Thursday, December 11, 2008

Iowa GOP Chair Race

By now you have probably figured out that I don’t think Gopla Krishna should be elected to be the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. How this liar is still even an option is beyond me.

So with that out of the way I want to assess the field of candidates and look at the other candidates weaknesses. I’m not doing this to tear these guys down, I’m doing it to because this is serious business and we need to be sure that the SCC gets the best person possible to fill this position. That means asking these candidates the tough questions.

In an effort of full disclosure I’m a long way from throwing my support behind any candidate. While many people want to know who it’s going to be sooner rather than later, these kinds of elections are very fluid. We could see new candidates emerge, or a candidate who has been written off could catch fire. As a reminder at this time in 2006 Ray Hoffmann wasn’t even an option, yet he won in a convincing manner when the vote was taken.

Before we look at the current fields weaknesses, I first want to say that all are good people who believe they can move the party forward. If you see them, thank them for wanting to make our party better.

Matt Randall: Randall is a current SCC member and Ames businessman.

Strengths: His passion to get young people more involved in the party, and his determination to see RPI run more like a business.

Weakness: Outside of Ames Randall is unknown and is a relative newcomer to Statewide Republican Politics.

Matt Strawn
: Strawn is the Principal owner of the Iowa Barnstormers, former Iowa campaign Manager for John McCain, and former Chief of Staff for Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers.

Strengths: Strawn brings a young fresh face to RPI, his experience in DC makes him well versed in various issues and I’m told he has some experience in fundraising.

Weakness: While Strawn is a native Iowan, he just moved to the state a year and a half ago meaning he is basically unknown outside of a few circles.

Gopal Krishna
: Krishna was forced to resign as Co-Chair of the Party early in 2000. He worked to undermine the leadership of the party in his quest to take over the reins himself. Recently it seems that Krishna has some trouble with the truth about his past involvement with the party.

Strengths: None

Weakness: Plenty. Seriously, if the SCC wants to make the party irrelevant elect this guy.

Danny Carroll: Carroll is a former state legislator, and board member of the Iowa Family Policy Center.

Strengths: a long time legislator who understands the legislative process and various issues. He’s also well respected and mild mannered.

Weakness: his mild mannered soft spoken demeanor is perceived that he lacks the fire in the belly to lead our party out of our current darkness. Carroll has also lost his last two bids for his State House Seat.

Christopher Reed
: Reed is a businessman for Marion who recently ran against Sen. Tom Harkin.

Strengths: was able to win a 3 way US Senate primary with limited resources.

Weakness: unable to raise significant money.

Andy Cable: Cable is a longtime GOP activist and chair from Hardin County.

Strengths: as a long time county activist he has an understanding of how the party should work.

Weakness: unknown to most people.

Paul Pate: Pate is a former State Senator, Secretary of State, Gubernatorial Candidate, and Mayor. He is a businessman from Cedar Rapids.

Strengths: has proven the ability to win local and state wide elections in the past and raised adequate money to support his campaigns.

Weakness: while Pate is still well known in Linn County, he hasn’t been visible or involved in statewide politics for almost a decade.

Ted Sporer: Sporer is an attorney from Des Moines, former SCC member, and chair of the Polk county GOP.

Strengths: as a party insider for years he understands the problems that the party faces.

Weakness: his actions don’t match his rhetoric.

I don’t know if the perfect person to chair the Republican Party exists. For me the ideal person has already been involved helping elect Republicans in Iowa. Is known by a number of people around the state, not just in Des Moines, has the ability to raise money for the party, can articulate the Republican message, and put in place a team of people who are interested in helping Republicans win rather than taking a paycheck and padding one’s resume.

Knowing that many of you have a horse in this race please share the strengths of your candidate. Lets keep this constructive.

Random thought on Blagojevich

I think the corruption case involving Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is going to be a messy one. There is no doubt in my mind that Blago will cut a deal and squeal. Does he chirp about Rezko and Ayers, is Rahm Emanuel involved? This is undoubtedly bad news for President Elect Obama as he is tarnished at the worst time in his post election honeymoon.

