Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Session

Santa Culver has been making the rounds delivering the following email to folks. Just in case you have not seen it yet, here you go.

'Twas the night before session, when all through the House
Not a member was stirring, no one there to grouse.

The portraits were hung in the rotunda with care,
In hope that new money soon would be there;

The lobbyists were nestled all snug on their benches
While visions of budget cuts sent their stomach in wrenches,

And Murphy in his speaker's perch, and I in the gallery,
Had just settled down, to again raise his salary.

When in the Capitol basement, there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my seat to see what was the matter.

Down the spiral staircase I flew like a flash,
Tore open the door to see Governor Culver, without any cash.

A frown on the face and a furrowed brow,
The Governor is thinking, "What to do now?"

On top of this, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
The REC with a new bad forecast near.

With a little old accountant, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment which route the governor would pick.

As the numbers were dim, and shortfalls abound
The Governor says, "We must raise taxes, all around!"

"Now, Murphy! Now, McCarthy! Now Gronstal and Kibbie!
On Paulsen! On Upmeyer! On, Kettering and McKinley!

To the Senate and House! Inside the chamber wall!
Despite what I've said, we should raise taxes on all!"

The Governor demands it, the legislators sigh,
They meet with dark forecasts, fearing the end is nigh.

So up to the chamber they flew,
Armed with new tax bills, wondering what to do.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard in the lobby,
"They're spending money as if it's their hobby!"

As I grabbed my wallet and was turning around,
Up from the basement the Governor came with a bound.

He was dressed to the nines, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished from lobbyists taking root.

A bundle of new bills he carried on his back,
And he looked like a beggar, opening his sack.

His eyes – how they sparkled, with new taxes born,
"How to keep up with spending?" he shouted, forlorn.

His droll little mouth quivered as the votes drew near,
In his eye, while it twinkled, he mounted a tear.

With fierce determination, he gritted his teeth,
Knowing higher taxes lied beneath.

He had a broad face and a little round belly,
That shook when he laughed, like a bowlful of jelly.

He was chubby and plump, but often a grump,
Despite his actions while on the stump.

I watched with wonder, as the votes drew nigh,
Seeing all these new taxes made me want to cry.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Spending more money, then turned with a jerk,

And laying a finger aside of his budget,
Taking great care not to smudge it.

And giving a nod, down the staircase he descended,
Admitting there was no money – and no way to spend it.

He slumped to his office, the legislators gave a whistle,
Noting the Register had gave him a "Thistle."

But I heard him exclaim, ere he hid, out of sight,
"I'll raise taxes on all, to get my budget right!"


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  2. Supertramp, sounds like your friends in Cedar Rapids are going to try to ram more taxes down the peoples throats in the name of "flood relief"...

    Will you be standing up to oppose them?

  3. Hey Supertramp, are you going to oppose raising your own salary by another 20k from 70k to 99k or are you going to oppose it like the people who elected you want. As I recall, your supporters called for dividing the current five salaries among the new 5 supervisors to roughly 50k a piece.

    You were quoted in the Gazette as saying any discussion on lowering your salary was just a "sideshow". Really?

    We are watching.

  4. Its Christmas folks letI'm sorry to read about Mary's condition Supertramp, she will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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  6. Bye the way Krusty:

    Christmas is a time many of us in the Christian faith tradition celebrate the birth of our savior. Spend this time with loved ones you really care about. Enjoy that time. Cherish that time.

    Time is a commodity. We all think we have an abundance of if it. But really, we don't and its finite. Use it wisely on those who mean something to you.

    Merry Christmas all!

  7. Tramp is spot on. Good luck to you, and remember to bring all your people with you to fight all the Desire to Decrease our freedoms.

    As a side, the biggest giggler of the night last night was watching Langston "weep" on the TV news at the Lug's "Season of Grub"...no, no, no..."Season of Hope" takeover of St. Wence.

    Mike Goldbrick's early exit for the Linn County Emergency Management spot tells me that there is great fear of change and what it might mean for the Sups in Linn County.

  8. Amen Supertramp.

    Todd get a life.

  9. Dashing through Cedar Rapids

    In a modified Escalade

    O'er the floods we go...

