Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesdays with Krusty

Yesterday’s comment section was disgusting. It’s good to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates for RPI chair, it’s another thing to launch into personal attacks and kindergarten antics. Some of you need to grow up. I really question if some people really want a strong Republican Party that wins elections, it seems that a few only want their guy to win and if he doesn’t screw it. We have to get beyond that people.

Pizza and Politics

Strawn continues on his barnstorming tour of the state. One of my trusted correspondents reported that 20-25 people showed up at his Cedar Rapids event yesterday, SCC member David Chung was there so maybe he will have more on the stop at his blog. Strawn’s efforts are to be commended, and the fact that a good number of people turned out to talk with him shows us that there are many Republicans ready to get to work. Too bad some on this blog think it’s more constructive to rip our party apart.

Everyone has a plan, except the guy with the most votes.

I think almost all the candidates running for RPI chair have put forward a plan or general idea which allows us a glimpse of how these candidates would lead our party. The one guy without a plan is Gopal Krishna. Oh I guess we are to believe that Sporer will be his Co-Chair but Sporer is AWOL. Additionally, the Co-Chair is elected by a separate vote so there is no guarantee he would even be elected. More troubling is that the SCC could elect a guy without knowing what he plans to do in the position.

I’m told this is consistent with his previous actions on the SCC. He never talks about why he would be a good leader for the Party, instead he focuses on why others are bad. I’m also still waiting for people like Leon Mosley and Steve Scheffler to explain what has changed in the last 8 years that has you convinced that Gopal is the right man to lead the Party. Eight years ago you both signed a letter to county leadership banishing him, what’s the deal?

Culver organizes” A Season of Hope” event today in Cedar Rapids

The press release says. “The holiday program will recognize the outpouring of support and assistance the Cedar Rapids community has received since the floods, as well as the continuing challenges the community has faced while trying to rebuild.”

This is nothing more than Chet Culver wanting a little pat on the back for all he’s done for the people of Cedar Rapids. The only problem is he didn’t do much. He refused to call a special session because it would have exposed Iowa’s budget crisis before the elections, all he did was scream at the federal government when many of the holdups were created by local inaction. I think some of the flood victims need a little more than a cup of coffee, a cookie and a Chet Culver for Governor Rally; they need help.


  1. Merry Christmas and a stocking full of muck from our Governor.

  2. Your honor, I rest my case.

    The real truth? There are a lot people who read Krusty, but only a handful of who actually comment here. You are all a bunch of morons. Posting rumors and innuendo about any of these candidates is a disgrace. All of these candidates seem to be very accessible. If you have a question or heard something, ask them.

    Before you start crying to Krusty about shutting down the comments, look in the mirror. Chances are you unloaded a couple loads of manure.

    Krusty, you not holier than thou either. You've shut down the comment section for much worse and even deleted the comments. Think about that before you start lecturing these morons.

    Also, I heard Krusty is responsible for China's over-population. He hosted a Karate tournament in Beijing and all women within 1,000 miles became pregnant instantly.

  3. Great post Tuesday/Krusty!

    The comments on your blog recently have been very disturbing. At times I have wondered if the Liberals have taken over as Rep. in disguise. Our party needs a lot of help if those leaving the insults and crudeness are really Republicans.

    It will be refreshing to check out your blog AND read the comments to find thoughtful,constructive, and mature sentiments.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Agreed on Culver... Where was the Big Lug telling our leaders in Congess to get off their butts and start getting federal aid here in a timely manner.

    Didn't hear a word from Chetty criticizing Pelosi/Reid for adjourning Congress for a month and a half this summer..

    And when Republicans laid the facts out there that Democrats had done NOTHING to help flood victims...they were accused of "playing politics"..

    Steve Buttry over at the CR Gazette savaged the Lug the other day in a article there..Is anyone REALLY surprised that Chet wants people in a home by Dec of next year? That just happens to be the time when FEMA will no longer pick up the tab for housing any longer.

  5. Krusty,

    You are right on Scheffler and Leon. What has changed in the past 8 years?

  6. The truth has some B.O.

  7. I think anyone is better than Gopal. He is terrible. If you want to talk about the END of the Republican Party of Iowa, elect Gopal.