On another note it is widely known that “Candidate 5” is Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. While the Feds have said it wasn’t him who indicated a willingness to pay for a senate appointment, I wonder if this so called emissary is none other than Jessie Jackson Sr.

Cyclone Conservative is back on line.

Welcome back Don!


  1. Excellent analysis by Krusty, as always.

    When looking through that list the choice in my mind is very clear.

    We need someone who has the energy, talents, communication skills, and proven fundraising ability. That person is clearly Matt Strawn!

  2. As a 4th District County Chair, I've been disappointed in Matt Randall. He just has not stood out in my mind in terms of communications. The information that we received pre-election from our SCC reps was few and far between, although Bill Schickel does an excellent job in soliciting opinions. If this is what we could expect from Matt, he would not have my vote. Communication is so vitally important. Matt falls down.

    Krusty, I also agree with your sentiments on Gopal and Ted. I believe that both would be divisive to the party.

    At this point, my vote would go to either Danny Carroll or Matt Strawn. I've heard and read great things about these gentlemen and hope to see both at the Dec 27th GOP presentation.

  3. Matt Strawn just may be what we need. He would come in fresh with the ability to unite all factions and this is what we need at this point.

    We'd all be willing to give him a chance.

    Speaking of IL politics, you don't think it's possible they're all lying, do you? Of course not. :)

  4. Herschel, do you have any investigative reporters?

    You should find out how many of
    the candidates have actually attended their own central committee meetings in the past year...

    Obviously, Ted was already there so that's a given, but for the rest who are ready to lead the fight from DM, have they any clue about the true condition of the county organizations? If they haven't attended any meetings then doesn't that beg an obvious question? If you can't find anyone, call my agent and we'll work something out.

  5. Chris Reed is running?!? Talk about a bad choice. He called Tom Harkin a traitor to his country because he wanted to set a timetable for troop withdraw.

    Now, I'm actually preparing to leave for military boot camp to become an officer (I'm a civilian right now), and I voted Republican (but I didn't vote in the Senate race because Reed is just a nut). I disagree with Harkin on setting a timetable, but c'mon he is not a traitor for suggesting it.

    Reed is divisive, not eloquent, and abrasive. Give me someone with some frickin charisma! Obama didn't win the election because his ideas were the best to most people, but because he was charismatic and cool. Reagan had it, Obama has it, good salesmen have it.

    We need a person with that quality to lead our GOP (assuming they've got the intellect to match).

  6. Ok Krusty, It pains this Jedi to have to do this, but I'm going to have to correct you on a couple things...

    And yes I am going to promote my boy Pate who taught me the ways of the Force (deal with it).

    First of all you claim Pate has a weakness of being "out of statewide politics for a decade." Perhaps that may seem the case to capital basement dwellers in Des Moines, but he was Mayor of the 2nd largest city in the state (Cedar Rapids) and served as the President of the Iowa League of Cities which represents approximately 950 municipalities in Iowa (thats STATEWIDE for Krusty and those of you from Rio Linda).

    As to your request for those of us to simply promote our horses and not tear down the competition, you really need to take your own advice. Respectfully, you have torn Gopal a new one every day this week and sometimes more than once a day. Make your positions known, but you can do without calling him names. You are better than that.

    Now back to regularly scheduled programming....

