that the convention delegates saw fit to agree to his removal. It was never personal, but about the top down style of organization he used, that I thought the democrats use, NOT republicans. We are grassroots organization, we allow our ELECTED committees do the work that they were ELECTED to do. Mr. Krishna failed to lead this committee to do that work, and that is why I brought it to the attention of the convention.

    For the poster over on TRS who said that my f*ing throat should be ripped out, etc. I appreciate the death threat, I don't think I've ever angered someone that much before by telling the truth.

    Steve, Gopal, and Lisa, Bill, Kim, Karl and others are all extremely pissed that I can't be bought or pressured into doing what they want unlike others that they have forced to do their bidding; LIKE SOME, whom they gave a spot as an at-large national delegate to keep their mouths shut about how things were screwed up.

    Yes, they used the national delegate spots to manipulate people. They even tried it with me. BUT, they cannot buy me, there is nothing they have on me. The ONLY thing they can do to me is have me removed as county chairperson, now that they will have their majority on the state central committee. I dare them to do so, it would be a favor. I would then have an excuse to stop participating in politics and spend more time with my husband and children; and less going after corrupt Christian politicians. The ends DO NOT justify the means, EVER.

    In all of this, my conscience is clear. I have told the truth, and I will continue to do so until that poster finds me and rips my throat out. Until then, I wish you all the best of God's will be done in your lives, and I will continue to pray for you.

    You, ICA, have split the Republican party, not between the mods and the cons.; but between the christian conservatives that will do anything to win by any means necessary, and the conservative christians that will do the right, moral, and ethical thing no matter what the cost.

    I will continue to do my job with my head held high, knowing that I did the best I could, honestly and without regret. Can you say the same about your own actions ICA board of directors?


    Nicole D. Baker
    Clinton County Chair

  3. For Next Convention...July 14, 2008 at 11:26 AM

    A new change needs to be made for the next State Central Committee election.

    A question/answer period needs to be made available in order for convention delegates to vette the candidates.

    I would imagine for example that not many delegates knew that Lehman publically trashed Miller-Meeks on Deace's radio show right before the primary..or that Scheffler allowed ICA phone banks to be used to make anti-Huckabee phone calls.

    And they both talked about how they supposedly support all "voices" within the party...when their actions both have been completely opposite of it.

  4. WAR Nicole D. Baker.

    Well said.

  5. As a very disgruntled Woodbury County delegate I too witnessed the chaos at the outset of the convention regarding the "organization" or lack thereof. As a former county chair I also witnessed the devastation caused within the county party as a direct result of the so-called "christian" members of our party. The speeches by Scheffler and Lehman were a joke. They said what they wanted the group to hear and were extremely disingenuous, in my opinion. They both represent special interest groups and will never put the GOP ahead of those interests. This party will not grow as long as divisive individuals with a personal agenda are in the leadership.

    Barb Vakulskas

  6. ....They are now “the party” and not ICA and IRL officials; this role is something they will need to adapt to quickly....

    I agree Krusty, but I don't think they can, want to, or have that in their plans.

  7. While I understand the need for some people to vent, I sincerely hope our friend Krusty will not allow us to prolong this blowing off steam stuff.

    Folks, we have a big job ahead of us, electing a MAJORITY to the Iowa House and it's time to put any disappointment we might have behind us and focus our energy on those campaigns.

    I am copying and pasting below the message I sent to my House Colleagues this morning:

    Dear Colleagues,

    Words cannot express the gratitude I have for each of you signing the endorsement letter in my unsuccessful campaign for National Committeewoman. This morning, as I look back on this past weekend’s events, I strongly regret that I put you in such an awkward position, and I hope your signature on the endorsement letter doesn’t have negative repercussions as you move forward with your own campaigns. Knowing that you fully understood the potential consequences of your endorsement is very humbling.

    Like you, I firmly believe all things happen for a reason, although I do not understand, this morning, what that reason is, I know with time we will all see it clearly.

    This morning I am focusing on a favorite passage from Ecclesiastes:

    To Everything there is a Season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven

    A time to plant, and a time to Harvest

    A time to pull down and a time to build up

    A time to weep and a time to Laugh

    A time for mourning and a time for dancing

    A time for scattering stones and a time to gather them

    A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing

    A time to seek and a time to lose

    A time to keep and a time to throw away

    A time to tear and a time to mend

    A time for silence and a time for speech

    A time for love and a time for PEACE.