  8. I have no idea why anyone is thinking that Leon has changed his mind on Gopal since that letter- at least in my conversations with him he definitely is not a Gopal/ Sporer supporter in any stretch of the imagination.
    Scheffler is the one that needs to explain publicly why he has changed his mind. How much financial support from Gopal for ICA has it taken to make that change of "heart".
    Gopal has little if any positive track record in helping RPI. He has proven eight years ago and again this past State Convention that he does not work well with other Republicans and prefers to make decisions by himself. He is in no way shape or form a uniter but rather just the opposite.
    I would think the movement among SCC members should be more inline in replacing him - maybe with Randall- as Treasurer.

  9. Good to know about Leon. Leon doesn't have a vote in the matter so maybe he should take an active role in telling people why Gopal shouldn't be an option.

  10. You have no 1st Amendment restricting you Krusty, delete the little pinheads if you don't like their posts. Especially the Anons. Use the power of the zot and they'll straighten up.

    I'm hoping we can get a chair that will pull their head and and put together an organization. If not then I'm more than happy uniting as districting and directing the money away from the state.

    Some of these candidates have a a very good start on ideas. We need to make some serious changes, coming from a count where 45% of our votes are absentee we've already made those changes in spite of the state. If the GOP wants to win it's got to learn to start playing the game.

    My (and mine alone) thoughts on the chair candidate:

    Gopal - Forget it. Too much baggage, too many questionable actions and alliances, too much intrigue, too much opposition to his leadership statewide. Acts like he's entitled to the leadership position. Seen no plan.

    Sporer - Apparently blunt, which doesn't bother me. Has a plan that's good I hear but it's apparently not public. Not sure if he has statewide vision. Has baggage too and does the intraparty intrigue crap. A little too tied to Gopal.

    Reed - Like the guy. Solid character on many things. Has the passion. But, jumped in at the last minute for Senate then ran a poor campaign, now is running for state chair. Rumor is he's running for Loebsack's seat next time. Dude, chill. One mountain at a time. Too shoot from the hip, no gameplan. Tends to make you look angry and militant and an opportunist. If he gets focused he might be worth supporting down the road.

    Randall - Not much info and that worries me. No plan presented. Does he have statewide vision and network or is he just a regional?

    Cable - Same concerns.

    Popma - Seen her on lists. Is she actually running?

    Carroll - I've read Carroll's plan. It's probably the most detailed and I agree with a majority of it. For the people in the county leadership that actually find candidates and run campaigns it's a good start. I don't know Carroll personally and have no idea the general perception of him or his personality.

    Made contact with the county people. Big points. Seems thoughtful and determined. Solid conservative record though I greatly disagreed with him on the state land use plan. Has won and lost. Seems well connected and like he could raise money. Rumors are he's beholden to the RTL but no proof.

    Pate - Very successful in elections. Has knowledge of running for office at all levels. Plan isn't as detailed as Carroll's but still good. Needs to make contact at the county level and heighten his profile. Seems conservative from all reports.

    Strawn - I met with Matt personally last week. Someone here say he's all sizzle no steak. I didn't see that. He seems to have a good political resume and has experience running a large organization. Very sharp, analytical and can think on his feet and brainstorm. Understands the issues well, has a good sense of what the priorities are and what needs to be done. Good conservative.

    Gets big points for going around the state and articulating his vision. Would like to see his plan in writing though. Don't know who he's aligned with, know he's on one of the RTL boards.

    I think Carroll, Strawn and Pate are the contenders. Doesn't mean they have the votes, that's just my estimate of their qualifications. Whoever it is will have a big task ahead of them.

  11. a while ago Strawn sent out a very aggressive 100 day action plan to SCC members, if you want to see a copy of it, ask your local SCC rep.

    Makes sense to do it that way, the dems don't know our business, and it saves money (fiscally conservative)

  12. 1:59 - Thanks I'll check that out.

  13. Surely there are some ambitious members of the SCC who want to move on to bigger and better things and perhaps run for office some day?

    Wouldn't it be a shame if a vote for Gopal ended that for them?

    A vote for Gopal is just as bad as getting caught with a prostitute in Des Moines or getting caught sending text messages to a page.

    I sure hope we don't find out who votes for Gopal. That'd be some embarrassing stuff!!

    Say NO to the goPAL. He's no friend to the Iowa GOP.

