Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gopal as RPI Chair - Really?

I’ll be posting a series of things about Gopal Krishna who seems to have the inside track to be the next Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa. The intended purpose of the following posts are to educate current SCC members and County activists about what lead Krishna to resign from the party in 2000.

The following is a letter to all Republican District Caucus Delegates and Alternates from April 24, 2000. The Letter is signed by Leon Mosley, the National Committeeman and Committee woman, and 11 SCC members. Including current members of the committee like John Hulsizer and Steve Scheffler.

I think Mosley, Hulsizer and Scheffler should inform us how Mr. Krishna changed since April 24, 2000 that would warrant a complete 180 from removing his as Co-Chair to now possibly electing him Chairman of the Party.


  1. It seems like everywhere this guy goes, there's trouble... the party in the 1990's, the recent state convention.

    My observation is the Gopal is all about power for himself, and not really about doing what is best for the party.

  2. What the f%@# is Sporer thinking by aligning himself with him?

    If this happens, I think I have volunteered for the state party for the last time.

  3. Gopal - are you kidding me?December 4, 2008 at 12:25 PM

    Great post! Thank you.

  4. Ted. You could'a been a contend'a

  5. Gopal as Chair = Utter Irrelevance of RPI

  6. Great find on the letter, Krust. There's no way the SCC can let this joker take over. If they do, they all should get the big old boot.

  7. THIS is exactly WHY if Gopal becomes will see MULTIPLE counties across Iowa disassociate themselves from RPI altogether.

    Gopal Krishna is and has been a destructive force upon RPI for many years.

    Having both Krishna and Sporer as Chair/Co-Chair would virtually ensure that the Republican Party will continue to be in the minority in Iowa for ten years if not more..

    SCC members need to be paying attention...for if you vote him in..we will vote you OUT in 2010

  8. As a SW Iowa Republican in King's district...

    This message is for:

    Bill Anderson
    Reid Houser
    Monte Shaw

    If you vote for him...I look forward to working my ass off to ensure that you are never elected to anything ever in your life again.

    Consider yourself warned.

    This I promise you.

  9. Sporer,

    Walk away from this! You are better than Scheffler and Krishna. Leave these idiots where you found them, in the dumpster.

  10. Ted's not stupid. He knew what he was doing when he got into bed with Gopal, and he decided to do it anyways so he could get a piece of the power for himself.

    My guess is that Ted was hoping all this would blow up after Gopal was elected so that Ted could be waiting in the wings as co-chair to take over as chair when Gopal was ousted yet again.

  11. There is a lot af fire in the grassroots someone needs to harness that and really campaign for Chair the delegates and activist need to let their reps know! What is going on down there is an outrage!

  12. What'd the odds of another similar letter being issued in the future?

  13. Good lord! How much money does Krishna have? The letter implies that he he has substantial resources to campaign for chairman on but serriously! Scheffler signed that letter and now Gopal is stuck to his leg at every party function Ive ever been to. What gives?

  14. This letter validates my point that in politics our attention might be 3 days if we are lucky. Gopal and Scheffler are advancing an agenda that are not based from Christ centered principals. They may oppose gay marriage and abortion, however, they are full of deceit and division. I have heard of Scheffler lying time after time. They give Christians a bad name.

  15. Gopal is also a racist. My brothers and I met him at a house party in Muscatine for one Presidential candidate where he ignored us ( we are from Nicaragua )and several minorities that was introduced to him. He literally turned his back on about 12 of us.

  16. Multiple counties will disassociate themselves with RPI. Hmmm.....

    Will anyone notice the difference?

  17. You know what?

    I'll take it a step further.

    Gopal gets the chair and you will see a very well funded conservative third party candidate for governor of Iowa.

    The Republican party is nothing sacred, it is merely the vehicle for our conservative ideals and when the vehicle breaks down, it will be junked

  18. Gopal for Chairman?

    This has got to be the worst idea since aliens were written into the script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And I should know.

  19. Krusty,

    That's the opinion of a few individuals, most of whom are not even there anymore.

