Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miller-Meeks Second TV Spot: “Soldier’s Call”

As I mentioned this morning, the Miller-Meeks kampaign has released a second TV ad that began airing last night. The ad is called “Soldier’s Call” which highlights the kandidate’s military service, and her commitment to our soldiers serving our nation today. The ad recounts the story of the family of Samuel and Jacque Nosbisch of Ottumwa. Sam is currently serving his second tour or duty with the 833rd Combat Engineers unit, based in Ottumwa.

The Miller-Meeks ads are produced by Eagle Media in Des Moines and there stuff for Miller-Meeks has been impressive. The Miller-Meeks campaign is obviously using their TV ads to build a positive impression of there kandidates while building name ID in the district. You can watch the ad on the campaign website, and I’ll post it if they put it up on Google.

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