  14. It appears that there are a spectrum of issues that are dividing the party. As a minister of the Gospel of Christ there is a great bit of wisdom in a saying Jesus used when rebuking the religious leaders of His day when he said "a house divided against itself cannot stand."You see, there were some of the same difficulties facing them 2000 years ago that we are facing today. The answer to these problems is true unity. When we place the good of the cause above our selfish ambitions, we can grow and accomplish much. With a multitude working and striving in the same directions we become unified. As one body our defeats are minimized because we divide them, our victories become more more intense because we share and multiply them. When we learn to work as a team with the same objectives, we can reach out to places we have not been willing to go before producing growth that is absolutely essential for victory in years ahead. Without a unified party with one vision, one purpose, and most importantly one voice, we will remain a minority party. But when we hit our objective, nothing can stop us!

  15. I received information (granted that it was 2nd hand) that Leon claims he did NOT sign that letter from April 2000

  16. Will the real slim shaddy please stand up?December 23, 2008 at 3:26 PM

    Krusty, I have a hard time calling anybody with three votes including themselves a "frontrunner" when there will be 17 votes cast. There are 14 SCC members who are looking to see which of the real candidates in Carroll, Pate and Strawn are for real. The few that can make it to the Dec. 27th meeting (thanks alot Matt Randall) will see which ones are seriously qualified and which just want the job because they have nothing else to do (Carroll) or have a personal agenda like higher office (Pate, Strawn) or just to settle old scores (Gopal).

  17. Krusty needs to get a milk carton ready for HawkeyeGOP.

  18. Do you know what we are up against?

    The most expensive left wing hatched job in political history was dreamt up by a guy named Tim Gill from Colorado and his millionaire homosexual friends. They decided to spend whatever it took to defeat “the rising stars” of the GOP. THEY made Danny Carroll their poster boy because he was effective, and solidly in step with the GOP platform. (A document not every past chair has even read.)

    So, a group of millionaires from across the country, spend loads of cash on the most consistently conservative state legislators across the country – and name Danny Carroll as the model conservative – why would we waste their research and investment.

    Danny is a guy the left FEARS.

    By the way, that same group of gay donors now runs the majority party in this state. They have bought up key Democrat legislators. If you don’t think that Danny Carroll is the guy to lead us into the fight we now face, you simply don’t understand the nature of the enemy.

  19. Thanks, MD. Let's get this chairman chosen and then get on full speed ahead to defeat Democrats while there's still something left of this state.

  20. round & round we go, where we go, no one knowsDecember 23, 2008 at 5:52 PM

    Sporers plan isn't private. He's been working on it for a couple of years now...it's good, it's detailed and the status quo folks who keep losing these elections want nothing to do with it.

    Deace has seen it and commented on it, county chairs have seen it, scc members have seen it. it requires change and current stakeholders aren't much interested in change. they like their current power and marketing relationships just the way they are.

    enter danny carroll, matt strawn, paul pate, stu iverson, doug gross, chris rants, marlys popma, gopaul, sheffler, matt strawn, matt strawn, doug gross and chris rants.

    did I miss anyone?

  21. 5:16 said:
    "The most expensive left wing hatched job in political history was dreamt up by a guy named Tim Gill from Colorado and his millionaire homosexual friends."

    Was one of them the Rev. Ted Haggard by any chance?

  22. I like Ted's plan, but why is the Polk County Party in shambles? Why was it inactive during the caucuses? Why didn't he implement change while on the committee? And more importantly where the hell is he?

    This is what he does, he gets all excited and proposes a bunch of stuff and then vanishes. Why does it seem that people like Gopal and Sporer have to be the Chairman to offer solutions to the party?

  23. oh contrare mr. pott. you don't know what ted took over in the beginning.

    ted resurrected polk from absolute oblivion. he took it from about 6 people attending to over 300 attending. it was remarkable.

    i think he learned though, as all other county chairs have learned, rpi feels competitive with the counties. there is a reason the counties are either dead or dying.

    rpi placeholders diligently work the top o the ticket cures all ills plan (has never worked), while ted fervently believes you must build from the county up.

    from the school board to the white house...they say

  24. ted also learned, as all other scc folks have learned, the scc has no power at all. they pass things 17-0 and stu iverson just say's "whatever" - doug gross and chriss rants say goes - not the scc.

    the status quo folks want a figure head that will be nice and quiet and not fight with the democrats has been my opinion of events.

  25. "Danny is a guy the left FEARS."????

    Please. Been beat twice and never had the votes to be Speaker. So is Danny going for the Three-Peat?

    Paul Pate never lost to a Democrat.