    New taxes on the way (ha ha ha)

    I hear the food bell ring

    So I must go and eat

    What fun it is to give Mary bling and slop some drinks tonight


    Budget smells, budget smells

    Deficits all the way

    Oh what fun it is to hide in condo on the bay


    Budget smells, budget smells

    Deficits all the way

    Oh what fun it is to slide into a recession every day

    Ho ho Ho...Mari Kristmas

  10. I like how Supertramp posts as himself to say touchy feely bullshit and then posts anonymous to slander the Todd's or Pate or whoever.

    Mrs. Yoda would not even accept a $300 pay raise on the city council and you claim its not in your power to not accept a pay raise? Bullshit.

    Go sell crazy someplace else, we ain't buying. You doubletalking loser!

  11. to comment or not to comment?December 24, 2008 at 11:28 AM


    It saddens me to think there are folks with no idea the challenges facing Cedar Rapids. "Flood relief" is very real and will require a lot of money. We can work together or continue to blame others...still needs to get done. We are on the front end of the mental health needs...it won't be pretty.


    Were you there? They had just completed the video of the flood prior to Linda's talk. There was not a dry eye in the place. This has been a hard year for all of us in Cedar Rapids. Don't judge.

    May Christmas find you thankful for your blessings.

  12. Enjoy the Kristmas season.

    Everybody keep their coal to themself for the next few days.

  13. Krusty, your picture of Kulver is not quite accurate.

    Governor Kulver could eat your current picture of Santa for breakfast in about two bites.

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  15. Supertramp, next time I see you in public I'll ask about your "handle" but for now it's my favorite group from an era when music was still good. That said, please understand that your quote in the Gazette has infuriated many Republicans in this town who truly don't know you as we do here in Krustyville. That said, you already have a credibility problem before your hand touched the bible as they say. Or to put another twist on this, you just french kissed the third rail of Linn County politics on your first date!

    Please understand the laws of perceptions vs. reality. You already stepped in the doo-doo my friend, without help from your compatriots in the "lions den"

    I lost my entire business in the flood and to this day, can't decide what the prudent path is in view of the economy. Would you sign a huge loan on the front end of a possible depression?

    We need real leadership from you and you have my confidence, but please know we'll patch you up every time you come back from the front lines of "supervisor politics" with bullet holes from the fight. It's when you go into battle and hide in your foxhole that we'll throw you into the monster pit in Jabbas palace.

    God Bless and we'll keep Mary in our prayers!

  16. Brent - If your first issue out of the blocks next month is your own salary...then do us a favor and stay home. This is a no brainer.
    You're already commenting on the Gazette Blog about evaluating pay levels compared to various positions and you need to be counseled to remember all those who are flood affected and don't have ANY job or A PLACE TO CALL HOME. For all the great people who put 5 supervisors on the ballot, they might just return to impeach the whole lot of you if embark with this as your inaugural issue.

    Here's your own comments from the Gazette: Way to let baby Ben lead you on this issue!

    "Good thoughts Ben, I will start looking at some of your initial proposals.

    Like the Westdale issue, I will do my due diligence on this salary issue. Gather the facts, talk to community leaders and constituents, and formulate my position on a salary board recommendation for later this January."

    Your constituents are pissed Brent - LEAD - Don't follow!

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  18. I'm a constituent and although I am not "pissed", I am disinclined to re-elect you given how you have behaved on this and other blogs. The salary issue is no shock to me as most politicians make more money in public office than they ever could in the private sector. It is therefore no wonder that you take as much from the taxpayers as possible. I trust when you begin your supposed full time gig we will not be seeing you here anymore? Or perhaps Adam Belz at the Gazette would like a link to this site.

    With regard to the issue of Ms. Henderson refusing her pay raise, she gave that money to the library which had just been severely cut as I recall. In addition, several thirty plus year public servants less than a year away from full retirement with IPERs benefits were fired at the same time the council decided a pay raise for themselves was in order. A gimmick you say? To us fiscal conservatives we call that principle.

    Merry Christmas

  19. Looks like Todd (Yoda)Henderson is back at destroying the republican party again! Pretty soon we will have more stuff about Pate. If Paul Pate has a brain in his head he would have sent this scumball packing long ago.

    Todd when the hell did you ever have a business???

  20. Brent - God bless your civility... but if this is where you come for political advice, you're skrewed!

    Merry Kristmas!!

  21. Okay folks, a few pot shots at Brent so we can season him up for the real fight is fine but let's direct the heavy artillary at the big and ever growing "Lug" who is twisting the knife in the gut of Cedar Rapids, pretending to support us but in truth, looking for a convenient excuse. Call it what you like Governor, but you blew your budget wad in the first year and now you wonder why you're in trouble?

