Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Divided They Fail

Despite the former first kouple's best hopes using new math, a delegate kount that would equal a klinton viktory is about as likely as the French having a pro-America president. Okay bad example, they finally have one. But you get my point.

Barack Hussein Obama or for this blog posting's purposes "Dark Helmet" will be listed on the November ballot across Amerika and there is still yet good news that has this klown giddy with anticipation of keeping the White House and our freedom safely in the hands of a President John McKain.

We have certainly basked in the glory of a bitterly divided demokratik party and I kan tell you it ain't over yet. Even with a soon to be announced Klinton exit, there will be an ukomfortable period of time where top dems have to make that long walk to New York and offer up that awkward unsolicited advice to step aside for the nominee and the good of their party yada yada yada. This will only strain the already fractured relationship between the two kamps even further, but wait, there's more! Next will kome the obvious demands by many that the junior Senator from New York or Arkansas or Illinios or wherever on Planet Spaceball to be placed on the ticket. Like most of you, I kan't see that happening. The kontinental divide between the Obama and Klinton camps will then widen to roughly the size of the grand canyon and that is sweet music to my ears. Heck the only thing that would sound better than that to me is, "Hershel, your Casey's Pizza is ready for pick up. Unfortunately, we are all out of medium sized dough so we made you a large at a medium price".

Where was I? Oh yes, today's lesson is this: The dem kamps are going to part like the Red Sea and every national and state poll shows that a large percentage of moderate dems and independents will switch their vote for McKain rather than support their primary nemesis. This is great news for the GOP this fall!


  1. "Dark Helmet"

    LOL because he's black and a muslim and hates amurica!


  2. I still want Hilary. Hillary means it went to a brokered convention, in which Dark Helmet would be leading in the popular vote. Hillary has the chutzpa to win that convention thus disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of young voters.

    Plus Obama would pull from the same indy pool as McCain would have to in order to win.