    Where's the detail? What specifically did he do? Why is it important he has changed, perhaps he was right in his efforts, if there were any efforts at all. We don't know.

    I have known Gopal Krishna for a long time. He is independent, intelligent, and does not engage in group think. Perhaps, that is what got him into trouble (eight years ago). Maybe you should ask why more Board Members are not as probing and contrarian as Gopal - attributes that make for good Boardsmanship.

    Let him make his pitch for Chairman on today's issues and who he is today. Those of us who have no horse in this race want a transparent process with a thoughtful airing of the candidate's plans for the future - not who they have made happy or angry in the past.

    Will we be seeing everyone else's foibles and dirty laundry as we evaluate the candidates for Chair, or just Gopal's? I think there is plenty out there on the main candidates if airing a bunch of dirty laundry is what we want to do instead of talking about who has the best plan for accomplishing the one and only goal this organization should have - WINNING.

  20. I do not know Gopal Krishna but I was a delegate at the state convention and that was the first time I had heard his name. Someone from his district went to the microphone to ask that he be replaced with John Ortega to go to the national convention. I don't remember all that was said but I do remember having the impression that he was perhaps a bully and did not consider what those from his county thought was important. I would say that if he is still causing people to have strong enough ill feelings about him as recently as the state convention then he would be a poor choice for RPI chair. (The vote did pass to replace him by a vote of 598/472 as I have written in my notes.)

    Could someone please explain to me why we can't have some fresh new thinkers being considered for this position? It seems like it is all about power for the few and not about empowerment for the party. I am certainly not a party player; this is the first year I've been involved in the entire state process. I can tell you that from county, to district, to state conventions it was a disorganized mess. I kept thinking that it HAD to get better but it never did. No business can succeed with this much confusion so how do we ever think that we can win an election? We need someone that isn't tied to the past and will take us into a bright future and I don't think anyone will seriously consider that.

  21. Supertramp

    That's where you're wrong. Winning is not the main goal for some of us. From now on, it's winning with candidates who have 100% platform integrity. No more RINO's.

  22. Does Herr Gopal know something about Sheffler that prosecutors may wish to know? The crap pulled with delegates after the State Convention attempting to send Gopal as national delegate was strange. Now, Gopal as RPI Chair. Something stinks. Is there anywhere you can get an honest list of contributors to Mr. Sheffler's income producing "Christian" Alliance?

  23. Kim Lehman

    Gopal Krishna

    Steve Sheffler and Ted Sporer, known by the company they keep.

  24. Actually Lisa, you are a bit off. Gopal was asked to be removed from the slate by Nicole Baker who is the Chairwoman of Clinton County in the 1st Congressional District. Krishna is from Polk County in the 3rd Congressional District. In fact, when the vote was taken it felt to me as though it was a "we hate Polk County" vote.

    People in the 3rd District seem to really like Gopal. At the 3rd District Convention back in April he got somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of the votes cast.

  25. I don't think Gopal can get the votes. Too many people know about him and Lisa Smith. That turns off the social conservatives

  26. What exactly are you refering to annon 9:19? Remember, there is a fine line constructive political discourse and slander.

  27. It seems that she has created her own blog for us to read:

  28. Supertramp "Those of us who have no horse in this race want a transparent process with a thoughtful airing of the candidate's plans"

    Thats what you think yet you seem to support someone whom is trying to get elected through secret CC meetings with a suprise vote. The same way he became treasurer.

  29. Dear 10:00

    Would Gopal being Finance Director of Sheffler's Alliance have anything to do with Gopal being Treasurer of R.P.I.?


  30. Central Iowa RepublicanDecember 5, 2008 at 11:47 AM

    I see Nancy Streck's name on the letter. I bet that she would not support what's going on today any more than she supported Gopal then. We need a few more leaders like Nancy. Will any of the current SSC step up and fill her shoes? Someone lead please!


    ." Krishna also was weary of the Christian Coalition's intifadah. Many Republicans are scared to publicly voice opposition to the group.

    My God, how the money rolled in.