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  23. From todays Gazette by 24 Hr Dorman: Dedicated to our local politicos and their fav X-mas songs!

    First up is the Linn County Supervisors Trio with their rendition of "Joy to the World."

    "Joy to the World — Our pay's not cut. "The voters we did fool.

    "They bought our ploy — We played it cool.

    "Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

    "Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

    "Ka-ah-ching, ka-ching, We played it cool."

  24. Tramp - Wuz up with the takeaways?
    You remind me of a movie with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close...kinda creepy.

    Or for those too young to remember, it's like the shameless father who wrapped up clothes for his kids inside an empty Playstation 360 box....for Christmas.

    That's okay - I've copied your posts, if you ever need them, things like that mimic a boomerang...they just keep coming back!

  25. Wow supertramp - didn't you ever learn NEVER hit send if you don't want to see it a few months later in an opponent's attck ad????

  26. Konsidering it was Christmas Eve day...Supertramp left the one and only post that truly "belonged" on this blog...Klassy!

  27. I geuss the liquid courage never stops pouring at his house. I wish I would have stopped by this blog yesterday to see what I missed!

  28. Ok Henderson, enough with the relentless attacking. We know you hate Brent, but enough

  29. Henderson go back to your playboy collection

  30. HEY TODD!

    Why don't you just shut the fuck up. I don't EVER want to hear you bitching about anonymous posters.

    By the way, I'm not Brent, so get a fucking life.

    Why don't you take your little issue to a dark alley and get it over with.

    WE ARE ALL SICK OF IT! We see this everyday.

    Sorry Krusty, but enough is enough.

  31. Not me. But thanks for thinking of me.

  32. I read these blogs to get insight into the Iowa Republican scene. The childish and profane squabbling apparently between a couple of young boys from Cedar Rapids is very distracting and counterproductive to the objective of these blogs. Can't these young men find a Chucky Cheese to go to or play some video games and get the bad feelings and bad words out of their systems that way instead??

  33. Chuck E kicked their butts out a long time ago.

    Thank goodness there's one bright shining star in the Iowa Republican Party....tune into Iowa Press for the Sunday show at 11:30 to watch State Auditor David Vaudt take a light saber to state government....

    As Yoda might say, the force is strong with this one!

  34. Rock Star - He Is

    (Sing to Mickey Mouse Theme!)

  35. 6:20:
    "I read these blogs to get insight into the Iowa Republican scene."

    What you see is what you get. This blog IS "the insight into the Iowa Republican scene".

  36. Hilarious! People (yoda) think yoda is conservative! Here is a guy that created RINO!

  37. Say It Ain't So..."Joe"December 27, 2008 at 1:07 AM

    He's no Jedi...

    Gives to Democrats to help defeat Republican Jedi he does...
    Page 9 - See it with your own eyes...this is no Jedi mind trick!


  38. Krusty has allowed his once prized blog to morph into the Jerry Springer of Iowa politics.
    (Trash Blogs)

    The audience and the posters are the elite class of political "freaks."

    Most don't even post - they just show up to learn new words and see just how pathetic we can become.

    To reduce the bloodshed, why don't you hire a few off duty bloggers to control the online fights...
    Say Ted Sporer for "intimidation" and Dave Chung for "muscle."

    Never mind, everyone would be too afraid to post and then you'd have to shut down like Ted.

    Herschel does however, provide great politcal encouragement...to the Democrats!

    New Year's resolution: Read the Blogger Guide, Section 3, How to moderate your comments.

  39. Ok, Todd Henderson, Whatever! You do not have the know how to run for higher office.

    Tod you are the worse offender for anon posts.

  40. Check out Danny Carroll Website it is by far the best I have seen DannyCarroll.com

  41. December 26, 2008 10:54 AM:

    You must be a Democrat. You cannot speak without profanity. Get lost. Grow up!!

  42. Joe was not a strong candidate. He failed to understand that a levy was in fact a means of taxation. His wife had issues with her criminal past and many republicans supported Swati. I myself supporter Joe, but I cannot condemn anyone for supporting a classy lady like Swati. With a little luck maybe we can make her the next Dawn Pettingill. Although blogs like this make it difficult when her friends get trashed for supporting her.

    As for the anonymous attacker, I can only assume you were not a Peter Teahen supporter given his track record for giving generously to democrats Mike Blouin, Julie Thomas and Hillary Clinton.

