Friday, May 23, 2008

Teahen in Krisis Management Mode

While the media seem to still focus on the Boswell/Fallon Democrat Primary in the 3rd CD, it’s the Republican Primary in Iowa’s 2nd District that is creating news in the weeks leading up to the primary.

If you talked to any Republican insider in January, February, March or April and asked them about the 2nd District Primary the general consensus was that Peter Teahen was going to walk away with the nomination. They would point to his resume, him being from Linn Kounty, and the fact that his family has run a funeral home in the area for decades.

In under a month the tables have turned, and there is doubt that Teahen will be able to hold on to his perceived front runner status. His problem? He’s getting out worked by a tiny optomoligist from Ottumwa. To put this in perspective, it would be like a well known Des Moines businessperson having problems getting their campaign off the ground because of an unknown candidate from Grinnell is out working them.

Now when I say that Mariannette Miller-Meeks is out working Teahen, it’s not just on the grassroots side, fundraising, or voter contact, its all three phases of the campaign. Again, people assumed that Teahen being from Cedar Rapids was going to be an advantage; it has not been thus far, just look at their fundraising numbers.

Miller-Meeks has raised $94,530 thus far for her kampaign.

Teahen has raised $49,096.00 but has a kampaign dept of $31,663.76.

Simply put Miller-Meeks seems to want it more, I’m told she’s knows the issues, and has the ability to raise the funds needed to mount a serious challenge against Loebsack this fall. It looks like if you want a kandidate to put this race in play, your best bet is Miller-Meeks.

It has also been a terrible week for the Teahen kampaign. First he sees that Miller-Meeks continues to raise more money than he can, her kampaign releases their poll which shows she has erased any Lead Teahen might have had, and if it couldn’t get any worse he gets a FEC komplaint filed against him for the TV ads his funeral home had been running.

Sound familiar? In the 1st District Primary last cycle the Kennedy kampaign filed a komplaint against Mike Whalen for this TV ads for the Machine Shed that featured Whalen. Now just 2 years later we have Teahen running an ad that features him self saying stuff like, “I’m Peter Teahen, and I’m proud to be an American.” From what I’ve read it sure sounds like a bio ad for a guy running for Congress.

So it’s probably just a koincidence right? No. There is a link between Teahen and Whalen, its Victory Enterprises. It seems this is how you win the tough ones… A friend sent me the picture above of former Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Steve Grubbs, it looks like he plays for both teams, which is probably helpful to Teahen since he has had difficulty sticking with a party throughout his life.

Miller-Meeks deserves a lot of credit for out hustling her opponents, Teahen has run a terrible campaign.


  1. Hey Krusty,

    I think that photo of Grubbs would be the perfect photo for a Friday Caption Contest!

    I'll start:

    Steve Grubbs of Victory Enterprises says, "I'll sell my soul for the right price. So selling signs to help out democrats is nothing."

  2. The QC Times here broke the story of victory enterprises' role in Whalen's Machine Shed tv ads and there was a flat denial by a guy that worked for victory that they had anything to do with it. Then the same guy at victory changed his story a few weeks later that he had in fact wrote and produced them after pressure from the QC Times. The story really hurt our eventual nominee and I think its a big part of why he failed against Braley.

    Whatever happened to that FEC complaint?

    Why in the world would they be so dumb as to let a candidate of thiers make the same mistake? Or was it a mistake at all?

  3. One candidate waved the flag, the other defended it.

  4. Why would they be so dumb, Baroness?? Easy..because its Victory Enterprises calling the shots here for Teahen.

    Let us not forget that it was Victory Enterprises that was proclaming from the rooftops in July 07 before the Straw Poll that Tommy Thompson was the "clear" choice of Republicans in Iowa for the ..

    And then there was 2002 where VE proclaimed that Steve Sukup was the "clear" choice of Iowans for Governor that year...

    I think we saw where those fellas ended up with their campaigns.

