Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Krusty Rant

I was planning to write about the Republican Debate that is being held tonight in Des Moines between Christopher Reed and George Eichhorn. I’m actually going to hold off and write up a post after tonight’s debate. Yes my fellow Krustaceans, there will be some weekend kontent. While you may be happy about that, I’m not really looking forward to it, but with the primary so close, I thought it would be necessary.

While taking a stroll through the Iowa blogosphere, I noticed that Peter Teahen has really let the konservative bloggers get under his skin. Putting all of the issues aside that Teahen is having to deal with, letting a few bloggers get to you and side track your kampaign is the sign of a very undisciplined kandidate.

Trust me, I like the attention. For as much as I wrote about 2006 kampaigns, I never once saw a kandidate actually refer to my blog in an interview like Teahen did with John Deeth of the Iowa Independent yesterday. The reason why that’s a sign of an undisciplined kandidate is because it’s not going to get any better after the primary. Its going to get worse.

While there is some balance between the konservatives and liberals in the Iowa blogosphere here in Iowa, the liberal blogs will be all over these klaims if he is the nominee. The FEC komplaint, the party switching, and David Tredrea are not going to just go away; in fact Tredrea emailed me multiple times yesterday.

Teahen is trying desperately to make that issue go away by klaiming that he has been “working with the FBI and Great Britain's Scotland Yard in dealing with Tredrea and that he has no-kontact orders against Tredrea.” But Tredrea is emphatic that he doesn’t know anything about these supposed no-kontact orders.

Tredrea has sent me kopies of emails between himself and Teahen from January of 2007, and a kopy of Teahen’s "after action" report from his trip for Darfur. Now, if Tredrea was a psycho and possessed krazy man in Darfur, you would expect it to be mentioned in his after action report, but there is nothing. Now, I do think that both Teahen and Tredrea need to come klean. What really happened in Darfur? What is behind the mutual hatred between these two guys?

I’m not expecting to get a Christmas card from Teahen around the holidays, but when you run for public office you are opening your self up for examination. That’s the first thing a good konsultant will cover with a kandidate: do you have any skeletons in the kloset? Everything I’ve written about Teahen has been fair game. Obviously I’ve been kritical of his party switching, his history of giving to Democrats, the FEC komplaint, and the lack luster kampaign he has been running.

On the issue of Tredrea, what is a blogger to do? I received that information from Tredrea. I kommunicated directly with him to see if this guy was who he said he was. He sent me his resume and other supporting documents. I still used kaution when approaching this story. In fact I sat on it for days. I sent it to a Des Moines Register reporter in hopes they would investigate it further. Then I see it make its way into the blogosphere, and that’s when I chimed in on it.

I believe we must vet our kandidates who run for public office. Look at the 2006 Secretary of State race. Did we vet Chuck Allison very well? No, he won the primary against Bob Dopf, and then had to drop out, which essentially gave Mauro a permanent seat in the Secretary of State's office. Why? Because we were lazy. The political journalists here in Iowa suck, and that’s why so many people read blogs like this one, or Iowa Independent, John Deeth, State29, Battleground Iowa, and so on.

I don’t want to deal with this krap again, especially when the person we are nominating is going against Kongressman Lobesack, a komplete loon.

To me, it was easy to determine who the best candidate in the 2nd Kongressional District is. Lee Harder is less kompetent than Dave Loebsack. Peter Teahen has way too much baggage and is running a terrible kampaign, and Miller-Meeks, while I wish she was a stronger social konservative, is intelligent, kompetent, and has actually put together a really nice kampaign, which gives me hopes for November if she is the nominee.

This post isn’t anything like I intended to be, and for that I apologize. I’m still in disbelief that the primary is less than 4 days away and Peter Teahen is krying about a bunch of Iowa blogs that are questioning his record and the claims of a kollogue. Peter, this is the minor leagues buddy, this is A ball. My heater only reaches 65 MPH on the gun. I just don’t think you will ever be ready to step in and face major league kompetition.


  1. Sometimes it is best to not cast an early vote. It prevents you from changing your mind.

    It is frustrating to watch a campaign go into a nosedive when it can easily be prevented.

    If there is a legal history (FBI, No Contact Orders, etc.) between these two fella's then the Teahen campaign should immediately document these efforts to bolster his own credibility and silence those who are questioning it. This is so easily preventable, yet the campaign advisors are doing nothing!