  43. I just tried to visit Danny Carroll's website and this is the message I got: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate. Continuing to website not reccommended".


  44. Ok Todd! Thanks for proving the point, Anon!

  45. I just went to Danny Carroll website and is is by far the most tech savvy site I have seen from any republican!!

  46. It's a good site. A 2nd hand legislative site, with a few tweeks. Wonder if Dannys know he has a site?

  47. Haha, Henderson gave to a Democrat and someone posted a link to it on a blog? Is he planning on running for Congress against Miller-Meeks in 2010? Be careful Todd, she ruined one person that way. Don’t let her do it to you too.

  48. Yoda=Henderson=Rino=Democrat Donor

  49. I entered the Carroll site fine but what I found left me with more concerns than merits for Danny.

    1st - It's almost January and the site is laden with campaign materials. Keeping any site up to date is the 1st premise of political savy. (Are you a candidate for State Chair or trying again for your seat in 2010?)

    The "In The News" section contains no mention of running for RPI chair and instead blasts out the words UPDATE: Gay Activists Continue to Support Eric Palmer and Target Danny Carroll!

    Update to Danny: Websites can't read your mind, they require food, water and current information!

    There are several duplicate posts in this section as well???? (???)

    Score D

    2nd - The Blog section contains 3 posts from Danny, all dated 12-26.
    (Doesn't win the trailblazer award!)

    One post is about conservatives vs. moderates in the party and Danny deftly leads on this issue by stating,

    "I think the matter should be left up to the people."

    Consider all the issues you could have selected to feature, this one; with a careless answer leads me to believe you aren't ready for the big leagues where you are the face of our state party and don't always have time in your den to decide what to say, much less post.
    Score D

    3rd - Good comments about bringing the SCC members into the decision making process for hiring the ED.
    Inclusive and collaberative.
    A- / Note: This isn't groundbreaking, the SCC members are charged with hiring, evaluating and yes, firing the chair, ED and other members if necessary, it's what boards are formed to do. What a concept!

    4th - Strike 3, as far as I'm concerned, Danny blew it on the techology question by giving us a brief, yet condescending lecture which includes this:

    "I think what is meant most often by “technology” is the use of websites, YouTube, Facebook, email lists, Twitter and the like. To be sure these are fascinating new ways of communicating. But they are just that…ways to communicate."

    Insert pregnant pause....while I endeavor to compose a dignified reply...

    I'm insulted that you talk down to us like a father lecturing a son about computer technology.
    Danny, your wake up moment draws near....your son knew more about technology in 2nd grade than you do now, and the future of our party speaks a language that you obviously don't understand.

    Comprende tecnologĂ­a?

    or for my SCC member Mr. Chung:

    comprenez-vous la technologie

    The Tech issue is not our path by choice folks, it's the only way we stay relevant as a party. Not only did Obama win with 30 million supporters from the net, he continues to fan the flames of this movement to this very day!
    (And you think it's just a way to communicate!?)

    Score: F - Big letters, take this one home, ask your son to explain technology to you in words you can understand and then come back and try again to help US understand.

    Don't insult your party with a half hearted attempt to impress us.
    I had you in my top two this morning until I reviewed your site....If I were your political broker...I'd put a short on your stock.

  50. Swati is a class act. Truly a kind person with a large heart and a profound bio. That said, have you ever seen her in a debate or in session attempting to speak or....legislate without note cards?

    Who is that man behind the curtain?

    If kind people deserved to be politicians, then Mother Theresa would be POTUS and Playtime Poppy would be Iowa's governor!

    Let's separate personality from politics. I lived in DC for many years and it wasn't uncommon to find Reagan having a drink with Speaker O'Neil after a long hot summers day of politics!

  51. Ok, Todd But reagan never donated to Tip O'neil's campaign...Did he?

    Yoda=Henderson=Rino=Anon blogger=Liar=loser

  52. Yoda isn't the creator of that post, although I think he lived inside the beltway for awhile.

    It's kinda like living on Mos Eisley for you SWars fans.

    The Old Ebbitt Grill was where Reagan and O'Neil would drink, when in public and O'Neil would leave a HUGE tip for the entire staff and Reagan would sign T-Shirts at the bar from which the proceeds were used to pay cab fare for those non political types who shouldn't be driving.

    Those were the days....

  53. 12:31 is the post of the day.

