Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trouble with the Truth

Last week we all took a little time to look back at Gopal Krishna’s first go around with the Republican Party of Iowa. If you weren’t around then or didn’t read my posts on the subject you just have to know it wasn’t what some would call constructive, and Krishna ultimately faced removal from his post as Co-Chair and resigned from the Party.

I’m told that Mr. Krishna was angered with my posts on his time at the party and told people it was a bunch of lies. What’s a blogger to do, I don’t think posting a couple Yepsen articles, and a run down from the SCC meeting which sought his removal, and a letter form the Co-Chair of the party and a majority of the people on the SCC is spreading lies, but letting people know about past events.

I was a little surprised to see Krishna tell the Iowa Independent that there was never a Krishna/Sporer slate, and he’s not even decided that he’s running for chair. These are bold faced lies. Lets look at the time line of events last week.

First Grant posted about the “secret meeting” in which the Krishna/Sporer slate was discussed. This piqued my interest for a number of reasons but I didn’t write about it because I didn’t have a source but know that Grant wouldn’t have posted the story if there wasn’t truth behind it. Then SCC member David Chung chimed in with this post, which included the following:

The other issue of course is the election of a new party chairman. Yesterday, Grant Young (aka G$) over at Questions, Comments and Insults, scooped everyone by making public the slate of Gopal Krishna as chairman and Ted Sporer as co-chair.

After reading those comments from a SCC who would shoot down false rumors I moved forward with my posts. So while Gopal lies to the Iowa Independent and say’s he’s not running, SCC member Bill Anderson told the Sioux City Journal that Krishna has asked for his support.

In the Iowa Independent, Krishna said that bloggers like Grant and I are lying and trying to divide the party. He said, “we can express opinions without bashing people.” If properly vetting a candidate who seeks to lead the Party is “bashing” and trying to tear the party about then I’m fine with that.
It seems that Mr. Krishna has some trouble with the truth, which is why I have a problem with him being the leader of the Republican Party in Iowa.


  1. Having folks like Herschel and David with blogs is one of the few "good things" happening around Iowa's political landscape.

    For those who might think Krusty is an unpaid assassin, THEY are the ones who make party rekonstruction difficult.

    Keep on posting the truth Herschel, you're a patriot and a "klass act!"

    Wear your kriticisms like a badge of honor, it means this kounts!

  2. Krusty is the Keyser Söze of Iowa Politics.

  3. Hey Kevin Spacey, you owe me 7 bucks for K-Pax.

  4. does anyone have a picture of gopal without the ferret on his head?

  5. This guy should not even be a SCC member let alone the Chairman!

    3rd district delegates should take notice for 2010.

  6. Interesting how Scheffler and Krishna travel everywhere together. Two peas in a pod!! Krishna isn't even a christian... ask him what church he goes to and then ask him about Lisa Smith (a SSC member)... a nice little affair!!!

    Krishna played every side of every fence and now Scheffler has his career depending on it.

    What does Krishna have on Scheffler....Hmmm

    .....Scheffler's "mysterious reciept of 25,000 per month over the last 2 years.....hmmm

    ....Scheffler using ICA against Huckabee.....Hmmmm

    Which on is it do you think?

  7. I heard Blagojevich has a Governorship up for a small fee.. perhaps Gopal would be interested...

  8. Looks like we have a serious contender for Chair of RPI:

    Great video, and welcome to the race Matt Strawn!

    Good luck!

  9. That video is WONDERFUL.

    Do you think we can get our new chairman to do a weekly address about the past week in Iowa politics - and get it so the blogs and the activists can spread the links to all their lists?

    How about the legislative leaders too?

    IowaGOP doing YouTube - warms my heart.

  10. Great video.

    Our party could use a fresh face.

  11. Kompliments to Matt for being the first to use technology; more specifically; lifestreaming tools (Youtube counts) to push out a message that costs less than the exalted "fax machine" at DM HQ.

    This is the type of leadership-vision-teknology we'll need to kompete in the future years, but based in this 129 second introduction/ask, I must confess a "thirst" for more information.

    As the ever famous burger lady, Clara Peller said, "Where's the beef?!" "Fresh, energetic and passionate" is great, but that's two slices of bread and a pickle where I come from...

    Telling us about throwing Loebsack and Brailey back to ivory towers and ambulance chasing is exactly the kind of messaging that kauses Republicans to lose races, full of red meat as they say, but no kalories. If you're going to teach our kandidates how to win races, then show us you know how to run your own.

    (If your answer is you didn't know who the bloggers were, then you have no place in our future)

    1) Nice visuals, (beautiful family-keep up the good work and have more Republicans!) (I respect his proud faith) and held my breath until I was sure there were no floating crosses! Kredentials seem good to, but where's the plan?

    2) Tagg this with a Web site that gives us something to chew on! Then, when all the other kandidates pick up on your ideas, you can establish you "said it first!"

    3) Why did we receive this from an anonymous poster? You're a smart guy, send this to all the Iowa blogs first out of respect for the party faithful and Krusty... with your proud signature and ASK them to post a link! Then send it to Yepsen and James Q of the east!

    I'm non committal until we hear more about how Matt plans to bring our party out of the shadows!

    (And for the boy wonders in mommys basement that know I don't have a vote in this race...remember it doesn't matter who wins if we aren't united at the end and go back to work!)

    In Konklusion, I like Matt as I do many other kandidates, now let's see who can truly present the entire package - which means we see enough specifics to roll up our sleeves and dig ourselves out from under the outhouse!

  12. Considering we've seen nothing from any of the other candidates, I'm pretty excited to see that at least one of them actually knows what youtube is!

    If Matt Strawn takes advantage of these technologies in a campaign for Chair, one could only imagine what he would bring to RPI.

  13. Great video!

    Great prospect!

    Great start!

    WAR keeping comments pithy!

  14. Pate - Strawn '08December 10, 2008 at 3:56 PM

    Nice video. All that was missing a Huckabeesque window sill cross in the background. :)

  15. Sorry 3:44, my passion got the best of me...but at least I still have some.

    William F. Buckley Jr. is spinning in his grave kause you just used one of his "words!"

    WAR: Smart people!

  16. Pate can be '08December 10, 2008 at 4:05 PM

    Matt Strawn for GOP Chair '09

  17. Impressive video. Want to hear some more. But I like what I'm seeing.

  18. To the poster "Pate can be '08":

    Both of them are the top contenders and would make a good team either way.

    I think this blog and others have made the Gopal issue blow up and the wind never really took to the sails of the other chair hopefuls. There have been seven candidates that have asked for my vote who appear to have only one vote at the most a piece. I would have liked to have already selected a chairman and am anxious to get this behind us and move forward.

    I tired of people feeling they have to whisper when admiting they are a republican.

  19. Oh no! Matt Strawn said birth of Christ and he wants to be SCC chair? How dare he! I saw it. I saw a cross in the fireplace. He's pandering to the Christian vote- don't fall for it!

  20. C'mon people! Matt Strawn ofers two things that we have not had in a while as a chair: youth and experience! Besides that he's conservative, this should be a no brainer! Who else would run Gopal? He would be as bad as the IL governor.

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