    Dearest Friends, it is indeed time to GATHER OUR STONES. It is TIME TO MEND, and TIME TO BUILD UP, so that November will be your TIME TO DANCE.
    I deeply regret having put you in this rather difficult position with the new RPI Leadership Team and I pray that none of you will suffer negative consequences. As a final favor to me, I know that each of you will support them fully.

    As I walk away, I walk with my head high, grateful that God gave me the COURAGE to maintain a positive campaign and the STUBBORNNESS to resist those who urged me to use negative information.

    I wish each of you huge success with your upcoming campaigns and although I am no longer able to door knock, if there are other things I can do to assist any of you with your campaigns, please do not hesitate to call on me.

    With Love and Respect for our entire Caucus Family,



    If I can move on to work to elect Republicans in the fall, I'd think the rest of you can, too.

    This is politics, and it's a blood sport. It's done. It's over. Get over it.

    This is a new week, and it's time to move on. I'm asking you to all unite. If we don't, we don't stand a chance.

    Sandy Greiner

  8. Hey Nicole Baker

    You need a lesson in class from the very classy Sandy Greiner.

    What a pathetic, whining, self-centered post.

  9. anon 1:40:

    Nicole hasn't been at this as long as I have, so please give her some slack.

    The ditches of SE Iowa are littered with bodies of candidates I've supported vigorously over the past 40 years. I've been bloodied so many times I've gotten used to it.

    When Nicole has been at this game for 40 years she will, most likely, view things as I do now.

    Our party NEEDS young, enthusiastic people. PLEASE, let's not chase them away with caustic remarks.

    As stated upstream, it's a new week and it's time to come together to elect Republicans in November. You, 1:40, are not doing your part to make that happen.

    Sandy Greiner

  10. Sandy,

    I want to express my sincere thanks for everything that you have done for the Republican Party and the conservative cause. I harbored no ill will in my vote for your opponent. Any other time I would have been more than happy to vote for you, however I felt that it was time to bring in some new blood in the Republican leadership and Kim represents that. You are a classy lady and I wish that you would reconsider resigning from the legislature.

  11. WAR Rep. Greiner

  12. Hooray - I have now officially switched parties from Republican to Libertarian. I will sleep much better tonight knowing I'm not part of the new Christian Taliban in the RPI.

  13. I wonder what the result would have been IF the convention had been held as scheduled (ie no floods)....

    More people likely would have shown up..

    And for the anon who's calling Nicole Baker "whiny" and "self centered"...just makes me shake my head in disgust.

    I thought the Republican Party was the place where people were ALLOWED to use their critical thinking skills.

    Unfortunately..we have individuals who instead of focusing on building our party up with people from all parts of the Reagan coalition...they focus instead on forcing an ideological purge of individuals whom they deem to be impure and tainted.

    They claimed that there were those who wished to strip the platform of its pro-life, pro-family language. No such effort took place.

  14. someone who caresJuly 14, 2008 at 4:58 PM

    Did our forefathers want there to be religion in politics? I don't believe that they did and I'm so turned off by crazy evangelicals and so are all of my young and active friends. I pray that ICA and IRL stay far away from politics. Please leave the Republican party alone. Please!

  15. Umm, it is my understanding that RPI staff, not the permanent organization committee was actually in charge of seating Nicole; at least that is how it always has been done in the past. The perm organization committee is perhaps one of the most worthless committees that are a part of the state convention, since most of those details are decided on by RPI staff. So please do not throw out that red herring as your justification for attacking.

  16. first of all, someone is going to have to explain what 'WAR' means.

    Second, I agree with Sandy. I will work VERY hard to get republicans elected in the fall, starting with my own candidates first. And it is time to unify around our national candidate and our party platform.

    However, I also believe that those who are a part of the corruption that has been used in our state party for the better part of the last 10 years need to have their feet held to the fire. I will not back down, and I will make sure people know what happened and what is continuing to happen.

    I am not a whiner, I am a tattle-tale. Get it straight. My mom always said that tattle-taleing was perfectly acceptable in certain circumstances. This is one of those circumstances. People got caught using dirty underhanded democrat tactics in the republican party, and then tried to buy people off to hide it. I can't be bought, and I won't capitulate.