    Woolson and everyone else in Camp Carroll. Try to make a site something worth visting and worthy of your candidate. Who is a great man. Not just a small subtle, "Looky Looky! I have a website and know what a Facebook is!!! I really do! See! I have a mini Danny talking!"

    What's next? Adding a lazer scope to the Pumpkin Cannon and claiming you know a thing or two about National Defense?


  54. I think it is safe to say Chip Saltsman won't be our RNC chairman.


  55. Matt Strawn updated his blog today to announce the canceled SCC event and then provided an Email address for any folks planning to attend that wanted to get a question to him today.

    I'm checking the other candidates for SCC chair and all I see is a fuzzy screen.

    Nice job Matt. The rest of you should be embarrassed, this isn't that hard. It's just work.

    Ahhh, but therein is the problem.

    Just like Lincoln in the Civil War, we need a Grant at HQ.

  56. Sorry Huck,
    Guess there won't be squirrel on the menu at RNC headquarters. The attempt to infiltrate the party just saw the wheels come off the Huckabus.

  57. I get it!!!! Some of you leave komments on krusty so that you don't have to explain your mean ways to a therapist. must save you tons of $$$!

  58. Fuck You All I a switching to an independent!!

  59. Anon 2:34 - My dear, you offended our good friend Anon 2:57 and hurt his feelings!

    Curious if therapy included electroshock treatment?

    A few volts and a few jolts and our good friend will want to be a Republican again!

  60. Here is something interesting on Saltsman’s song. Apparently, “Magic Negro” was a term created by Spike Lee to describe “a supporting, often mystical stock character in fiction who, by use of special insight or powers, helps the white protagonist get out of trouble.” Its even a wiki term http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_Negro.
    Which is not, in its self inherently offensive. If anything, by attacking Saltsman because of the name of the song, former RNC Chairman Duncan basically proves himself as the cowardly, loser, running-dog we all know he is.
    At first, I was a littler perturbed about the song myself, but giving Saltsman the benefit of the doubt, I took a look at his website for an explanation. On his website, (www.chipsaltsman.com) Saltsman has a very good explanation of the situation that drives home the point against Duncan and Democrats establishing a double standard on the race issue that needs to be challenged if we ever want to win again. However, at first glance it looks bad and if Chip doesn’t want this to be his “hymetown moment” he needs his point into the media.

  61. Maybe Krusty's Blog can do what Iowans have been looking forward to for year and drive Henderson out of Iowa?

  62. 6:53, some points ought be dropped and not explained away till the cows come home.

    It was stupid and he got caught. Good careers go down many times for dumb actions. The guy shudda known better. Time for him to quietly go away.

  63. Frustrated and confusedDecember 27, 2008 at 11:42 PM

    Does this shit always have to happen to the party?

    Seems like the whole party is full of novices that have no clue how to act.

    Is there ANY point in time when Saltsman thought this was a good idea?

    Hell is there any time when people thought that Bush should have free reign to spend like Nancy Pelosi on a bender?

    A better question... When did any fringe right winger with an opinon and a tv show get dubbed an expert and a spokesman for the conservative movement?

    When did we sacrifice Buckley Jr., Goldwater, and Reagan at the alter of Coulter, O'Reily and Limbaugh?

    Look at what you bastards have done.

  64. Looks like Chip is now a "chump."
    The outrage over the CD gift hit the Drudge report.

    I don't think he stands a chance now but the larger issue isn't Chip and his name dropping aka Paul Shanklin/Rush Limbaugh...it's the way the media covers issues.

    When this first broke in the LA Times on March 17, 2007 - There was no outrage, the MSM refused to touch this and Limbaugh knew how to mine the gold out of this issue.
    Now the MSM headlines the issue to showcase the infighting at the RNC and use this as a racist bullhorn issue at our expense.


    Issues aside, we need a leader at the RNC who understands the media machine and can step in the ring and learn how to "rope-a-dope" so we stop taking it on the chin over every issue.

  65. Good Morning America ran the CD issue in their top of the hour headlines this morning.

    You called it. Are you a producer?

    The problem isn't the MSM on this issue, this was self inflicted destruction most likely by someone in Saul or Kayton's camp, and now the whole party suffers at the hands of an LA times writer who to this day, is immune.

    There's the real problem, will the MSM have UN like protection from everything they write and report?

