Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can/Should the new RPI Chair serve two masters?

With the Kim Lehman fiasco finally behind us, the original argument used against her and Steve Scheffler in their bids to become our representatives at the National Convention, are now in play for the race for chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

Gopal Krishna is on the board of the Iowa Christian Alliance
Danny Carroll is on the board of the Iowa Family Policy Center
Matt Strawn is on the board of the Iowa Right to Life

This is a tricky issue because on one hand this is a clear indication that the above candidates will not walk away from the core principles of our party. On the other hand we have seen how wearing two hats can get messy. Whoever is elected chair needs to put the Party first, if one can’t do that they shouldn’t be running.

Pate is up with a website.

Check it out here, sorry I mean here.

Follow Up on Vilsack

For all you arm chair politicos, Tom Vilsack is not going to run against Grassley now that he’s the Secretary of Agriculture. If anyone serious is going to run against Grassley they need to start today. In October Grassley had $2,655,814.95 cash on hand. It take a long time and a bunch of $2300 dollar (1155 if you want the actual number) to raise that much coin. AS SOA Vilsack will not have the time to do his new job while raising money and campaigning against Grassley. Christy is another story but I think she would get killed.

Pizza on Strawn tonight.

In Mason City, with a bad economy this could get spendy. :D


  1. Its Peanut Butter Jelly TimeDecember 17, 2008 at 9:45 AM

    So a guy who can use technology AND is a proven winner with no conflicts of interest. Gotcha.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the conflict of interest issues for us. How are the other candidates... any with similar or less noticeable issues?

  3. Wow, even RPI's website is 1,000 times better than Pate's. I think my Grandma who just learned how to turn on her computer last month could have designed a better site.

    My unsolicited advice to Pate: when there is much talk about improving technology at RPI, I would recommend you don't put out a website that looks like crap.

    Or, maybe better yet, don't let your little green friend help you out. Paul, you are a good person, so please don't let Yoda bring you down.


  4. Nick errrr Krusty:

    Good blog when you don't have a self serving agenda.

    You really going to find a Republican without "conflict"?

    Everyone has something.

    Volunteering for a conservative Board is now a negative?

    You are becoming laughable.


  5. How is the fact that Danny Carroll serving on the IFPC board a conflict of interest? He is a good man and IFPC is a fantastic organization.

  6. Krusty = Nick Ryan

    Nick Ryan earns income from Bruce Rastetter.

    Now THAT is a conflict of interest.

    Does not change that Bruce Rastetter is a great Republican who has brought his muscle to the table to help Republican candidates.

    Frankly, he probably did more than any individual in Iowa to help candidates in '08.

    He is a huge part of the future of Iowa Republican politics.

    But let's be clear about who has conflicts.

  7. Yeah 10:13, so is IRTL. Have you been under a rock for a few months?

  8. One good thing Pate did was kick Brent Olson out of the SOS office.


  9. Is Christopher Reed running Pate's site?

  10. Let's take a poll:

    Who is more likely to become Pate's ED?

    Yoda or Christopher Reed

  11. Bruce Brailey. He will be GRassley's opponent and probably win.

  12. After looking at Mr. Pate's NEW website. I think we should leave him where he found his website, 10 years ago.

  13. I think it's hilarious that on Pate's website, under "Gallery", they highlight Kurt Warner's attendence at a prayer breakfast, and they cover up Warner's face in the picture!

    I would just take down the website and try again.

  14. 1. Hasn't Danny Carroll said that he'd step down from the IFPC board if elected chairman?

    2. I personally see a difference between someone serving on a volunteer board for one of these organizations and someone like Kim who is the paid director of one of these organizations.

    But, I do think it is something to keep in mind when deciding amongst the candidates.

  15. So, Strawn in on the IRLC board, but Kim Lehman is in Gopal's pocket.

    What's up with that?

    And has Scheffler ever explained why he was anti-Gopal in 2000 and he's the force behind Gopal now?

  16. Looks like somebody has a vendeta against Pate for shitcanning him back in the day.

  17. Interesting gallery. Paul Pate standing besides Eric Rosenthal who just lost his election to a democrat newbie.

    We don't need our state to be making the headlines like the rest of the states because of improprieties.

  18. Brailey wont run against Grassley. He needs 1 more term to get the Congressional pension. He won’t sacrifice himself until he knows he can keep getting a congressional salary when he loses.
    Also, people need to respect each other when posting on blogs about the campaign for state chairman. We can agree, disagree and offer our opinions without blasting one another. At the end of the day, someone is going to win and they are going to have to lead us forward. It is more difficult for them to do that if we spend the next month tearing each other down. Please be constructive and most importantly, respectful of each other.