  7. Good break down. Danny Carroll is my choice and here's why.

    1)Danny is a great uniter. The party is in a rebuilding phase and Danny can help us through it with minimal turmoil.
    2) Danny is a solid fundraiser. I realize that Matt $trawn is a good fundraiser as well. If that is the primary reason you would support Strawn, Danny deserves a fair look. Danny outraised his opponent in his district 3-1 and raised only $4,000 less in the campaign including PAC and out of state homosexual money to his opponent. Danny will definately not have to conceed this point, he has a proven ability to raise $$.
    3) Danny was the Mahaska and Powesheik County Central Committee. Danny had 180 volunteers that helped in some way on the campaign with 50-60 that were very active. He had two full-time campaign managers staffed as well. He had the best organization in the state.
    4) Danny is a proven leader. Ask any number of the legislators that Danny would be working with as the party chair and they would choose to follow Danny's lead, hands down. His caucus has always looked to him for leadership.
    5) Danny is a visionary. He has made up a comprehensive plan for the future of the party by asking imput from Republican members of the Legislature, all county chair positions, and grass roots organizations. Danny is a team player.

    This is not an all inclusive list but it is a very compelling case for Danny Carroll.

  8. Mr. Dolan:

    "Danny is a solid fundraiser. Danny outraised his opponent in his district 3-1 and raised only $4,000 less in the campaign including PAC and out of state homosexual money to his opponent. Danny will definately not have to conceed this point, he has a proven ability to raise $$. Danny was the Mahaska and Powesheik County Central Committee. Danny had 180 volunteers that helped in some way on the campaign with 50-60that were very active. He had two full-time campaign managers staffed as well. He had the best organization in the state."

    All that and yet he still managed to get his ass kicked by much wider margins than McCain did in his county precincts. Something tells me we should not hand the party over to a guy that has perfected the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory more than once.

  9. You forgot one weakness of Pate's:

    He is a friend of yoda

  10. If I'm so bad how come only gutless anons are brave enough to say something? Stand by your statements or keep them to yourself.


  11. Krusty, why don't you devote a day to each of the officially deklared kandidates to "guest post" in the "Attila the Klown Chair" and let them cast out their vision and plans for RPI? We could ask them questions and provide your millions of fans with VIP access to the RPI proceedings?
    You might need to moderate komments (that's a shock) to keep the diskourse positive and konstructive, but it could be a great venue to let us participate in the process?

    Yoda, I feel a disturbance in the Linn Kounty force...surprised you haven't felt it yet. Is there a Sith Lord in our midst?

  12. Yoda all fired up... you're so funny!

    Insulted you he may have, but Take it personally, you should not.

    You need thicker green skin

  13. Danny Carroll does not have a "weakness" because his campaigns didn't win the House races. In fact, he probably knows more about campaigns now after losing them.

    Every campaign has tricks and tactics that people can learn from. And with Grinell in the district he probably saw more than most.

    The fact is, Republicans need to learn why their campaigns are falling short in close districts, and need how to run campaigns in D districts. I'd rather have someone whose been in the trenches and fought the fight.

  14. The job is to elect Republicans. The best qualification for the job is a good track record as a County Chair.

    Promoting above all else the agenda of a narrow range of single issue groups is at the root of a lot of current problems. It has not been sucessful at attracting a majority of voters. It has scared off a lot of long time contributors.

    Trying to squelch those bringing these problems to the attention of Iowa Republicans while proclaiming some divine authority gives you that delete button disqualifies for the job.

    Sorry, Ted. Go cry on your Chaplin's 50,000 watt shoulder.

  15. Anon 3:25


  16. At the risk of turning this into a debate with my new friend Mark, here is what I beleive are compelling points as to why Paul Pate is more qualified on each of the bullet points he lists for Danny Carroll.

    1. (Uniter) Paul Pate is a rock solid family values and fiscal conservative who was able to support Bob Vander Plaats and then be state chairman of the Rudy Guiliani campaign in Iowa. Pate has won a state senate seat and became Mayor of CR in Linn County which has a registration advantage for the dems by several thousands. He brought people together of all stripes to support a conservative. And I'll throw in he has proven he can win statewide for good measure. ADVANTAGE PATE

    2. (Fundraiser) In addition to successfully raising funds necesary to winning elections at the state senate, mayoral and statewide office levels he has been chairman of the Linn Eagles which is the $ group dedicated to electing republicans in Linn County. ADVANTAGE PATE

