Friday, May 2, 2008

The Time Has Kome

I have fielded kountless inquiries from many of the faithful Krusty blognostikators as to when there may be a komeback. Given the tone and divisive nature of a hotly kontested presidential kaucus, I thought it best for the good of our party to take a break and frankly I needed a Kat nap.

Now is the ideal time for a komeback as our konservative hopes and dreams rest on the former kaucus and primary adversaries uniting to re-defeat the Dems this year. It is my intent that this blog serve as a means to that end.

For the good of the party I ask that you all play nice and put your best foot forward.

Now let's have some fun!


  1. Krusty you should not have come back no good can come of this.

    Steve King for Governor

  2. Hmm... Welcome back to you I say....

    And nice pic :)

  3. Indeed..

    The Dems better be finding a place to hide..cuz its on now..

  4. Mr. Krustofski - Welcome back.

    I hope you are one of many conservative blogs that either pops up or re-starts.

    My best,

    Don McDowell