  19. Both candidate sites pretty much suck, but I don't think that matters much in the grand scheme of things. I especially like Strawn's "blog" that doesn't take comments. WTF

    Does Danny Carroll have a site? Not that it matters in terms of whether he is a good candidate.

  20. Thanks Wes, the group IQ just tripled with your thoughtful post...

    Krusty, you married a match with gasoline today. This is only going down fast, why don't you pull the komments before this damages good people who don't deserve it?

    There's always a new day tomorrow!

  21. That's a hunka hunka burning website Paul!

  22. Serious question now. Pate calls himself "Honorable" on his website. Which of his positions allows him to keep that title for life?

  23. Does Gopal have a site?

  24. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't have comments on their blog.

  25. NO Tibby! Krusty without komments would be like...Strawn's blog!


  26. Senator. Former legislators are always properly refered to as "The Honerable .... ..."

  27. i agree with Wes, grow a pair ladies. i get the feeling its two people having a pissing contest as to who has a tinier brain but id like to announce a tie. Move on

    I was reading pate's website and yes it is a little "old fashioned" but the substance there is pretty good.

    I will go so far to say that I'm impressed

  28. people are watching this crapDecember 17, 2008 at 11:06 AM

    You guys do realize that crap like the negative comments we're posting here are often times read by media types like Lynch, Glover and Yepsen and then used as tools to get a scoop for their next article about how the GOP is divided and on the brink of death ... right? Just think about that the next time you want to rip into some one here. Its making us all look stupid.

  29. Anon 10:11...People might respect you more if you came out and just put a name behind the junior high insults.

    Then again..if we're talking about bringing the party together..towards a common goal of victory..people really ought to ask CRAP like what Anon 10:11 is saying really doing our party any good?

    Anon can say all you want about Pate's website..I don't think we're expecting our new state chair to be Microsoft A+ certified with experience in Javascript, HTML and C++ are we?

    What we're expecting our new State Chair to be is a LEADER. Someone who's going to be out there rallying our troops, helping to lay out the groundwork to rebuild our grassroots efforts and put our fundraising back on track.

    All for a common goal..WINNING ELECTIONS AGAIN.

    I support Pate because of that. I've seen what the man has accomplished throughout his career.

    You don't get elected to be a GOP county chair, State Senator, Secretary of State and Mayor of Cedar Rapids unless you have MAJOR leadership qualities that people across the spectrum know and respect.

    That's something that personally, I feel none of the other state chair candidates brings to the table.

  30. I don't think that the chair needs to know C++

    I just want some wins

  31. Yikes! The Todds really need jobs.

  32. To follow up on Krusty's thought that Vilsack wont run against Grassley... To quote Lee Corso.."Not so fast my friend"...

    You say that Vilsack won't have time to raise $$...he wont have to worry about that... He's got the Messiah with him now.

    If Barack tells the contributors to open up their wallets and give to Vilsack..they will.

    If Barack tells his special interest buddies to open up their checkbooks and give to Vilsack..they will.

    Like I said yesterday... Viltax only does what is politcally advantageous to him.

  33. I miss What the DueceDecember 17, 2008 at 11:52 AM

    Regarding the websites. I'll take a poor website with substance over a pretty site with no substance every single day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Seriously. I celebrate Christmas and agree with David Vaudt is not substance. We all do that (except for some in the house GOP).

    How are we going to win and what is your plan to do that? Have you done it before? Did it work?

    Its time to end this chairman's race before it makes our party worse.

  34. I like Pate's plan. Especially the part about the Mechanics.

  35. Hey genius 10:39,

    Kurt Warner's face is not covered up. He is the one seated with the stubble. The guy with the Warner jersey is Billboard Bob Klaus who busted his ass to help make the event a success.

    Sorry to burst your .com bubble.

    WAR Kurt Warner starting for the NFC pro bowl team and wont have to pass to T.O

  36. Yoda,

    If Pate wins and asks you to be ED, will you accept?

  37. Pate made a good point about what may work in Woodberry may not work in Johnson, How RPI needs to take input from the counties instead of just having them get marching orders from Des Moines.

    However the best chairman in the country can't do much with shitty leadership at the county level.

    Unless someone can beat them into submission. any takers for this job?

