Friday, December 5, 2008

Gopal’s ouster in 2000 sets a precedent for Chair election to happen without notice.

It seems that the State Central Committee could elect a new Chair when they meet this weekend. Previously we were lead to believe that the election would occur on January 10th. According to 2nd District SCC member David Chung, no 10 day notice required to have a chair election. However the party by-laws do stipulate that a written agenda outlining the subjects to be covered at the meeting has to be included, and while SCC members can request items for discussion, it needs to be done prior to the notice.

I was able to get my hands on the minutes from the September 18, 1999 SCC meeting. This was the meeting in which current Chairman Kayne Robinson asked for Gopal Krishna removal as the Party’s Co-Chair. Ultimately, Lisa Smith (a current SCC member) delivered Gopal’s letter of resignation to the committee.

Before that however the committee had a long debate on whether or not they could vote to remove Gopal since it was not included in the agenda. The committee decided that they could remove him since the agendas that are sent out are often vague. This is further strengthened when the committee voted Leon Mosley as Co-Chair of the Party at the same time.

So here’s the deal. The SCC can elect a new chair tomorrow if they choose to. I would urage you to contact your SCC members and tell them not to do so. Are all the potential chair candidates going to be at this weekends meeting? Are the only two candidates for Co-Chair Leon Mosley and Ted Sporer? Additionally, if it is true that there is support of the Gopal/Sporer slate some county activists might what to hear from their SCC members why this is the best direction for the party before the vote is taken, not after.

Contact your SCC members. Their email address can be found here.


  1. I think the State Central Committee should party like it's 1999 and throw out Gopal again.

  2. As a SW Iowa Republican in King's district...

    This message is for:

    Bill Anderson
    Reid Houser
    Monte Shaw

    If you vote for him...I look forward to working my ass off to ensure that you are never elected to anything ever in your life again.

    Consider yourself warned.

    This I promise you.

  3. Central Iowa RepublicanDecember 5, 2008 at 11:36 AM

    There are qualified candidates for the Chair and co-chair positions. They are willing to serve, and prepared to make their case to the SSC. Why would anyone rush to elect people who aren't qualified, have a negative history within the party, and don’t appear to be willing to run on a specific plan for reforming the party or reclaiming the state?

    DO NOT elect Gopal/Ted!

  4. At a time when we need to rebuild our party and unify the severely fractured base, they go and submit a tandem of the the most divisive personalitiles and psuedo political figures in recent memory.

    I want to hear a good friendly discussion on the merits of the remaining candidates and we should all contact our state central committee members and tell them to forget the Gopaul/Spore slate.

  5. I think the SCC should not vote for a new chair and co-chair this weekend. Gopal was thrown out once, twice will be better for the party!! Do not put him and Sporer in as the head of the party in Iowa. We need people who will work with the grassroots! Not dividers.
    If Leon Mosley is running again for co-chair, there is none better!!! Listen up SCC. We need Leon more than ever.

  6. Where are the minutes from the secret Central Committee meeting?

  7. Leon Mosley is the best hardworking co chair ever.
    Vote for Mosley !!!

  8. Iowa GOP censures leader
    By James Q. Lynch
    The Gazette
    DES MOINES — The Iowa GOP State Central Committee on Saturday censured one of its representatives to the Republican National Committee.
    The committee, which oversees the state party’s activities, voted 8-7 to censure Kim Lehman, citing a conflict between her role in the party and as head of Iowa Right to Life.
    Although some wanted to oust her from party leadership, the Central Committee had no authority to remove a national committee member.
    Central Committee member David Chung of Cedar Rapids made the censure motion. He said he was satisfied with the result.
    “The issue is closed at this point,” he said after the committee met in Des Moines. “We have work to do as a party and we need to move on. I think people are ready to move on.” At issue was a pre-election flier distributed by Iowa Right to Life criticizing the 2nd District GOP U.S. House candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks. The group said she should get the “Great Pretender Award” for her statements opposing abortion.
    Second District Republicans said Lehman had conflicting roles and had damaged her credibility in the party.
    Division remains, however, according to Linn County GOP Chairman Jim Conklin. County GOP leaders want to create opportunities for fiscal conservatives and libertarians to play a more active role, he said.
    The committee deferred a decision on a new party chair until January. Chairman Stewart Iverson, a former state senator, resigned.
    Several names have been mentioned as successors, including former Cedar Rapids Mayor Paul Pate, a former state senator and Iowa secretary of state, and Christopher Reed of Marion, who unsuccessfully challenged U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin in November.