Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aaron’s Best isn’t good enough for the Feds.

Sorry for the inactivity yesterday. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a little helper to kover for me when I’m busy, but it’s difficult to find someone who won’t go overboard with Spaceballs and Star Wars humor…

Yesterday Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers raided Agriprocessors in what they are kalling largest workplace raid in Iowa history. Over 300 workers, or nearly one third of the company’s employees were arrested.

While many liberal groups tend to be up in arms over raids like these, I couldn’t be happier. In most cases we have two people who are breaking the law, first the person who illegally entered our kountry, and secondly the employer who is exploiting their illegal status and employing them at a much lower wage than they would have to provide a legal worker.

Both the illegal worker and employer must have some fear that the government will enforce immigration laws, and that is why yesterday’s raid is welcome news to this konservative. My only koncern is that while these large raids make the news, I believe that the majority of illegal workers are employed by small businesses. ICE agents need to figure out of to deal with those employers as well.

Another interesting aspect to this raid is that the United Foods and Commercial Workers Union is supportive of the raid as is Governor Chet Culver who said, “I have said before that I believe it is important that we crack down on illegal immigration, Illegal means illegal, not just those that are crossing the border illegally, but also those who are responsible for helping to make it happen.” So is seems that the Postville raid will not be the partisan issue that the Swift raid in Marshalltown was last year.

While we are talking politics, Agriprocessors ownership also gave lots of campaign cash to Republicans. That money sure looks tainted now. Grassley, Latham, Nussle, Bill Dix, and Stan Thompson all received kampaign kontributions from Sholom Rubashkin who’s family owns the kompany.

I was also able to verify that Rubashkin gave $10,000 to Jim Nussle’s gubernatorial kampaign. So while that looks bad, at least his photo is not on the Agriprocessors website like Senator Grassley’s is.

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