Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Krusty Kasserole

Eichhorn Refugee Kamp?

“Republican U.S. Senate candidate & former Iowa Republican State Representative George Eichhorn continues to pick up more endorsements as he marches towards next Tuesday's primary election. His endorsements now include Senate Republican Leader, Senator Ron Wieck; Former Senate President Jeff Lamberti; Former Iowa Republican Party Chairman, Mike Mahaffey; Former Iowa Republican National Committeewoman, Gwen Boeke; and four people who were previously listed as supporting opponent Steve Rathje.”

Maybe they read this, or this or maybe this.

Now wait a minute… It makes it seem like these 4 all had endorsed Rathje then switched to Eichhorn, but instead it is actually those four PLUS some unknown four former Rathje people. Those darn word smiths…

Teahen to drop out of race?

Well his website is gone, what else could it mean? I could speculate all day, but maybe it’s a ploy for me to link to them and they post some hard hitting stuff. Teahen is on Deace this afternoon by the way.

Miller-Meeks nabs newspaper endorsements.

I’m told that Miller-Meeks has received the endorsement of the Iowa Press Citizen, Ottumwa Courier, and the Coralville Courier. As I’ve stated here before it seeks like she has her campaign pointed in the right direction. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Cedar Rapids Gazette and the papers in Muscatine, Burlington, and Fort Madison.

Deace a Krustacean?

So I’m listening to Deace yesterday, and he mentions a couple of blogs he likes to check out, one of them being this site. Thanks again for the plug, but beware, Mr. Deace people might think you are authoring this blog. But in an effort to provide a little cover for him, I named Mike Huckabee as the breakout candidate of 2007 on January 2, 2007. I think Deace was still having a weekly John Cox interview then :D

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