Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where’s Waldo… err Peter Teahen?

The June 3rd primary is just 21 days or 504 hours away. A couple a weeks ago Teahen launched a TV ad that has been running district wide on the cable networks, and before that he was touting his internal polling numbers that showed him with a big lead over his main primary opponent Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

I thought there would be frenzy before the primary, but Teahen hasn’t made much noise, especially when you compare his activity to what Miller-Meeks is out there doing. Late last week the Teahen Funeral Home was given an award from the U.S. Army Reserves for supporting an employee whose husband was deployed in Iraq. It’s a nice story, but it took his campaign four days to get it on his campaigns website. I also saw that he did an interview with the Fort Madison Democrat. Peter Teahen isn’t acting like he wants to win the Republican nomination in the 2nd District, it seems he wants to have it given to him.

Anyone else think it’s odd that Teahen hasn’t commented on the natural disaster in Myanmar? That is in his wheel house, but he and his campaign are not talking about it. Heck in his interview the Fort Madison Democrat Teahen talks about Darfur, the Oklahoma City bombing, and Hurricane Katrina, but doesn’t relate his past experience to present day events. His supporters point to his impressive resume as the reason to send him to Congress, but he only talks about the past, not what can be done to improve the response to these current events.

On the other hand, Miller-Meeks has a statement on Myanmar, the Psychiatrist Shortage in South East Iowa, the endorsement by State Representative Jeff Kaufmann, and her campaign has just released her second television ad.

I know there was some heated back and fourth on this blog about the 2nd CD race last week, but I think we can all agree that we need a candidate who will work tirelessly to defeat Congressman Loebsack. One candidate is showing us that they have the drive and determination to do just that, the other one just wants to see his name on the ballot.

Clinton wins West Virginia

So the news media declared that Senator Obama was the nominee last week, but someone forgot to tell the voters in West Virginia. Obama only received 26% of the vote. Now a few weeks ago the media couldn’t stop talking about 26% of Republicans not supporting McCain in the North Carolina Primary. This looks bad for Obama, in one breath he is saying that he is going to declare himself the Democrat Presidential Nominee, and in the next he has to explain why 67% of the voters in WV voted against him.


  1. They do have a Klansman as their senior senator in West Virginia...

  2. Teahen is fine. He was at an event last night with a 110 Republicans and warmly received.

    FYI: An interview with the Ft. Madison Democrat also gets printed in the Keokuk Daily Gate newspaper. Despite what you have heard Krusty, there are a few Republicans in those area that make the trip worthwhile. It will be a close primary and every vote could make the difference.

  3. Sounds like to me that Peter Teahen = Fred Thompson.

    He thinks this thing is just going to be handed to him on a silver platter..doesn't have to do any work to earn it.

    Both were terribly wrong. Lazy is as lazy does.

    I want a candidate who's going to bust their ass to take on Loebsack.

    We've seen what lazy accomplishes...NOTHING

  4. The Des Moines Register story on Rubashkin being an "active Republican contributor" is woefully and probably intentionally incomplete.

    The Rubashkins give more money to Republicans, but the family hedged their political bets quite skillfully.

    In 2005, before now-Lt. Gov. Patty Judge dropped out of the race and joined the Culver ticket she received $10,000 from Leah and Sholom Rubashkin of AgriProcessors. Ed Fallon widely criticized this at the time.

    In 2006, Sholom Rubashkin gave $3,000 to the Culver-Judge campaign. (He gave $22,500 to Nussle's campaign).

    The Judge contributions seem just as -- if not more -- relevant than the family's Republican contributions, especially since Judge is heading up the task force dealing with the 'crisis'.

    2006 data:

    2005 data:

  5. Obviously you work for the Dems, which is why you can't even spell "conservative" correctly. Apparently you got what you wanted getting Loebsack re-elected.