    3. (Organization) Pate has served as chairman of the Linn County central committee in addition to building successful organizations to win elections at all levels of government in Iowa. Did I mention his organizations have never lost to a democrat? ADVANTAGE PATE

    4. (Leader) Pate has executive leadership that is difficult to match. Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Secretary of State, President of the Iowa League of Citites, CEO of PATE Asphalt Systems. As an executive, the buck stops with you. ADVANTAGE PATE

    5. (Vision) Pate too has delivered a plan (NOT A SURVEY) to state party leaders which includes not just members of the state central committee, but county leaders as well in addition to our elected office holders. We are all apart of his plan. ADVANTAGE PATE

    Just my two cents...

    One more thing, wouldn't it be nice to have a former state commissioner of elections as chairman to take Mike Mauro to task when he tries to screw us on election day?

  17. Krusty,

    I've been hearing rumblings that there is yet another "secret" meeting in the works - here we go again!

    I heard through the grapevine that BVP is teaming up with Danny Carroll and IFPC to invite a group of SCC members to talk about the future of the party.

    Please don't tell me that Danny is planning to turn RPI into an arm of ANOTHER BVP RUN FOR GOVERNOR!

    Have you heard anything about this?

    Or better yet, Mark, let us know how the meeting goes.

  18. Wake me when its overDecember 11, 2008 at 4:48 PM

    Danny's run for chairman couldn't catch fire with a match and a blow torch so now he thinks Vander- Perrenial candidate-Plaats is going to change things? *Newsflash* Nobody on the state central committee wants him to be a our nominee against Culver. What is this special bond between these two? Is it that they both are coming off two consecutive losses?

  19. I've been waiting for an update all day and here it is.

    Check it out.

    Be sure to read the letter of principles!

  20. Again Yoda, If you were not backing Pate I would inclined to vote for Pate. With you backing him lessens his credibility.

  21. It sounds like we have the team we need:

    Matt Strawn is obviously an ambitious guy with a lot to offer. He’ll make a great chair some day. Maybe he could raise his name ID, and some money, as the co-chair.

    Paul Pate ought to think about running against Mauro. Nothing scares a guy like that more than the potential of a November smack-down at the polls. We need a candidate for that office with a track record to run for that office. Winning the SOS race might be more important to our long term success than winning the Governor’s race.

    Matt Randall should help develop a strategy for involving more young Republicans, and bring as many new faces in to the party as possible. He might make a good chair one day too.

    Christopher Reed could be great as the executive director. He’s energetic, and has the passion. He just needs to serve under a more seasoned politician for a while. Under the right chair, he could come back to prove Bahama Tom doesn’t determine when our guys get turned out to pasture.

    Danny Carroll has the name ID and the statewide respect we need in a chair whose main job is to unite the party. He also has the even temper and proven leadership ability to bring the above mentioned personalities on to the same team.

