Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GOP Chair Race

I see that SCC member David Chung thinks I’m off my rocker when it comes to the SCC chair election. He refutes the possibility of a dark horse candidate, and thinks that I’ve been unfair to Gopal Krishna which has lead to all the negative comments on my blog.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really respond well to being called out, or it could be the massive headache I’m dealing with today, but I’m in a pissy mood.

Lets see, where should I start.

Gopal Krishna

Many folks have called me out for the comments I made about Krishna’s ability to communicate. I regret making those comments not because I don’t stand by what I said, but because it has distracted from the reason why he should not elected to lead our Party.

This is what I don’t like about Krishna. He has been involved with the Party before, yet created division and distrust within its ranks. Heck Krishna was the co-chair of the Party during the 1999 Iowa Straw Poll, yet he didn’t even attend. There isn’t a bigger event for the Republican Party than its Straw Poll, yet he was absent. Why does it seem that some people only participate when they are calling the shots? That’s not leadership folks; that’s an opportunist.

We are also to believe that Krishna is well connected and will be able to boost RPI’s fundraising ability. If that’s the case why didn’t he help raise funds for the Party in 2008? Why does he or any candidate have to be in charge before they begin to help?

While I’m still waiting for Krishna or members of the SCC to explain what has happened between the time that Krishna was removed as co-chair in 2000 that he is not the ideal person to lead our Party in the 2010 cycle, a do-or-die election cycle for Iowa Republicans? What’s more troubling, I have yet to see any plan from Krishna, it seems as if we are to trust him, but his previous history with RPI doesn’t instill any such trust.

Handicapping the Race

David Chung seems to be looking at the activity of the candidates. In that sense, I agree with his assessment. However he states that he hasn’t polled his fellow SCC members, and its only those 17 votes that count. This is as inside baseball as you can get. David might be out of the loop because the powers that be don’t want to see their conversations on his blog. Currently I think the race will boil down to Krishna vs. Strawn. However, while David thinks that no Dark Horse exists or will even emerge, I think there is an outside chance.

I wish the SCC would be more active in going out and recruiting someone rather than waiting for someone to run. This election should be about winning statewide in 2010 and hanging the way RPI does business.

Candidate Forum is Back On

It will be this Saturday at 10 a.m.

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