    Also, I will also not continue to drag it on out here. My email is listed on the iowa gop website, feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further. Of course, you'll have to use your real name and not hide behind anonymous comments and user id's.

    With that said, lets go out and kick some Dem. butt and get McCain elected this fall!!!!

  17. Clinton County, Maybe the moral of the story, as you alluded to in your diatribe on the convention floor on Saturday, is to not show up a half-an-hour late to a meeting.

  18. Ok, I guess I will have to address that one here anon 6:46.

    That was changed several years ago. The persons in charge of making the convention go smoothly are the members of the committee that is elected to do that. This was changed after Gopal left 8 years ago. There were seating charts and plans drawn up 2 years ago to prevent this from happening. This information was made available to the chair of the committee (Gopal). He REFUSED to communicate with his committee. This information was not given to those who set up the chairs.

    In the first district, we made sure all the arrangements were taken care of so that nothing like this would happen.

    Laying all of this on our paid RPI staffers who are already overworked, when there are volunteers available and willing to help is ludicrous.

    Now, if you want to discuss this further, look up my info and email me.

  19. Yes, I do take full responsibility for getting lost and being late. I have learned that lesson quite well thank you for the reminder.

    I probably COULD have prevented this whole thing .... but then, there were 4 of us late for that meeting, not just myself.

  20. Sandy - with all due respect, it was the ill-informed and ill-mannered Nicole Baker who has accused fine people of corruption.

    Those are serious charges. She is out of line making those kinds of serious allegations. What is her damage? What is her point in making all these accusations? What is she trying to achieve? With her accusations of serious corruption, I believe it is Nicole creating the division.

    Nicole Baker is caustic and the one causing damage. Perhaps she should keep her own outlandish, perhaps delusional charges of corruption to herself.

    She owes all of them a public apology.

    It was a very self-centered and whiney post.

    Her responses have reinforced that conclusion.

    Her crap has to stop. Onward and upward.

  21. "I am not a whiner, I am a tattle-tale. Get it straight. My mom always said that tattle-taleing was perfectly acceptable in certain circumstances."

    Nicole "I'm a proud tattle taler" Baker

    Nicole - further investigation has told me that you are pissed you didn't make the slate. The "it" you value is a trip to Mpls.

    How petty of you.

    Doesn't that make you guilty of coveting your neighbors possessions?

  22. Uhhh, maybe you better check again. I did make the slate, as an alternate delegate from my district.

    You can find my contact information on the state party website, feel free to email me to continue this discussion.

    It is not necessary to continue this here.

  23. Come on people, don't we have better things to do than to call each other names. I know I for one would rather go out and kick some liberal butt. It is going to be a tough election, but I think that it can be done if our candidates stick to Republican principles, all the principles, not just one or two. Come on let's get it together.

  24. Sandy, thanks for posting the graceful letter and asking Republicans to unify. I am waiting for Mr. Scheffler and Mrs. Lehman to post a similar letter asking their supporters to rally around John McCain and all other Republicans on the ticket this November.

  25. Mrs. Greiner, thank you for posting the graceful letter and asking Republicans to unify. I am waiting for Mr. Scheffler and Mrs. Lehman to post a similar letter asking their supporters to rally around John McCain and all other Republicans on the ticket this November.

  26. Another evidence of Nicole Baker's blatant lies - she posted some nonsense that things were changed a few years ago about the state convention....the CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF IOWA states clearly it is the State Central Committee that orgtanizes the State Convention. She wanted to have authority that was prohibited by the party constitution, that's why she's so mad. There are multiple RPI staff members getting paid plenty so you would think they could handle county chairs - but since Stew Iverson fired the experienced staff it's no wonder simple jobs couldn't get done.

  27. Anon 11:57

    Then why do we have a Perm. Organization committee in the first place?

    They are the ones responsible for ensuring that details of the convention are worked out...every district sent reps to be on the Permanent Organization committee for JUST that purpose!

    So dont even try to sit there and rip on Ms. Baker.

  28. Be afraid...very afraid of ICA. That hissing you hear is Steve Scheffler dressed in Christian clothing.

    Afraid of the future.

  29. The Democrats have run this state in the ground in two short years. WE must be united in stopping them. If we can pick up four seats in the Iowa House they will be neutered.

    Let's concentrate on defeating Democrats.