  22. Danny is old hat, been there tried that and has nothing new to offer.

  23. Appreciate your mention of my name in your column Krusty and wanted to add a couple thoughts to your analysis.
    First off under weaknesses you mention I am not well known- which seems to be the weakness you show for several of the candidates. Maybe to a lot of outside people that is true, but I might venture to say that to many of the activists in the state I am well known.
    I have been involved with local GOP politics since I was recruited by a Reagan fan to work for him in 1976.
    Shortly there after I was elected Precinct Chair and served on the Hardin County CC for the better part of 30 years. I was unanimously elected County Chair to reunite it after a few years of in fighting and just recently stepped down to Co-Chair. I think I leave my tenure as Hardin County Chair resulting in one the best and most active County Central Committees in the state.
    During this period I have been on three Distric and two State Permanent Organization Committees, being State Chair once, have addressed the State Convention and in 2008 was also elected the 4th District Convention Chair in Ft Dodge.
    I have also been the Campaign manager and consultant for the last four District 44 State Representative races. We won all four despite being targeted in the top three statewide races by the Democrats and being outpsent nearly three to one in 06 and 08. Do I understand what it takes to win these races? I think so and if any doubts contact Polly Granzow, Annette Sweeney or Linda Upmeyer and ask them.
    My activism within the party over the last 30 years at the grassroots County, District and State levels I believe has given me an accurate read of where we have failed, what we have done right and most important what we need to do.
    So am I am a marque name to many? no probably not - but am I an unknown without a track record? I think not- ask any of our elected officials and leaders - Grassley, Latham, Northey, McKinley, Upmeyer, Mosely, Iverson, Roberts- the list goes on- not that they are endorsing me but rather am I an unknown to them and what my behind the scenes election work record has been.
    Do I have a plan? It is probably more of an outline of problems and suggestions. The plan needs to come from all Republicans statewide. From a united SCC with candiates and Statehouse input.
    The Party needs to be rebuilt - from the ground up not by edict from the top down. In real estate it location, location, location- in politics its communication, communication, communication! We need to emplement 21st Century communication and ideas to rebuild our base.
    I think maybe I have a better idea than any other candidate as to the grassroots Iowa Republicans thoughts. They want to unite not divide our party with rhetoric. They want to be heard not preached to or even worse ignored. But most important they want to win and will pay the price to do so if given the vehicle and a cohesive message to do so.
    Andy Cable

  24. Response to :

    I've been hearing rumblings that there is yet another "secret" meeting in the works - here we go again!

    I heard through the grapevine that BVP is teaming up with Danny Carroll and IFPC to invite a group of SCC members to talk about the future of the party.



  25. What grapevine do you get your information from 4:28? You may want to check your sources because it sounds like you are getting bad grapes. Or is it that you are getting sour grapes? Is that why you feel the necessity to make crap this sort of crap so you can take swipes at Danny Carroll.

    The fact is that you only pretend to be important enough to have "insider information" so you can post it anonymously on a blog and see if anyone is stupid enough to buy it. Next time, bring proof or keep your mouth shut.

  26. You know the best part of reading these blogs/comments?

    The fact that the same "anonymous" posters claiming somebody like me who is tearing the Iowa GOP apart for simply telling the truth (and still no one can prove I'm lying about anything), are really the ones doing a bang up job all on their own with their anonymous personal attacks and false scoops.

    Carry on "Big Tent Blasphemers."

  27. I wish Deace would troll somewhere else.

  28. Way to tell it Deace!

    You do have your supporters, even on sites that attempt to be snarly and worse to you!

  29. Deace!! is awesome!!

    We need more democrats in office!!
    Thank you Deace!

  30. Proud Conservative and RepublicanDecember 12, 2008 at 10:20 AM

    Enemy of Republicans.

    Democrats best friend.

    Voter for Obama.

    Be suspicious of whoever Deace supports and his motives!

  31. Checking this site is trolling?
    shoving opinions of Deace on a thread about the Iowa GOP Chair race?

    I troll here to learn about the subject on the thread not to read what mean spirited people think about Steve D.

    Some of you have way tooooo much time on your hands and seem to use sites like this to push your agenda of dislike of a person off on the rest of us who are interested in learning more about the people interested in leading our party.

  32. secret BVP meetings are scary. Sorry Bob, I supported you twice but it just ain't in the cards. Exit stage right. Want to know more about Strawn and Randall. Who would Danny put in as co-chair and ED. Need to see plans!!!!

  33. Bill Anderson would be a fresh face with much enthusiasm.

  34. I'm still waiting for someone to give me proof of a "secret meeting" between Carroll, IFPC and Vander Plaats. It seems like the only one talking about it is a random annon on this blog.

  35. Bill Anderson?

    not a fresh face, a Sheffler Sheep.

  36. Deace may be the best democrat operative ever. Hell he will even kill a few babies by voting for Obama.

  37. Hmm..."former Campaign Manager for McCain in Iowa"... So..was Matt Strawn removed or resigned from the McCain staff? Those are questions that need to be asked...

