Monday, June 2, 2008

2nd Congressional Candidates at Lincoln Dinner

Yeah, I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, that when out the window when I realized that it was a beautiful day. The speaking order at the Lincoln Dinner for the 2nd Congressional District Candidates was Lee Harder, Mariannette Miller-Meek, and then Peter Teahen.

Well I guess before we get too far ahead of ourselves, lets talk a little pre-game. We all know that that campaigns all play some games at these types of events. It is really what makes it fun. Anyway, one of the interesting things was that the Miller-Meeks had a campaign table, Teahen and Harder didn’t. I’m also told that Miller-Meeks had a bunch of her county chairs at the event, and entertained former SOS and Cedar Rapids Mayor Paul Pate at her table. Teahen on the other hand filled his table with mostly staff. Now none of this really matters but if possession is 9/10's of the law, perception is 9/10’s of the law when living in the world of politics.

Lee Harder: This is an exact quote from my Krusty Korrespondent, “Ahhhhhhh please, please make it stop! Make it stop!” Now could it really have been that bad? I guess Harder got up and rambled during his allotted time. His speech focused mostly on the life issue and he also asked the crowd to vote for him if they lived in the 2nd CD, and if they didn’t they can give him money. I’ve been told by a number of people that he just doesn’t seem to be all there, and I guess it showed on Friday night.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks: For the past few weeks Miller-Meeks has been creating a lot of buzz from her campaign. It all started with her TV ads, and was followed by her impressive fundraising numbers in comparison to her opponents. One of the dangers in politics is not living up to they hype. Not only did she maintain the buzz about her campaign with her speech, she made quite a first impression to many GOP faithful who got to see her for the first time on Friday night.

Out of all the Iowa candidates speaking at the event her speech was coherent, issue oriented, and well delivered. She also touted the many successes of her campaign and was the only candidate who told the audience that they will win on Wednesday. It was obvious during her speech that she is extremely intelligent, witty, and confident, great combination of traits which all great candidates have.

There was already a lot of buzz about Miller-Meeks in the 2nd CD, after Friday night I’m betting that even more people are talking about the underdog candidate from Ottumwa who has a great chance of winning the nomination, and might be Republicans best chance of knocking off an incumbent here in Iowa.

Peter Teahen: Teahen’s speech was solid and could easily be compared to the speeches given by the 3 U.S. Senate candidates, David Hartsuch, and Kim Schmett. The problem was that his opponent shined in the spotlight while he was just another guy giving a speech. Like Lee Harder, Teahen also focused on the life issue for most of his speech. He also used some of his allotted time to talk about his strong Republican background. No, I’m not joking. I’m told that Teahen said that he had a long history of supporting Republican candidates financially and he has managed a Republican campaign.

I just have one thing to say about that, it’s pretty obvious that Teahen is hearing a lot about his ties to Democrats when he is out on the campaign trail.

Lincoln Dinner Speech Grades

A+ John Thune (You expect that with a keynote)
A+ Bill Northey (Very, Very Impressive)
A Mariannette Miller-Meek
B Christopher Reed
B- David Hartsuch
B- Kim Schmett
B- George Eichhorn
B- Phyllis Kelly
C Peter Teahen
C Steve Rathje
D Steve Roberts
F Lee Harder

Also I’m told that Stew Iverson messed up a bunch of names and information about people. So he gets an Incomplete.

Preview for tomorrow.

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I will also add my final thoughts on those three primaries.


  1. Hmmm... Spot on your assessment is...

    Fell out of my chair I nearly did when Teahen got on his family values rant. The instant whispering in the room sounded like people chomping on popcorn at the cineplex.

    The good Doctor from Ottumwa, Mariannette Miller-Meeks showed us once again how much vigor and fight she has in that small frame. I almost feel sorry for Dave Loebsack. Almost, but not quite. Would it have killed Teahen to have bought a table or two for the good of the party that he claims to be supported of?

    And Lee Harder?

    Moving on...

    Truly the best speech I've ever heard from Bill Northey. Anyone who can make a room full on non-ag people understand the global economic and political ramifications of the renewable fuel industry in Iowa gets my praise. To him, Bravo I say....

  2. I just have to shake my head at the incredible illusion that Peter Teahen keeps painting about himself..

    Someone who gives money to Julie Thomas and Mike Blouin..brags about his first political job working for John Culver, and has the checkered personal history that he does is NOT a NOT a family values candidate..and is NOT pro-life.

    Peter Teahen claims to have a "long" track record of supporting Republican candidates with "time and money"..Really?

    Explain why then Mr. Teahen that activists who've been involved in Linn County Republican politics for 25 years or more say that you haven't been involved at all in Republican efforts there.

    Explain why fmr Cedar Rapids Mayor Paul Pate was sporting a Miller-Meeks sticker and sitting with Miller-Meeks at her table?

    Don't be fooled folks... Mr. Teahen is NOT whom he says he is. The evidence is out there for all to see about this individual.

    If he is the Republican Party candidate for the fall..we will have given this election and this office to David Loebsack for the next 10 years. Can we afford that?

  3. Nice work Krusty. Looking forward to your voter guide.

    Be on the look out for my Primary Game Day Post...

  4. Krusty, my only correction to this post is that there were actually two MMM tables at the LDD, one was just louder than the other.

    there were some audible gasps from our group when Peter ONCE AGAIN said he had the endorsement of the NRA, we weren't really loud but enough to irritate the country club blue hairs @ the table next to us...

    Not all MMM county chairs were there, some "sat out" because they feel Thune is a Bush Basher...

    We'll have to see how our work holds up after a torrent of T's robocalls, emails and radio ads flying around today accusing MMM of being pro-choice.

    Did anyone hear Deace today? Kim Lehman was supposed to be on.