  30. Although Rep. Greiner's note was overall positive, I think the not very veiled implication that those who endorsed her may experience "consequences" from Kim Lehman is ridiculous and Rep. Greiner is not being a team player at all.

    Nice job pretending to be a team player and getting in a dig of a bitter person who lost.

    She blew her opportunity to be truly positive.

  31. While I support the agenda of the ICA, I get very leery when Scheffler and Lehman talk about holding Republicans accountable to that agenda.

    At least we no longer have to hear them complain about the GOP "establishment." Now they are the establishment.

  32. WAR Krusty getting tons of comments again... although this wholw thing is a train wreck.

  33. Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa, Article IX, Paragraph 6, State Conventions, which says; " The Republican State Central Committee shall set the date, time and place of the State Convention, and shall determine the ratio and number of delegates to which each county is entitled. The Republican State Central Committee shall provide for the organization of the convention; the conduct of its business; and the selection of the temporary officers."

    Let’s focus on three words in the that section, “shall provide for.” The SCC shall provide for the organization of the convention. Just what actions does the words shall provide for encompass? It means that the SCC could do all of the work themselves AND it means that they can delegate it to a committee. The definition of shall, according to; used in laws, regulations, or directives to express what is mandatory. The definition of provide; to make preparation to meet a need or to supply something for sustenance or support.

    So, the SCC must make preparation for the convention; it does not say how it is to be done, or by whom. It is standard procedure of any organization to delegate tasks to committees and volunteers. Why even have a permanent organization committee if it will all be done in house? Why have the districts elect people to represent them on this committee, if the paid staff can handle all of the details?

    Furthermore, I have in my hands a document, ‘Caucus and Convention Standing Committees What Are They? – And What Do They Do?’ that I received from the ICA just last fall. In that document it explains the purpose of the Permanent Organization committee;
    “The Permanent Organization Committee is charged with the duties of securing and/or selecting the caucus or convention officials. This may include the selection of: Convention Chair, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Time Keeper(s), Sergeant at Arms, etc.”

    It states no where in this document that this information does not apply to the state convention any less than it applies to the county convention. It is my understanding that it was intended for all levels from precinct caucus to state convention.

  34. This is all so disheartening and ridiculous. Ms. Baker is glad to tell her story in private. But it appears those attacking her already know she is telling the truth and have no intention of having her prove it to them personally. They just intend to sling mud at her in public. I wish Scheff and co. would do this to actual liberals, I could support that 100%. It is too bad he takes the easy route and spends this energy on likeminded R's and friends. This is all so sad -- I prefer to spend energy and resources to defeat liberals. Liberals are gullible but Conservatives are acting like fools.

  35. This was my first State Convention and I must tell you I found Nicole's need to air dirty laundry in the middle of the convention disheartening. My husband and I are both life long Conservative Republicans but are new to the State Convention. We are both young and very energetic. But my balloon on energy was quickly deflated when she started spouting off negativity against fellow Republicans.
    While Nicole was one of the big dividers (in my view), she is not alone. I have heard many negative remarks about other Republicans at the convention (although most were not voiced at the microphone). It's crap like that that makes me not want to get involved for fear of someone stabbing me in the back or accusing me of some corruption.
    In this intense election, should we not be getting behind our cause and fighting the true enemy? Should we not be uniting and fighting against the big government machine which is Obama?

  36. ---July 16, 2008 11:02 PM---

    welcome to the "party".

    however, if it is division you're deriding, look to Lehman and co. who spoke from the stage, telling everyone there that a good part of the party faithful were not wanted in the party any more.

    I'm not here to defend anyone but myself, but the Clinton chair only rose to say what many of us were thinking.

    How can a representative delegation to the National Convention not include Conservatives like Senator Grassley, Maryls Popma and Nancy Miller? Maryls was the Chair of the McCain state committee during the primary/caucus season - Nancy Miller is the President of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women. IMO there were more missing and too many ICA, ITR staffers - but hey! to the victors go the spoils, right?

    (and good thing Scheffler rallied his troops to stop that moderate siege on the platform that was in the works... (?#!??) Were they thinking like 1986?

  37. To anon July 16, 2008 11:02 PM

    Obviously, my 1 minute speech could not contain all the information necessary for everyone who did not already have some knowledge of the situation to understand why I said what I said.

    As I have said before, my contact information is available. Feel free to email me from the party website and I will explain it further if you are willing to listen.