Saturday, May 31, 2008

Republican Debate and Lincoln Dinner

Yesterday ended up being a big deal for Republican kandidates with primaries on Tuesday. The Republican party of Iowa held its 2008 Lincoln Dinner and the Polk Kounty GOP sponsored a debate with IPTV for the US Senate kandidates. As a political junkie, such a jammed packed evening of political activity is always exciting.

I would like to thank my Krusty Korrespondents for providing me their thoughts and insight to last night’s events. Also, if you missed the IPTV debate you can watch it on their website. Today’s focus in on the senate kandidates, we will hit the 2nd CD kandidates tomorrow.

RPI Lincoln Dinner

Hat’s off to Grant Young who live blogged the event. It finally seems that Republicans are getting their act together on using the new media venues to spread the good word about who we are and what we are doing. This year’s event was held at the Embassy Suites in Des Moines. The event featured the three senate kandidates, the three kandidates from Iowa’s 2nd CD, Bill Northey, Kim Schmett, and Dave Hartsuch. Senator John Thune was the key note speaker of the event and did a fabulous job.

Steve Rathje gave the same speech that he has been giving for years now. In fact if you want to hear it you can listen to it on his website, and its set to music. I almost expected them to play the music why he spoke. Seriously, I’m starting to think that it’s almost like political speech karaoke with that guy. The problem Rathje has with people is his believability. Many people will acknowledge that he can give a good speech, but people are nervous when he refuses to debate, and sounds stupid when he is asked questions by kallers on the radio shows.

George Eichhorn had the kontent of a very good speech, but he really struggled with his delivery. This was Eichhorn’s krowd and one would have thought he would have been more komfortable but his tongue got the best of him.

Christopher Reed had the best kombination of kontent and delivery of the three US Senate kandidates. I’m told that Reed surprised a few folks with his performance but it was too bad he could not stay and mingle with the krowd to really kash in. Instead he had to leave early along with Eichhorn to attend the debate.

Grades: Reed – B, Eichhorn C+, Rathje D

IPTV/Polk Kounty GOP Debate

Hats off to the Polk Kounty GOP for seeing a need for a US Senate Debate and filling it. Krusty Kudos to George Eichhorn and Christopher Reed for participating in the debate and providing the primary voters a chance to size up the kandidates before the primary.

As I mentioned before Reed and Eichhorn will benefit for the free exposure and publicity of the debate. The debate also provided them to be in a professional setting which made them both look like kredible kandidates. I’m a firm believe in practice makes perfect and if Eichhorn or Reed go on to win the nomination they will has some debate experience before they go head to head with Harkin if he actually agrees to debate.

The debate kovered four major topics, immigration, foreign policy, taxes and spending, and health care. I don’t think either candidate hurt himself at the debate, but I do think that George Eichhorn probably did himself the most good with his debate performance.

On most issues Eichhorn and Reed were in agreement. Reed did find some opportunities to get in some body shots on his opponent but Eichhorn was able to absorb them pretty well. I think there are two reasons why Eichhorn did well. The first is he’s an attorney and well versed in this type of setting. That might have been different if there were three debaters, but with just one he handled it very well. I also think his experience as a state legislator helped him speak on the issues in a way that was well received.

Eichhorn was konfident, prepared, and knowledgeable. Reed showed his inexperience but also firmly established himself as the conservative candidate in the race, which will help him reach a key segment of primary voters.

Debate Grades: Eichhorn B+, Reed B, Rathje F.

Heading into the final days I think Eichhorn is the establishment candidate. Reed is the choice of the konservatives, and Rathje is supported by the First Date Republicans.

Both Reed and Eichhorn helped themselves tonight. Reed won the speech at the dinner but Eichhorn won the debate which is a larger prize.

Anything can happen in this race, but I’m not even willing to make a prediction at this time. I will share with you that I’ve ruled out Rathje as a viable option. Like many others I’m done with that guy. There is no Krusty endorsement on the way in this race unless someone can konvince me why Reed or Eichhorn are better than the other.

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