Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Krusty Top Ten: Teahen on Deace

So, a little birdy told me that GOP kandidate for Iowa’s Second Kongressional District is going to be interviewed by Steve Deace on WHO this afternoon. There’s been a lot of stuff flying around the blogosphere the last few days due to one of Teahen’s former disaster relief-worker colleagues sending an email questioning some of Teahen’s claims about his experiences and accomplishments. This former colleague does raise some interesting questions. But even putting those allegations aside, I think there are a lot of other questions Teahen needs to answer.

So, I humbly submit:

Krusty’s Top Ten Questions Krusty Hopes Steve Deace Asks Peter Teahen

1. Why were you a registered Democrat until this last December?

2. If your having been a registered Democrat had to do being able to get a seat on the State Mortuary Board, doesn’t that seem a little dishonest and disingenuous?

3. Why did you donate money to Democratic kandidate for Kongress, Julie Thomas, when she was trying to unseat Jim Leach in the Second District?

4. Why did you donate money to Democratic kandidate for Governor, Mike Blouin, just two years ago?

5. You recently were the subject of an FEC complaint for television ads run by your Cedar Rapids funeral home that really didn’t have anything to do with funeral services and end with you saying, “I’m Peter Teahen and I’m proud to be an American.” Do you really think that Iowans aren’t smart enough to know that that’s a kampaign ad?

6. Didn’t your political konsultant Steve Grubbs/Victory Enterprises pull this same trick when he was working for Mike Whalen two years ago?

7. Are you married? Have you ever been married? How many times have you been married?

8. If you are elected to Kongress, do you plan on having any interns?

9. Does your favorite movie star Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis?

10. With all this baggage and all these questions which are legitimate distractions from the important issues facing Iowans, do you really think you are the best GOP candidate to try to unseat a sitting Democratic Kongressman?


  1. I am starting to worry for Krusty.

    It is the same worry I have for MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

    You see, Keith is feverishly obsessed with Fox News's Bill O'Reilly. So much so, that Keith seems to be foaming at the mouth when Bill O's name is the point of discussion. It is not becoming, not at all.

    It seems June 3rd cannot come to soon for Krusty. This obssession with Peter Teahen can then be purged from his klown body and bring back his restful nights and witty political musings.

    Hey, by the way, I was just wondering why Iowa Right to Life and the National Right to Life groups are endorsing Peter Teahan and not his opponents. If fact, why didn't Peter Teahen's chief opponent answer her survey from those groups or gain their confidence?

    Is she hiding her real record on the "LIFE" issue Krusty?

    I know how much Krusty despises RINO's, so I just wanted to make sure he had enough time to verify that Miller-Meeks isn't a dreaded RINO, especially on the LIFE issue.

  2. Teahen claims to have looked into a machine gun and being physically close to Janjaweed bandits (the bad guys) in Darfur. From the Teahen campaign website: '"When this campaign gets heated this fall, staring into the eyes of a liberal PAC-funded professor-congressman will be a breeze compared to the time I stared into that 50-caliber machine gun in Darfur," he said.'

    Is such supposed heroism nothing more than a Hillary Clinton sniper fire in Bosnia moment?

    That's the kind of stuff Democrats are made of.....

  3. For all Peter's pandering to the Iowa Right to Life group - I see NO evidence that either the State or National Right to Life group has endorsed anyone in this primary.

    Your confusion is probably because Peter's group is using the name of the president of the Iowa group as tacit support from the group itself. That is misleading, and has upset many in the RTL group, who support MMM.

    MMM has spoken passionately about the need to end abortions and the harm it has caused to women over the last decades.

    Same for the NRA. Peter got a good rating issued based on a survey he filled out that means nothing. He's said a lot of things. Miller-Meeks has a military background and is an NRA member and gun owner.

    While Peter is trying very hard to get special interest group support, MMM vowed at the beginning of the campaign not to fill out any surveys from any group, and she has not.

    MMM has focused on talking to Republicans across the district about her values and her hopes for the 2nd district of Iowa. (the whole 2nd district, not just Johnson and Linn Counties)

    As you can tell, I'm voting for Miller-Meeks who has a good chance to beat Loebsack. Peter has no chance to beat Loebsack. He spent most of the campaign depending on hanging a label of pro-choice on MMM and having the primary handed to him - and I don't see him working very well under pressure. We'll see.

    I wish some 2nd district group had set up a debate. You could more clearly see who's the best candidate to win in November. I have seen them side by side many times and she's much better at verbalizing her thoughts and point of view.

    MMM has a very good grasp of the issues and has spent many hours on the campaign trail telling her story - and I very much hope she wins and gets that chance against Loebsack in November.

  4. Supertramp.

    Sorry..but you're extraordinarily mistaken if you think National Right to Life and Iowa Right to Life have endorsed Teahen...

    And why would they? Could it be because they would lose ALL credibility for endorsing a candidate who financially supported one of the most pro-choice candidate to run in Iowa in Julie Thomas...

    Or for financially supporting a candidate like Mike Blouin who claimed he was pro-life..but then stated he wouldnt sign any legislation restricting abortions into law..and named a member of the board of Planned Parenthood as his Lt. Gov nominee in Sheila McGuire...

    Miller-Meeks has stated time and time again that she is pro-life..that she feels Roe v. Wade should be overturned..she's stated her full belief in the sanctity of life at both ends of the spectrum..

    Yet..she had one candidate actually accuse her of PERFORMING an abortion..which the person claiming that then had to personally apologize for to Miller-Meeks.

    Supertramp..Teahen all along has acted like this primary should be handed to him..

    He's been outworked, outhustled and out-fundraised at every step in this primary.

    And the final week..we start to see the reality of the fantasy life of Peter Teahen...

    If this guy gets the nomination, me..the Dems will have him cooked, cleaned and on the table for dinner before July 4th...setting the stage for an embarassing 75-25 defeat.

  5. ufhSupertramp:

    We certainly have a dilly of a pickle here.

    Why don't you come clean on your lifeling support for labor unions and founding Republicans for Harold Denton (Dem Linn county attorney) and fellow trial lawyer over Republican Pat Shey? You lost your credibility lightyears ago.

    Who is the RINO now?

    See you later aligator!