Monday, May 5, 2008

Black Helikopter Sightings

A new feature to KrustyKonservative is the Black Helikopter segment featuring all the good and juicy poltikal rumors and news tidbits that may not warrant an aktual post in and of themselves. A shout out to David Yepsen for blazing the trail and giving me this idea with his "Great Mentions & Trial Balloons".

And so we shall begin.

Word is that two prominent members of the Iowa GOP establishemnt made the trek to the scenik baltik state of Latvia to entice Ambassador Charles Larson Jr. to jump into the race for governor in 2010 against the big lug. No word yet on how the meeting went.

BREAKING NEWS: This just in. Bob Vander Plaats is going to run for governor yet again... ah we already knew that. Skip ahead.

Upon returning from the semi-annual klown kar professional development conference out in Washington, D.C. (I have to keep my license kurrent), I learned an interesting tidbit regarding who the Bush dynasty is pushing Sen. McKain to selekt as his runningmate. No, not Lee Atwater. Mitt Romney is said to be the klear choice amongst President Bush 41, Governor Jeb Bush and the Arkhitekt Karl Rove. It is not klear whether that goes in Mitt's favor or not at this point.

Second distrikt Kongressional kandidate Peter Teahen has apparently gone through the opposition research ringer as it seems he only changed his voter registration to republikan last December when he was kontemplating running for the U.S. Senate. Teahen, a lifelong democrat is said to have supported liberals Julie Thomas over Jim Leach for kongress, Mike Blouin for governor and Lee Klancey over Paul Pate for mayor of that city in Linn Kounty. Now he is running for kongress and has retained the services of the Mod Whalen alums over at Viktory Enterprises. Stay tuned, this should be a fun one to watch!


  1. Let us review:

    Julie Thomas saved his childs life.

    Michael Blouin ia a friend to many in Cedar Rapids and was a Chamber of Commerce mucky-muck for years and has many CR business owners and professionals supporting him.

    Lee Clancey and Paul Pate were running for a non-partisan office.

    Finally, I thought we wanted Democrats to see the light and become Republicans. Now we want to penalize them?

    Krusty, does the same go for Romney?

  2. Supertramp-

    Good questions and I'll give you my easy answers.

    [Julie Thomas saved his childs life.]

    Fair point and the significance of that is not lost on this klown, but why in 30 years had he never supported nor given any money to Leach?

    [Michael Blouin is a friend to many in Cedar Rapids and was a Chamber of Commerce mucky-muck for years and has many CR business owners and professionals supporting him.]

    Blouin is a former Demokratik kongressman (partisan) and was the horse of the organized labor unions in this state. Why was that? Oh yes, I'm thinking of a word that rhymes with liberal. As for the mention of CR business leaders supporting him, Does the same thing go for Swati Dandekar? Its a double edged sword that kuts deep.

    [Lee Clancey and Paul Pate were running for a non-partisan office.]

    One was a Republikan mayor turned Dem who publikly endorsed Vice President Al Gore over Gov. Bush and the other is a veteran GOP kandidate of many elected offices. Do I need to get into the advancement of gay rights in her administration?

    [Finally, I thought we wanted Demokrats to see the light and become Republikans. Now we want to penalize them?]

    We do want them to become Republikans, just not the same day he purchases the web address

    [Krusty, does the same go for Romney?]

    Last time I checked with the folks at kamp Mitt, Romney has always been a registered republikan.

    Supertramp. Welkome to the blog!

  3. Here's some more. Teahen was apparently an independent (because his position as a spokesman for the Red Cross was non partisan) until mid 2006 when he (as many of us did) switched parties to vote in a hotly contested Democratic primary. Unfortunately for Teahen, he never switched back when the primary was over.

    Now, we learn that Miller-Meeks (who has spent more time trashing Teahen and lying about herself than she has actually campaigning) was registered as an Independent until 2007 and claimed in an editorial board meeting with the Iowa City Press Citizen to have given money to both Democrats and Republicans.... Seems like the Doctor left that part out while she's been shamelessly bashing Teahen. Can you say “Meeks speaks with forked tong?”

    But wait, there’s more. Not only has Miller-Meeks outwardly lied about her own past while trying to paint a deceptive picture of Teahen, it turns out that she's also pro-choice. She even goes so far as to claim that efforts ban abortion amount to "hate mongering" (her words, not mine.) Check it out for yourself here:

    So where’s the story there? It would seem that Mary Meeks has more to answer for than Peter Teahen.

  4. Krusty,

    Isn't it true that Governor Romney was an independent during "Reagan and Bush?"

    I thought there was a YouTube video from 1994 explaining that.

    I'm not sure you can accurately say that Gov. Romney has always been a Republican.

  5. At the end of the day, its all really irrelevant. Look at all of the leaders of our party who were not always registered Republicans. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before running for Governor of California. Dwight Eisenhower was an independent for decades before seeking the GOP nomination for President. The list goes on and on so really, why are we talking about this? Isn’t this about issues? The only one talking about Teahen’s “impure” registration track record is Meeks. Now we find that even her own record is spotty.

    There is an old saying about people who live in glass houses. Miller-Meeks should print that saying out and have it tattooed on her forehead because she clearly doesn’t get it. While she’s at it, she should live up to her early pledge of running a clean campaign on the issues. Teahen has lived up to, even Lee Harder has lived up to it. So what’s up with the dirty, deceptive, negative whisper campaign Mary?

    Why not stop digging through the dumpster for garbage and start engaging people on the issues. Perhaps if you would stop dancing and pandering on issues like Life and Marriage you wouldn’t be so far behind.

