Friday, July 18, 2008

SCC Preview

Tonight the Republican State Central Committee will meet in Des Moines. With the recent fireworks on the radio and an establishment vs. activist showdown at last week’s convention, everyone is expecting the fireworks to continue.

Be prepared to be disappointed.

I’m told the conservative leaning SCC has no intent to oust current RPI Chair Stew Iverson. Also remember that it was Scheffler and the ICA clan that voted Iverson into power. If it wasn’t for those ICA controlled votes Iverson wouldn’t be there. So if you are one that doesn’t like what’s going on at RPI or who the chairman is, they share some of the blame as well.

My friend, Leslie over at Flyover Country, brought up some grumblings about RPI Treasurer Gopal Krishna. All of the drama before, during, and after the convention centered around him. I think it is safe to say he is probably the instigator. Flyover makes the following point, The Treasurer has the ability to either make things work smoothly, or he can gum up the process more than any other single figure in the party.”

They are absolutely spot on. I think the Committee as a whole is ready to move on, but that will be difficult if the Treasurer isn’t a team player. This is what people need to be on the look out for, and Mr. Krishna has a disruptive history with RPI. He was asked to leave in 2000 when he was the Co-Chair of the party.

While the focus last weekend was on Scheffler and the Committeeman and Committeewoman races, a trained eye saw the re-emergence of Gopal Krishna. It is he who can continue to cause problems within the party, not Scheffler, Lehman or other SCC members. And don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make a move to be the next chairman either.


  1. What no Gopal Haiku?

    My name is Gopal
    I will kill the G-O-P
    as your next Chairman

  2. Gopal was bad in the '90s, bad in 2000 and he's still bad. He needs to go.

  3. The man is not a "team player" unless he is the captain- he along with his new puppet Sheffler lied and manipulated the State Permanent Organization Committee in order to seize control of the Convention- fortunately Gopal found out there is bigger elephant than he has that can stomp out dogs as he has threatened others with- I think he felt it though never saw it coming at the Convention-
    He bought his way back into the Party through ICA- and Scheffler is awilling accompless- Scheffler's reign will be short as he self destructs and is blamed for loosing the First in the Nation Caucuses- who will he threaten to file lawsuit against then as he did the Permanent Organiation Committee members that signed the letter to the SCC or his veiled threat to file against Roberts in his speech at convention concerning the roto calls?
    me thinks he is too thin skinned to play with the big boys in DC

  4. A means to an end, that is our Hindu friend's mantra. Unfortunately, he is a cancer that has been voluntarily introduced back into the Party. Steve Scheffler has worked hard for many years to build the Christian Coalition and now ICA. With limited resources, Steve has done a good job. But here come this snake slivering back and offers a few thousand dollars here and there. Now he has bought himself a seat at the table and Scheffler can't say no.
    Under the guise of making the Party accountable, the ICA State Central Committee members pushed Gopal for Treasurer. He will now disrupt every part of the Party system and cause serious problems. With a smile on his face and curry on his breathe, blame the Party for the problems.

    Is our Hindu friend a social and fiscal conservative or is this just a means to an end. In January of 2009, you will hear two people yell ouch...Scheffler and Sporer. It will be our great Hindu/Christian friend sticking you in the tailpipe. Ted, you think Gopal will help make you chairman? Your hatred of Stew is clouding your judgment. You will be double crossed.

  5. cotton you are right on- GK is out for only himself and does not know the meaning of leadership- in
    "his country" it is known as dictatership- lead by power and intimidation- and Sceffler has been bought- lock stock and barrel-
    though I think the money they are loosing since the convention is a tidy sum and the "grassroots" support for this inscestuous leadership is even more problem
    Though i must admitt I was hoping to see the explosion between Gopal and Spoer when these two egos finally collide - if Gopal is neutered by the SCC and deemed too much a liablity by Sheffler then he will be history before that happens- he has no real base other than his money and it appears that is becomign apparent state wide

  6. I hated to see Krusty bring back anonymous postings. It will only lead to vile posts. While I don't like what is going on at the party anymore than the other guy, I believe we should refrain from calling someone our "Hindu" friend or using religious terms as a perjorative. You can agree or disagree with Gopal, but let us not trash a religion. I am sick of the Mormon or Catholic bashing as means of bashing an individual. It's wrong and intellectually lazy!

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  10. Respectfully submit to Supertramp, discussion of Gopal's religious background is not intended to denigrate or smear a religion. It shows he's opportunistic mindset. He would join a group that he doesn't believe in to gain access and influence. Highlighting this fact is neither negative nor derogatory toward his religion. The folks at ICA should know a snake oil salesman when they see one. When their treasurer doesn't believe in the same God; that is a bit bizarre.