    A degree in Journalism/Mass Communications should now be called the New American Media "Jihad"

  66. Saltzman was the same guy that help spread anti-catholic messages

  67. Anti-Catholic messages? When was this?

  68. And don't forget the anti-Mormon crap spread around before the Caucuses by the Huckabee crowd-
    At the time I did not want to believe it was condoned by the campaign- perhaps I was wrong

  69. Yep, here they come like clockwork. The armchair “I told you so” strategists. Lazy good for nothing losers who troll the blogs looking for someone who is actually worth caring about to slip up so they can swoop in with their snide comments and chew them up. You people make me sick.

  70. anon 10:13 and 11:16, here is a quarter, go buy yourself a clue.

  71. Trainor Walsh left the Huckabee campaign from the anti-catholic propaganda

  72. Wow, you really are an idiot 11:37. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and yet you still open your mouth as though you do. You do realize that BOTH Chip Saltsman AND Eric Woolson are Catholic ... Right? Walsh left because he got a better offer to go work a Congressional Campaign in Virginia when Jo Ann Davis died. Come back when you mature a little politically and we'll have a grownup conversation. Until then go back to your baby Einstein DVD and learn about the pretty shapes and colors ...

  73. Saltzman attends a baptist church, according to his presentation in front of YAF

  74. BVP is also anti-catholic

  75. Most of the key people around Mike Huckabee here in Iowa were stanchly anti-catholic. There were attacks against the Romney campaign because people like Doug Gross and Gentry are catholic.

  76. Where was Eric Woolson in the final days of the Huckabee Campaign.... Seams o me that he also had some kind of falling out

  77. Really? I had no idea I was so anti catholic. You anon blog posters apparently know more about me and others than even we do.

  78. Sorry, I forgot to out my name on that last comment. It is amazing what you forget to write when faced with such ignorance as I’ve seen in the last few comments here. None of you have any idea what you're talking about … On Chip, on Eric and on Trainor.

  79. While there undoubtedly was enough anti-Catholic and anti-Mormom sentiment to go around among the "you must be exactly like me crowd," isn't it kind of last year to waste time talking about who did what during the 2008 caucus season? Can't you bloggers try to focus on the real problems in our party today?

  80. What's the problem with a parady CD between 168 friends, who happen to be voting the future leader of our party?

    Chip "misunderestimated" the press on this matter. Rush Limbaugh didn't. Watch for this incident to form the lead issue when Maha Rushie takes back his Atilla the Hun chair on January 5.

    You see, the reason Rush got away with this all these months was the "trap" he set for the MSM. Since they protected their own (LA Times) from this issue, Rush knew as soon as the MSM protested his use of the Shanklin parody, that he'd have "caught them" in their own hypocrisy and then made a field day with the issue.

    Problem is, this matter devolved from the twisted innards of the RNC from which we have no protection from the MSM, and we won't have Rush to defend Chip until the issue has already run it's course in the media...the damage will already be done.

    It's too bad Duncan didn't handle this as an internal matter. Instead he chose to let loose the PR machine. Duncan is toast.

    This will come back to destroy the one shred of kredibility he had left.

    The MSM has Chip under their 3 ton thumb now, using the worst photos they could find for the TV/Cable and printed outlets.

    We're supposed to be smarter than this!

  81. The unfortunate thing is here in Iowa the people voting for RNC Chair??
    Lehman & Scheffler ...Wasted votes

  82. Has anyone even bothered to listen to the song? Really, the only "offensive" thing in the song is the use of the word Negro. It is making fun of Al Sharpton for his early comments on Obama in favor of Hillary Clinton. People need to get this stuff out and throw it back in MSN and Duncan's face. Both of them need to be exposed.

    The funny thing about this is that Saltsman didnt even write the song. It wasnt writen for him or at his behest, and its almost a full year old. All he did was put it into a compilation CD of 41 other songs bashing Democrats and send it out to RNC members as a Christmas gift.

  83. Chip spent too much time with the Huckster and the "need to be cute" koodies wore off on him.

    Instead, how about sending a CD Christmas card with images of our soldiers serving, faces of liberated Iraqi children and yes, the children in our own country who are opening presents with parents serving overseas.

    Or how about the children who lost parents at the world trade center?

    The thing that really pisses me off is the indignation you get from the MSM when you dare to show any imagery of the planes flying into the towers!

    Chip got too cute and just like Huck, he's now wasting time and energy defending bad judgement.

    I don't want this from my chair or my president...for that matter.

  84. This is kinda like the time Janet Huckabee went to hooters for a beer.

    Do these people have a brain?