    Mr. Doland..I'm sorry..I don't believe that we should reward someone who's failed in the past two elections to be our next State Party chair.

    Danny Carroll is a good man..but he failed to learn from his defeat in 2006..and suffered an even bigger defeat in 2008.

    Democrats would bash those defeats over our heads for the next two years with the message "we haven't learned" Not the best way to go into 2010.

    Gopal? Chris Reed? NEXT!

    Personally, I strongly believe that out of the declared candidates, that Paul Pate has the best qualifications and has the best plan to move us forward as our State Party chair.

    Our state chair should be a figure who not only can rally the troops, a good fundraiser, but it should be a person who has a winning track record behind them..A person who's already skilled in running a statewide organization.

    Krusty mentions Pate's "absence" from state politics. While not serving in office, Pate's certainly not been off the radar screen.

    He's provided financial support and endorsement for candidates and he's always been willing and able put forth his time and effort for the party--no questions asked.

    Need people also be reminded that Pate is the only candidate here who has experience in rebuilding a party organization.

    When he took over as Linn County GOP chair, elected Republicans were few and far between..when he left, the GOP held more legislative and local offices than at any other period before.

  38. Pate is largely untested. Don’t forget, he held the Iowa Senate seat when it was a solid Republican district and he won the Secretary of States office in 1994 … Not exactly a tough year for Republicans. He was mayor of Cedar Rapids but he was the last full time Mayor the city had, after Pate they moved to a City Manager plan ... That isnt exactly a glowing endorsement from your constituency when they strip your office of its power after your tenure.

    I’m not saying that Pate is a bad choice but I have a serious problem with Pate's supporters bashing him for losing one of the most difficult legislative districts in the state in heavily Democratic years (after he held it for over a decade) when their guy is totally untested against a strong Democratic opponent … ... David Mulder never lost to a Democrat either, does that mean we should be looking at him for chairman? Winning a solid Republican district in strong Republican years does not mean a candidate knows how to win, it just means they bought houses in the right place, or they have a good sense of timing.

    It’s a straw man argument and I don’t think its convincing anyone.

  39. Coming to Iowa:

  40. Speaking of Sec of State races, George Soros and other filthy rich Democrats are funding the Secretary of State Project expressly to elect Democrats to the offices of Sec of State in the states.

    I wonder why? You don't think it's so they can control all the elections in these states, do you?

    Folks, this is extremely dangerous. Be aware!!

    They are instrumental in trying to steal the election in MN.

  41. Since a few -- very few -- are discussing the politics of winning elections:

    Only Strawn has taken the trouble to emai me (and many, many others), and, as far as I can tell, he's also the only one who has scheduled meetings with "active Republicans" around the state.

    If we're actually looking for an election winner, that puts him a step ahead of the others.

    (Technical query: Do all SCC officers and candidates have access to the email address list compiled at the state convention?)


  42. More Anon frivolity...

    Lets deal with your fallacies one by one.

    1. Pate is "largly untested"?? Ok that's a completely asnine statement to make.

    Once again, when Pate became Linn County GOP chair..GOP elected officials were few and far between. Pate laid out the groundwork that got more GOP elected officials out of Linn County...not just himself as a State Senator in the district he ran in.

    No other candidate running for state chair can claim ANY experience in rebuilding a party organization like Pate has had experience in.

    2. You talk about people "bashing" Danny Carroll.. I'm not bashing him at all. Its actually a very simple point. He got beat in 2006 by a very close margin.

    You would have thought that Carroll would have modified his strategy and tactics for a 2nd run in 2008

    Instead..he ran virtually the same campaign..and got beat by a larger margin. He couldn't even win by the margins that McCain did in solid R areas like Mahaska County. That's a FACT.

    Where was Carroll's early/absentee ballot plan in his campaign? From the looks of it..there was none. And for the 2nd straight year..Carroll was beaten in the exact same way by a larger margin.