  38. Maybe if our party wouldn't walk away from our core principles we wouldn't have to worry about our new RPI chair needing to walk away from theirs.

  39. You guys got it all backwards; Kim's a hottie and all the guys in the horserace are clowns. That ought to count for something. :^)

  40. I think the point brought up about the rather unprofessional looking website for Pate is valid.

    It doesn't mean I wouldn't support him, but shouldn't a leader understand his/her strengths and weaknesses and delegate responsibilities like website design to someone who has ability?

    Pate has some good thoughts on that site, but there are going to be folks who look at how amateurish the main page is and they aren't going to dig any further.

    The same thing can happen with our candidates if we do an amateurish job of presenting/supporting them.

    We can't afford to do a shoddy job in 2010. I think that site presents more concerns than it does answers.

  41. Pate is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Are any of the other candidates even members?

    WAR God, Guns and Rock & Roll

  42. It looks like Pate did his website himself and Strawn hired out. So what. I doubt the chairman is going to put the party's website together.

    Now the website may be a huge deal to the techies, but I think they aren't seeing the forest for the trees.

    I'm more concerned with whether or not they can win. So far I've seen plans from Sporer, Pate, Carroll and Reed. Nothing from Gopal, Randall or Srawn.

  43. I saw the Gopal plan the other day. The presentation was horrible.

  44. Did he threaten you too?

  45. hired it out??

    derrrrrr isn't it a free blogspot site? that's what it looks like to me.

  46. It went like this-

    GK: Here is my plan.

    YOU: Thanks I'll read it later.

    GK: Support it or I KILL YOU!

  47. Yes. But with an accent. You were there too!

  48. Gopal has the goods to bring down Schefflers house of cards...may happen anyway from what I hear.

  49. "Ted" raises a good question. Who else besides Pate is an NRA lifetime member? Does anybody know? And is that a conflict of interest or not Krusty? I think its a plus for sure.

  50. That's a great question.. Has any of the other candidates worked on issues that are on the forefront in Iowa?

    Issues like Right to Work? We all know the one of the first things the Dems will do in 09 is gut Iowa's Right to Work laws..

    Have any of the chair candidates been on the front lines of issues like this?

  51. You fucktards have only put this many comments on Krusty? We all know you can do better than that!

    Let's bash some more people! Isn't that what this whole exercise is about?

  52. Hahaha, no kidding. I think that one (3:42) will be getting deleted...but I there’s a point in there somewhere. I hope none of the mindless zombies commenting on here are running RPofI anytime at any level. This discourse is an embarrassment!

  53. Give the kid a break. Paul Pate the 3rd is the one who designed the website and hosts it. I admire the young man for taking part in his dad's business.

    Are we going to have to constantly hear about how honorable Paul D. Pate is?

    Maybe we should have Danny Carroll and Danny Pate running against one another?

  54. put clever handle hereDecember 17, 2008 at 4:56 PM

    Then make a comment and embarass yourself. Gotcha.

  55. Here is my take on appropriate considerations regarding conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest depend on several factors. Pecuniary self dealing is not at issue here. Sometimes appearances can be an issue if either organization’s image or trust is adversely affected; something which their boards have a right and even duty to protect against.

    There is an unwise inherent conflict of interest when a person has a high profile and influential position or responsibilities in two organizations that operate in the same arena and in which the responsibilities can be in conflict. The lesser the position the lesser the conflict at least as far as one or the other organization is concerned. In and of itself mere membership in various organizations might generally not be a problem; it is the degree of control and influence. Board memberships could be an issue but the degree of influence, responsibilities and prominence could be mitigating factors.

    It should be added that if in order to avoid direct conflicts of interest one has to demure on core responsibilities in one organization or frequently recuse ones self on individual matters because of conflicts or appearances then one is not adequately performing the job they were appointed or elected to do. With regards to conflicts of interest, if the shoe fits, don’t wear it.

    On the basis described above as I have argued here and elsewhere our Republican National Committeewoman has an inherent conflict of interest because of a high profile influential position in both the Republican Party and Iowa Right to Life (IRLC). Neither position has been definitively ended that I am aware of. The responsibility at IRLC involves activities in support of Democrats in agreement with the organization’s positions. The Republican Party position involves supporting Republican nominees against Democrats, period. It is up to the Republicans of a district to make their decision as to who the best Republican nominee should be. It would of course seem to be a dereliction, a transgression beyond a mere conflict to be involved in sandbagging the decision of one organization wrapping oneself in the cloak of another organization. The effect one has is the same.