    Switching gears, the blogosphere action is important because it drives narrative changing events and uncontrolled messages to bigger and more conventional media outlets which then reaches the voters en masse. Those who don't pay attention to the blogosphere will regret it. Just ask Mitt Romney and Steve Deace. Hardly minor leagues.

  2. The reason why they haven't that there likely ISN'T one in the first place..

    There's ample evidence out there that Mr. Teahen has shamefully embellished his what should make anyone believe him on ANY thing he claims now?

    Now he's out there talking in a desperate play about how pro-life he is...

    Please! Anyone who financially supported Julie Thomas and Mike Blouin, has flip-flopped parties multiple times, and who wasn't even TALKING about abortion a month ago..can hardly be called a staunch "pro-life" advocate.

    As Steve Deace so eloquently put it the other it worse to be a avowed pro-choicer..or to say your "pro-life" but then do nothing to prevent the taking of more innocent life? There's a word that describes that..a POSER.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who recognizes a total fraud when she sees one.

    We need to get behind Marianete Miller Meeks (sp)?

  4. I was at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Des Moines today. Teahen insists still that he has the endorsement of the NRA. Makes me tired.

    Everyone so inclined should get people to the polls to vote for this lady - she'll make things interesting in DC!

  5. oh, I've been thinking of this David Tredrea issue.

    from reading everything that was posted on blogs, I never got any impression this guy was at all someone that anyone should be concerned about.

    he seemed more amused and mildly disgusted than concerned, mad or crazy.

    As a matter of fact I got the impression that DT was the professional, PT was the "hanger-on".

    PT is just expecting this to go away, it will be sad if it does.

    And I don't understand why he's blaming the MMM campaign for anything related to this email.

    I so wish there was a debate with these three. Simply no contest.



  6. I heard Teahen bitching about the blogs and how they are "full of lies and innuendos".

    So lets be clear.

    FACT: While Teahen rambled about his core convictions on family values at the Lincoln Day Dinner he failed to mention his two divorces.

    FACT: Mariannette Miller-Meeks has been faithfully married to her husband of 25 years who she met while stationed in the Army at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

    Lies: Teahen claimed to have the endorsement of the NRA.

    FACT: As a career Army Lt. Colonel, Mariannette Miller-Meeks has actually used the firearms that Teahen claims to be in support of. Please visit and see if they endorsed anybody yourself.

    Innuendos: Teahen claims to be backed by Iowa Right to Life.

    FACT: IRL did not support Teahen's candidates Julie Thomas, Mike Blouin or Lee Clancey, so why would they support him? Easy. They do not.

    Innuendos: Teahen claims to be a mental health professional.

    FACT: Teahen does not have any mental health certification or degree from any accredited college or university.

    Lies: Teahen claims to have a Master's degree from Liberty Universtiy.

    FACT: Liberty University officials stated that he has not completed any graduate program at the University and is not presently enrolled.

    Innuendo: Teahen claims to have been a deputy medical examiner in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.

    FACT: There is no record of Teahen ever being employed by the Medical Examiner's office in Oklahoma City.

    Innuendo: Teahen professes to be the utmost expert on mass fatalities in the world.

    FACT: Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids is host of the Center for Mass Fatalities and severed all ties to Teahen. Teahen has yet to explain why.

    Innuendo: Teahen claims to have supported countless "conservatives" and managed several campaigns.

    FACT: Teahen supported such staunch conservatives as Democrat Julie Thomas over Republican Congressman Jim Leach, Democrat and union endorsed Mike Blouin over Republican Jim Nussle for Governor, Democrat Lee Clancey over Republican and former Secretary of State Paul Pate for Mayor of Cedar Rapids. FACT Update: Pate was seen sitting next to Miller-Meeks at the Lincoln Day Dinner and was sporting a Miller-Meeks for Congress sticker.

    Lies: Teahen stated that he only became a democrat so that he could vote for his good friend Mike Blouin in the primary.

    FACT: Teahen changed his voter registration several times in his adult life and only became a Republican in Decemebr of 2007 when he decided to run for office. Which office? His first campaign website address was Ask him why. FACT Update: Teahen claimed on WHO that the reason he became a democrat was because Gov. Terry Branstad told him to so that he could be appointed to the state mortuary science board. Well which is it?

    LIES: Teahen claims to be in touch with the voters and their concerns.

    FACT: We are mad as hell and are'nt going to take anymore of Teahen's charade.

  7. I found something... on Teahen being "fired" - a conflict on how to proceed.