    The Dems would immediately grab onto Carroll's defeats and trumpet his election as sign that RPI "still hasn't learned"..and we'd be spending time and energy trying to convince people otherwise. Time and energy we simply don't have.

    Don't get me wrong..Danny Carroll is a fine leader in the GOP..but I do not believe that him being our State Chair is in our best interest.

    Anon..the reason WHY people should support Pate is because he's the only candidate with a WINNING track record behind him. Isn't that what we're all trying to do here? Win elections?

    Only one candidate running for state chair has won at the local, legislative and state level..and that's Pate.

    Only one candidate can lay claim to having run a party organization, won election on multiple occasions, held State Executive office and has run Iowa's 2nd largest city.

    The Party needs to get back to the order at hand..winning elections. We need leaders who can get that job done. I fully believe that Pate is the one who can do that.

    Claiming that Pate is "untested" is a completely ridiculous notion.

    73 Reardon, all state chair candidates SHOULD be getting access to that email list. If they're not..I'd like to know how Strawn got access to it.

  43. Not sure why everyone is getting so heated about this discussion. Pate has about as much chance to be elected Chairman as Ted Kennedy has of being elected Pope. They have the same number of votes (0) it looks like the SCC is moveing toward Srawn. Carroll still has some votes and Gopal probably still has his but everyone I talk to is starting to rally to Strawn.

  44. 7:31 sez
    Speaking of Sec of State races, George Soros and other filthy rich Democrats are funding the Secretary of State Project expressly to elect Democrats to the offices of Sec of State in the states.
    Geeze, you think you're some kind of a bell ringer? Gimminy that's hardly particularly evil or even unheard-of. Isn't that what Karl Rove and Tom Delay taught us to be doing?

    Just good politics.

  45. Cedar Waxwing being a lapdog for Yoda's Pate. Always the lapdog, aren't you Cedar? I thought after that 3M disaster you two would drift, but still thick as thick can be.

  46. Todd beware of how close you associate yourself with Yoda, He really is a little geen monster. And people will think the same of you as they think of him.

  47. Cheating the Democrat way is not good politics--it's corruption and Democrats have every intention of winning whatever way is necessary. Right now all you have to do is look north to MN. This is not an isolated case.

    It gives us the mindset of those in Chicago. They're Democrats and they can do anything they want.

  48. There seems to be some concern in these comments about having a chair who knows what happens in the counties. This concern is misplaced. A chair should be able to raise money for the party and maintain a high profile for the party. There are plenty of others that can help with county efforts -the SCC and the exec committee to name a few. Which of these candidates fills that bill??

  49. Minnesota's election process, while slow and perhaps not highly efficient, is squeeky clean. Not one Republican involved so far is implying otherwise. And anyway, when just a few hundred votes are the difference for an entire state, every single vote must be revisited.

    That one may have to be settled by the toss of a coin.

  50. I'm not worried what anonymous cowards think about anything. I doubt Cedar or Yoda are either.

    WAR Cedar Waxwing and Yoda

  51. Ok Yoda, I hope Sarah doesn't catch you blogging again

  52. LOL.. That's what's so great about these blogs..

    You got these anon cowards who won't put their name behind their little 7th grade insults.

    If you got something to say to me--I'm in the phone name it.

    I'd respect ya a hellva lot more if you had the guts to stand behind what you said. :)

  53. Cedar we have no problem with you. The only concern is your close friendship with the green troll from CR

  54. What is the matter anon? Did Yoda not hire you? Did he beat you out for a job or something?

    Your crying like a little girl with a skinned knee is growing tiresome. So hush while the grown ups are talking.

  55. Yoda is a tool, no one would hire him if he was the last person in IA. I don't think he can hold a job. He has been fired by the last few places he has worked at and is now a professional "blogger".

  56. Somebody has a mancrush....

  57. Stop Mancrushing YodaDecember 15, 2008 at 2:23 PM

    Um yeah..if that isn't a mancrush..i dont know what is...

    That's illegal in about 34 states ya know...