    Normally the honorable thing to do is to resign from one or the other at the time of commitment or at least when the conflict becomes apparent.. Having been elected to the RNC position and having declined to resign from the IRLC position, in a bizarre twist in my opinion our Republican National Committeewoman failed to serve either organization as regards Miller-Meeks. From a right to life or political perspective Miller-Meeks was a superior candidate. The historic protocols and objective treatment afforded candidates by IRLC were not observed in this case. Incredibly a mere objective statement of the record as to how bad Loebsack is may have at least implied an objective competent evaluation had been made. That never occurred in the offending e-mail publication and is absent to date. It grieves me that IRLC’s reputation is affected.

    A couple of asides . . .

    My God can’t one give up a personal position for awhile or are these people so indispensable . . . which would of course imply some pretty weak organizations.

    Does anyone believe that our RNC Committeewoman would have been elected if she had telegraphed her intentions in her campaign speech before the state convention “I will support all Republicans except M M-M because I do not trust her” or perhaps “I will support all Republicans except M M-M who I will denigrate while saying nothing comparative about her Democrat opponent.” I am thinking she would not have been elected, indeed I doubt that any credible endorsement list would have included such a candidate.

    Roger Mall

  56. Ok Roger, Do you remember in school when they said short consise and to the point?

  57. Yoda Ed.....Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Hell freezes over.....

    Haha Haha ha ha

    Pigs can fly.....

    Haha Haha ha ha

    Chet goes on a diet....

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Great ons guys

    Tell me more about Yoda being ED, I enjoy the laughter!!!!!

  58. 7:14
    I am chastened but not stirred

    R Mall

  59. Who is the kid that has a hard on for Yoda?

  60. Just a drive by kreep who also has his resume printed and is ready to throw himself on the altar and kiss a ring to be ED.

    Help me kause I'm kinda dense. Is ED Executive Director or Erectile Dysfunction?

    If your a republican and have bouts of optimism lasting four or more hours, you should contact your doctor!

  61. Dear Roger,

    I would have still voted for her had she said that. MMM sucked! And you are apparently a very bitter, obnoxious jack ass.

  62. Roger is right on point. Rather than direct your efforts at his arguments, you direct them at him personally.

    Respond with as well reasoned an argument as he has, and we'll see who carries the day.

    My money is on Roger.

  63. Anon 8:52..

    If you had any'd post something with your name behind it.

  64. 8:52 AM - Actually you sound like the bitter jackass here.

    Now that the anon brat has been put in their place, I met with Strawn last nite in Burlington Krusty. I was impressed. He has a good grasp of things and what needs to be done. He doesn't act like he has all the answers, but he's got the ability I think to brainstorm and pioneer where the roadmap isn't so clear.

    He had good gravitas and seems to have attained that bird's eye view from running an organization like the Barnstormers. I felt he had an idea of the size and scope of things. He seemed to know and have background with the various players around - I think he could raise money. Overall he has a good knowledge and experience base to build on. I say he's a contender. Him, Pate, and Carroll seem to be the first tier.

  65. The candidate who has a wife that cheats on him wins it will end up being an embarrasment to Iowa. Her "friends" will only help protect her husband's political career just so far. Why does it matter?

  66. Nothing like a little unsubstantiated tabloid sleeze to go with lunch...

  67. Stop talking about Yoda, His wife doesn't have that good of friends.

  68. 11:06, 10:11, 10:30, 7:23, 11:52 = Brent Oleson

    aka besmirched former staffer with an ax to grind. This guy is a sleezebag who attacks others where he himself is very weak. He went before the Iowa State Bar Association's Ethics Board for a reason. Maybe he will share it with us?

  69. I heard Pate was also the second gunman on the grassy knoll. I have no proof but I'm anonymous and want to trash his good name so my horse becomes chair.

  70. That's all you got? Fucking pussies! Let's put out more lies about all of the guys running for Chairman!

    Come on fucktards! Because that's what its about! Fuck these guys! Let's trash them! It's the only way we get a great chair, right?

    Only power outages can stop us!

    Come on pussies! You don't even have to put your name on it! What is stopping you!

  71. Ann #2 (12:10 anon)

    Not me posting on this thread until now. I have nothing to say about Todd Henderson or Paul Pate. They can talk for themselves.

    I won't dignify any other statement on this thread with a response, other than to say they are obviously untrue and come from someone with an unhealthy obsession and vendetta.

    Envy is truly one of the seven deadly sins.

    Good day, I will go back to my job now.