  85. Anon 1:38 you have absolutely NO class what-so-ever. If you had 1/10th the class that Janet has you wouldn’t have such diarrhea of the blog.

    You make it sound like she just stopped into a Hooters restaurant for a beer and hotwings. The real story is that she stayed at the Hooters hotel after watching a boxing match for Jermain Taylor, an Arkansas native and Huckabee family friend.

    Grow up! And if you wont do that, at least have the guts to put your name with garbage like that.

  86. Wow, where do these comments come from? I hope that they are from Democrats trying to stir up trouble. But if these comments are from GOP members, then it's no wonder our party is getting its butt kicked. I think it's referred to as "eating your own young". What I find amusing is that some members of the party are crucified for holding other Republicans accountable on upholding the platform, but then you jokers do the same thing when a RNC candidate sends out a CD with a questionable song on it? Saltman made a poor decision, so tell Lehman, Scheffler, and the new party chair to vote for someone else. That's the adult thing to do. Grow up and move on past the 2008 primaries with your religion based accusations and Hooters stories. Seriously, do you ever go back and read what you commented? Do you even think that what you are saying is even remotely taken seriously by those whose main objective is to advance the party?

    I'm sorry Krusty, but these people are trashing your blog that was meant to make a difference. Also, thank you, Wes.

  87. Oh-my, now Wes has me curious about Sweet Janet and her beer at Hooters. When 1:38 posted it I glazed past it and basically said, "who cares". That's the problem with doing explanations for stupid things, they raise the curiosity level.

    And besides, 1:38, you seem to have struck a nerve in Wes. What's that all about, Wes, little adolescent crush on Miss Janet?

  88. The question is if someone like Janet Huckabee has any class and real conviction why would she have chose of all places in Las Vegas to go to Hooters?

    Maybe she is not exactly what she says she is?

  89. Wes you yourself are not above reproach, and should be one of the last people that comment about class and character.

    If people knew the real Wes

  90. Adolescent crush? No. Intense distaste for cowardly anonymous posters on blogs launching baseless attacks against someone's family? Absolutely. You can say stuff like that against candidates or those who get paid to promote them, I accept that. Its part of the game. However, I draw the line when you start throwing garbage like that at their wives and children. That, anon 4:50 is the nerve that 1:38 struck with me.

  91. The presidency is a package deal the unfortunate thing is that we do not get to chose the first lady. The candidate does, and the campaign should have the common sense to advise that candidate's wife not to go to hooters.

    The bigger question is What kind of person would think that going to hooters was acceptable from a candidate like huckabee that was running on the evangelical vote?

    I feel betrayed and lied to Wes.

    This may be acceptable to your values Wes, but I wanted a candidate that was intrinsically good.

  92. We have perfected the art of majoring in minor things....

    But if I may add to Hootergate...

    What if it was your pastors wife who was eating at a Hooters?
    (Does this help frame the argument?)

    Do you remember any news stories of Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush having a cold beer at Hooters?

    How about Mrs. Bob Ray, or Mrs. Terry Branstad or gasp, yes even Mrs. Lug herself?

    Does this throw off any sparks of common sense in your left lobe?

    If not...then you must be a redneck and then you would belong on the senior leadership team!

  93. Welcome to todays episode of the Jerry Springer show. Today we will be visited by cowardly anonymous posters that have devalued the efforts of Krusty Konservative. And then later on today we will be bring out the people of integrity that try to keep the level of discourse out of the toilet. Stay tuned to watch the excitement.

  94. Hey Al - Finally a self professed
    "Cyber-Soldier" arrives on the scene to restore peace and order!

    Anon 7:39 (12-27) had this topic covered, if you're going to post with your real ID, then please enlighten us with some original thinking please.

    As for the ANON's. It only goes to show the fall of our once proud Krusty from the heights.

    To post honest thinking with a real "handle" is no longer kommon sense here in Krustyville.

    Those who do post with a real name basically have two options:

    1) Delete your posts....and run into your basement to hide.

    2) Sign up for the witness protection program.

    Maybe Krusty should go up on your wall of shame for his failure to patrol and "nix" all the freak kommentators who now troll through this once esteemed korridor of kommon sense!

  95. Anon 7:52 Most of the clowns that are posting on here nowadays wouldn't know an original thought if it walked up and bit them. They don't seem to be able to use common reasoning skills and they seem to believe any tabloid type story that they hear. If these anons are Republicans then I am ashamed to call myself that.