Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vilsack to be Named Secretary of Ag

Congrats Tom, but I thought you were in line to be our next US Senator?

While I question his Ag credentials (he’s a town boy/attorney/state senator/ governor) having the SOA from our state is a big deal.

I wonder is Poohsack will try to increase honey production in the US?


  1. Poohsack and Obambi together, finally!

  2. Don't be too sure that Poohsack won't come back in a couple years and run for Senator against Grassley.

    If there's one thing thats been a constant about Viltax is that he never passes up an opportunity to advance himself.

    If its a political opportunity that benefits him, he does it--remember his 2 month run for President?

    So..come 2010..don't be shocked to see the Messiah coming back to Iowa with Tommy Boy at his side telling Iowans it "Time for Change"...

  3. Thinking with a tactical hat on right now, Farmer Tom spends all available tax dollars to enhance farm subsidies and then comes home to run as Iowa's favored son. Then, not only do demorats beat us in the urban ballots, they head west and klobber us there too, in the once Red strongholds of rural Iowa. Without some decisive and bold changes, our party will become an endangered species.

  4. Sounds like the Mike Johanns strategy!

  5. Hehe anon 7:00! That's good stuff. Dems klobbering us in the western half of our state! As a NW Iowa guy, I firmly believe Jesus Christ himself could run as a Democrat in the 5th and lose.

    Furthermore, there's nothing Iowans love more than an Iowan in a position of power. Grassley will be carried out of DC with his toes pointed in the air.

  6. Joel,

    You sound just like Newt did after the 94 elections, remember how smug we were? We were going to take back government for a generation and reform it to our own image. Now it will take decades to undo Obama. I'd refrain from being to puffy with your glee club slogans, we have some serious work to do and while you're at it, dig a foxhole and be ready...yes even in Western Ia.

  7. UM Yeah, Our heads are in the clouds again if we don't think Grassley will have a challenge. We need to stop destroying our party. Look how many good talented political staffers in the last 8 years that have left the state and are not coming back.

  8. I hope Vilsack runs against Grassley and beats him. What's the difference between the two? Neither is a conservative.