Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kliff Notes: Obama’s Des Moines Speech

Senator Obama descended on Des Moines last night to a less than overwhelming krowd of 7,000 people. As a political insider I tend to get beyond the tingly feeling one can get in a large passionate krowd and instead focus on the content of what is being discussed. Obama’s speeches lack any real content that offer real solutions to the important issues facing our kountry, and are simply rhetorical speeches based solely on emotion.

The ability to give a great political speech has always been, and will always be an important part of politics. It is also true that great oratory has also been used weapon of dictators. Now I’m not saying that Obama is a dictator, but this is why it’s important to look at the kontent of a speech, not just the emotion it creates.

A closer examination of Obama’s speech last night will show you just how vague he was on the issues. We all know about the decline of our society here in American, but I truly worried that American is about to elect a man president without knowing where he really stands on the issues.

You spoke of an America where working families don't have to file for bankruptcy just because a child gets sick; where they don't lose their home because some predatory lender tricks them out of it; where they don't have to sit on the sidelines of the global economy because they couldn't afford the cost of a college education. You spoke of an America where our parents and grandparents don't spend their retirement in poverty because some CEO dumped their pension - an America where we don't just value wealth, but the work and the workers who create it.

Great rhetoric, but this can mean different things to different people. I think it means Socialized Health Care, no-fault mortgages kinda like a no fault divorce, free college education, and as a conservative I can’t figure out the last one. I take it they want to tax success, because successful people don’t work for what they have, so if you are above the median family income you might be those successful people like Obama want to tax more.

You spoke of an America where we don't send our sons and daughters on tour after tour of duty to a war that has cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollars but has not made us safer. You spoke of an America where we match the might of our military with the strength of our diplomacy and the power of our ideals - a nation that is still the beacon of all that is good and all that is possible for humankind.

This is a pretty clear statement, cut and run. The question however that needs to be addressed is what does Obama think America’s role in the world should be. Where should our troops be stationed, should we be in Germany and South Korea? Should we support Israel? This is to big of an issue to just say bring our troops home.

You spoke of a future where the politics we have in Washington finally reflect the values we hold as Americans - the values you live by here in Iowa: common sense and honesty; generosity and compassion; decency and responsibility. These values don't belong to one class or one region or even one party - they are the values that bind us together as one country.

Values? Interesting. I know I don’t like the values that were preached about in Obam’s church. I know I’m against special rights based on a person’s sexual behavior, and I believe that abortion is morally wrong. I also know that the majority of Americas agree with me, but my values are not close to Obama’s

Obama’s Platform is very simple.

Tax successful Americans who create jobs and reward those who don’t take risks and don’t work hard to advace their own standing in life.

Create a huge new government entitlement program that provides Socialized Government Health Care.

Increase energy costs by taxing the oil companies more. We all know that the cost is passed on to consumers.

Create another huge new government entitlement program that provides free college tuition.

Cut and run from the terrorists who want to attack American and what it stands for.

Obama offers no solutions, just a much larger government, who is going to demand more and more of your tax dollars. Socialism here we come!


  1. You are so off base. You can tell that you clearly didn't hear the speech, instead just watched Hannity and decided to spout off his talking points.

    Obama doesn't want to cut and run. He thinks we should be using our military to go after the terrorists that threaten our security These terrorists are located in Afghanistan and have been able to regroup after Bush cut and ran to Iraq to get rid of the person that tried to kill his daddy.

    As for valuing the workers who create the wealth, Obama doesn't think you should play lower taxes on capital gains while you lounge by your pool than a person who wakes up everyday and works hard. Warren Buffet shouldn't be paying a lower % in taxes than his secretary. If you valued work instead of wealth, then the money earned from getting your hands dirty and sweating should be taxed less.

    Obama's platform is simple. Reward work and working families. Use our military force to bring the terrorists that want to do us harm to justice. Use diplomacy to protect America from future threats that arise. Live by the common American values of that binds this nation together responsibility and opportunity.

  2. "If you valued work instead of wealth..."

    Clearly you fail to associate work with wealth because you believe that wealth is somehow achieved sans actual hard work. And... that the only real work is somehow that which does not make a profit. FYI: Profit is literally not a 4 letter word.

    The best part about liberal arguments is when they accidently say exactly what they mean.

    Damn it, I forgot my Dagobah accent again...