    Teahen's run a CRAPPY campaign..and he's out there trying to claim that he's the "strongest" candidate? WTF?

    He's been out-fundraised, out-hustled, and out-worked by someone he tried dismissing as "not being effective" because she was from Ottumwa.

  5. One candidate waved the flag and the other defended it.

    I like it!

  6. We certianly have a dilly of a pickle here.

    Now I don't want to stand in judgment of another one of God's children, but in times like these Peter, I always ask myself WWJD?

  7. Ad Wars
    by Ed Tibbots
    Quad City Times
    Friday, May 23rd, 2008 1:33 pm

    The Democrats’ complaint that 2nd District congressional candidate Peter Teahen broke federal election law by airing a TV ad for his funeral home is familiar.

    Two years ago, 1st District Republican Mike Whalen was the target of a similar complaint. The complaint, by Republican rival Brian Kennedy, was that TV ads for The Iowa Machine Shed constituted illegal corporate contributions to Whalen’s campaign. The case was dismissed by the FEC as unfounded. Teahen denies any wrongdoing here, too.

    What’s interesting locally is that Davenport’s Victory Enterprises, Inc., was the campaign consultant in both cases. That will surely get some insider tongues wagging.

    Brian Dumas, who’s consulting for Teahen, said today that Victory wasn’t involved in the funeral home ad.

    “Peter and I have never once discussed the advertising he does for his funeral home,” Dumas said.

    He adds Victory, of which he’s president, hasn’t had anything to do with adverising for the Cedar Rapids funeral home, either.

    Funny. Isn't that denial strikinging similar to the one he gave the QC Times on the Whalen campaign only to later retract that denial with a full confession?

    Krusty, Peace Through Strength, Yoda: What say you?

  8. So what is the law? 45, 60 or 90 days.

    Would the dems be stupid enough to not know the law, not count the days? (ok rhetorical question).

    The more I see of Peter, the more I think just give him a mirror and he'll be happy.

    But right now I'd like to understand the substance of the ethics violation.

  9. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

    The Republican Party used to be the party of ideas, and a positive vision for the future of the country.

    Now we pick our winners based on “who wants it more?!” Since when does wanting to be a Member of Congress qualify anyone to actually become one? There plenty of self serving egomaniacs already serving in Congress – are we really looking for another one?

    The ability to raise money makes one a good Member of Congress? How? So that we can regain the majority and replace selfish liberals with spineless Republicans in the committee chairs?

    Does either of these candidates understand the historical role of Congress? Can either one give a definition of statesmanship, or name a Member of Congress who was one?

    If the only good things we have to say about our candidates is that they can raise some money and that they want the job, we are worse off than I though.

  10. John..

    Yeah..if you're going to run for ANY political better run like you WANT better be out there every day meeting voters, raising money, putting out advertising, yard signs, barn signs, shaking hands..

    You say there's enough "self serving egomaniacs" that are out there right now... Wow..that's really funny..because that's a PERFECT description of Peter Teahen.

    Every time I have heard the man speak..he spends at least 10 minutes talking about how he was at this disaster...and this castrophe..and how he lead relief efforts here..and there..

    Miller-Meeks understands statesmanship.. Statesmanship means stepping up to create SOLUTIONS to problems.. It means being a LEADER..even when taking a position may be unpopular within your own party.

    We need more people like Miller-Meeks who understand that public service ISN'T about creating a "springboard" to some higher office or aspiration. Its about serving our country.

    Miller-Meeks is the only candidate who has always answered the call of our country to serve.

    Let's face facts though John.. In order to must WIN first...and in order to must work hard, raise money..and yes..ACT like you want it more than the other person.

  11. Are any of the candidates lefthanded?

  12. Peace through Strength says all I was going to say and better.

    Miller-Meeks for Congress!!!

    (oh and I'm pretty sure MMM is not left handed - I'm not sure about PT or LH)