Friday, December 5, 2008

Iowa Republicans: Back to the Future?

Many of us in the blogosphere give David Yepsen crap about his inability to write anything good these days. After doing so digging around I see that the articles Yepsen is writing today about the Iowa GOP are very similar to what was being written back in 2000 when Khrishna was removed/resigned from the State Party.

Any of this sound familiar to you?

“Former Republican state party co-chair Gopal Krishna of West Des Moines is feuding with state party chair Kayne Robinson. It's one of those deals over who is in charge and whether the party is being run properly.”

“This sort of internecine warfare has become a routine sideshow on the Republican State Central Committee. It seems there's always some plot bubbling somewhere. It would be funny if it weren't so serious.”

“They consistently fail to execute a decent Election Day get-out-the-vote effort around Iowa. Democrats are doing a better job turning out their base vote.

Privately, many Republicans agree and say fixing that problem is the No. 1 task facing the central committee.”

All from Yepsen’s column in the Des Moines Register on May 13, 2000

“The central committee is charged with getting out a base Republican vote in each election. In recent years, it's been failing. Instead, the committee enjoys infighting.”

From Yepsen’s May 1, 2000 Column in the Register

Is Gopal the change we need, or just more of the same crap that has made Iowa Republicans a minority party in Iowa? Since we know there is a slate that was presented to some members of the SCC, I want to hear why this is our best option.

More to follow.


  1. President Elect ObamaDecember 5, 2008 at 10:19 AM

    That's not change, that's more of the same!

  2. Truth be told, the previous SCC regimes have failed their duties to hold our leaders accountable for their actions, ethics and results.

    It is their responsibility to FIRE
    ineffective leaders, much like shareholders who don't receive dividends on their investment... would demand the termination of any non performing CEO.

    Board Governance is the "final solution" to this past decade of spoiled leadership-results here in Iowa. It's not just political parties that have failed to uphold officers to high standards of performance and ethical konduct. We can all "feel" the results of failed board governance that have crashed down from Wall Street to Main Street. Reminds me of the CR floods this summer. Thought the crest would be 24 ft so we sandbag having no clue the crest was near 32 feet and the destruction is long term to say the least. Will this represent the future of our party in Iowa?

    I have faith. I beleive the SCC will have enough ethical members (especially the new members who don't necessarily belong to koalitions yet) step up and steer the process back on course and we'll selected a new leadership team without attaching a devastating kontroversy.

    Teaching and then employing the principles of board governance to the SCC is the first step. Changing the by-laws to give SCC members "fangs" when circumstances merit (Lehman-Gopal, etc) is a necessary enhancement for our party and then we must begin to "inspect" what we "expect."

    We don't have any mulligans left and we've let down too many kandidates who received a chorus of broken promises from RPI.

    Homework assignment for any SCC member who really kares enough to read a paragraph on "Monitoring Organizational Performance.",M1

    Why do we make this so hard?

  3. Sorry, the link didn't completely show. What you see will take you to the material, read pages 179-181 for the "X-Ray" storyline of why RPI kontinues to fail Iowa voters.

  4. As someone who was working for the Iowa GOP in 2000, the party's leadership under Kayne was very poor.

    Kayne's administration, ITR's antics, and an over-reliance on Victory Enterprises has led the Party into a perpetual decline that it is still being felt today.

  5. If 10:45 is going to make a claim like that, s/he need to put a name behind it. Otherwise I'm going to assume the author was Gopal himself.

  6. As a SW Iowa Republican in King's district...

    This message is for:

    Bill Anderson
    Reid Houser
    Monte Shaw

    If you vote for him...I look forward to working my ass off to ensure that you are never elected to anything ever in your life again.

    Consider yourself warned.

    This I promise you.