  6. Dear Huckafan:

    If you'd like to hear a transcript of yesterday's meeting with the ICPC, I believe either the Iowa City Press-Citizen editors who took notes, or the Miller-Meeks campaign can give you one.

    In that transcript, you will clearly hear her indicate that she has donated heavily to REPUBLICANS, not Democrats. Once again, you misstate the truth, as your candidate does.

    It is Teahen who changes his registration. It is Teahen who donates to Democrats. It is Teahen who was (and really is?) a Democrat. Your candidate has made a nice living out of presenting illusions. In this campaign, people will finally see through his illusion.

    The FEC and State records don't lie there Huckafan.. It is Teahen who has given to Democrats.. Miller-Meeks has NO such record of giving to Democrats..

    What's going to happen if lets say Teahen does win the primary and beats Loebsack?

    Democrats will look at Teahen and see a fresh target to entice to switch parties.

    He did it in the 80's to be on the State Board of Funeral Examiners..he did it to support and VOTE FOR Mike Blouin in 2006...

    Just think what a few hundred thousand dollas of PAC contributions and some plum committee assignments might do then..hmm?

    How is it "dirty" to bring up someone's history there Huckafan?

    Don't you think it makes sense that Republicans in the 2nd District might want to be represented by someone who is an AUTHENTIC candidate?

    There's only one candidate here who's AUTHENTIC, who tells you exactly their position on the issue...that's Miller-Meeks.

  7. Cedar, I had so much more faith than you to be duped by the drivle Miller-Meeks spews. She isn’t an authentic conservative. She’s a Giulliani Republican in the same vain as Maggy Tinsman. She’s also conducted her campaign with the same poise and ability of a 7th grader running for student council. She lacks maturity and she is poor on the issues. That much is pretty well documented. I would challenge you to go up to Meeks and ask her tough questions:

    1. Do you support a ban on abortion in the United States?
    2. Do you support a ban on embryonic stem cell research?
    3. Do you support a federal marriage amendment?
    4. Do you support amnesty?

    Trust me, I’ve done it and the answers I got were sub-par at best.

    On abortion, (and you can find this in the Cedar Rapids Gazette) she said that she “does support “hate mongering” and trying to take away that CHOICE.” How is that conservative? She’s not only a weak candidate, she’s also an idiot.

    On stem cells she gave me a line of B.S. about viable vs. unviable stem cells. But here is the problem; by supporting research on unviable embryos you create a slippery slope and who is to say the researchers aren’t deliberately creating unviable embryos for the purpose of research? Her answer was a dance and it was pathetic.

    On the marriage amendment she refuses to answer. She gives some pointless story about getting to give her son a pink stuffed animal and how boys and girls are different … I still have no idea if her story had a point or not or if it was just a distraction from the fact that she refused to commit to supporting a Federal Marriage Amendment.

    On amnesty, she won’t answer the question. Again she throws out some pointless story that doesn’t pertain to anything and is designed to simply distract people from the fact that she wont answer the question.

    Face facts Cedar. Yeah, Teahen registered as a Democrat but he’s a much more viable candidate than a social liberal from Ottumwa. Democrats will pick her apart if she is our nominee. Teahen has a chance, Miller-Meeks would lose by 15% minimum.

  8. Look, the 2nd is a lost cause. This fighting over which candidate is less liberal is silly. Vote for who you like but don't get your hopes up. We're in for another drubbing in November (even though McCain might win the election, Obama will have coattails in Iowa, especially in the 2nd).

  9. The 2nd kongressional distrikt is in fact very winnable. Name for me a legislative akkomplishment or key vote Dave "PAKman" Loebsack has made? Even Obama would call him legislatively unproduktive.

    The lesson that we learned from from IA's 1st kongressional distrikt is that we must fully vet our kandidates prior to making them our nominees. Here is a good place for just that.

    Had we exposed Mod Whalen for the typical VE squish kandidate that he was (you know I tried), we kould have gone the distance in the general with kandidates Bill Dix or even Brian Kennedy.

    Our party's maskot is the elephant (yes, I would make a good one too) and elephants have long memories. The key is to use that keen memory and put those lessons learned to good use. In essence, stop attempting to redifine insanity with another democrat in elephant clothing.

  10. wow. I haven't been here for a while because I thought the site was dark.

    this argument over who is more conservative Teahen or Miller-Meeks is in my opinion silly.

    They are both moderates, Miller-Meeks is just laying out her stance on issues as questioned, where IMO Teahen is being managed by former Huckabee staff into being something he is not.

    Hey, not a huge deal to me, I'm a moderate myself. But my sense is Teahen is allowing himself to be painted into a narrow corner only to be killed in the general by stances/surveys he's filled out to market himself as a conservative.

    Miller-Meeks calls herself pro-life, so does Peter.

    if there is such a difference between them, why isn't the IRTL group endorsing Peter?

    I've seen both talk many times and have had personal conversations with each and IMO Miller-Meeks is by far the better candidate against Loebsack. I would love to see them in a debate.

    What is missing in this primary is a debate - and that is very unfortunate for all of us. I think we should be happy to have two good candidates in this race.

  11. as one of those horrible moderates, I still can't figure out why those who label themselves Republicans because they want less government intrusion in their lives, WANT government intrusion related to abortion, etc.

    Miller-Meeks has said she believes Roe v. Wade is bad law and the issue should go to the states.

    Miller-Meeks is against gay marriage just as much as she is against any activist judges that review these bad laws (what just happened in CALIF).

    She is very much a republican in the vein of wanting lower taxes and basically a reduction of government intrusion in our lives.

    If she's not your type of republican, don't vote for her, but don't sell Teahen as a conservative - he's just following a more traditional campaign path than Miller-Meeks who has no handlers.