Thursday, January 29, 2009

I’m running for Governor

After careful consideration, I’ve decided form an exploratory committee to run for Governor of the great state of Iowa. I know, I know you thought I was running for U.S. Attorney against fellow blogger Gordon Fischer, but we all know you don’t campaign for that position, unless you’re Gordo. Anyway, I think that I’ve done a good job over the past 3 years letting you know my views and thoughts on things so I figured why the hell not. I’ll now take some questions.

O. Kay Henderson: Krusty, you’re anonymous how would that work?

Krusty: Good question, good question. You see Kay part of the problem we have in Iowa politics is that our leaders lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up to people and say no. Just look at Culver’s budget proposal, it’s across the board cuts rather than targeted cuts; it’s simply our governor being lazy. But to answer your question being anonymous allows me to do what’s right for Iowa, not what keeps me popular with my friends.

David Yepsen: Krusty, since this is an exploratory committee will you have to come back and formally announce your campaign, and when will that be?


David Yepsen: Krusty, settle down, I didn’t mean to incite such anger. I don’t want you to have a heart attack or something. What would you do about the budget crisis here in Iowa?

Krusty: What’s that?

David Yepsen: The budget crisis…

Krusty: Budget crisis? Don’t talk to me about a Budget Crisis, you kidding me, a Budget Crisis?

David Yepsen: You don’t think we have a budget crisis?

Krusty: No, if Mike Gronstal says there isn’t a deficit then I doubt there one actually exists. I mean he’s really the guy in charge.

Sorry, I don’t know where that came from…

Anyway, it has been an interesting week to say the least.

Vander Plaats announces his campaign on Monday.

Northey indicates he might be interested later that day.

Then we learn that Vaudt considering it on Tuesday.

Rants takes a shot at Vander Plaats on Wednesday, we know he’s interested.

Then Bruce Rastetter decides yesterday would be a good day to walk around the capitol. Swings by the press lounge and takes a shot at BVP.

Now today we learn that a well know GOP opinion makers and syndicated blogger is throwing his hat into the ring.

This is just crazy! But what does it mean?

First, it means the GOP knows that Culver is vulnerable. Second, there are a lot of people interested in a running, but don’t want to allow Vander Plaats to run free being the first candidate out of the gate. Third, Vander Plaats is going to come under more scrutiny this time around.

Reading the early tea leaves I think the GOP primary is going to be more about issues than personality. This would be a welcomed development. Iowa has serious issues, which require serious solutions. I think Iowa Republicans are going to look past the sound bites and slogans and look for the candidate who can inspire them by what they want to do, not by what they say and how they say it.

Hold on tight, this one is going to be fun!

Fact of the day: Even with the 6.5% cut--Culver's 2010 budget is the largest in the state's history!


  1. Who would be Krusty's LG?

  2. I wouldn’t have one, it’s a waste of money. I’m going to live forever.

    Lt. Governor – Gone
    State Treasurer – Gone

  3. You mean we have typical Democrat hyperbole? A cut to a Democrat regarding the budget really means a cut in the original increase but it's still an increase.

    Stupid Iowa voters voted these scammers into office--twice. Iowa has what it deserves.

  4. It's the Budget CharlieJanuary 29, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    Kudos to Krusty for already trimming government

  5. in the immortal words of Montgomery Burns..."Excellent"!

  6. Grassley is a moderate?? Somebody tell the Kook fringe!January 29, 2009 at 10:23 AM

    From the AP:

    "And later today, MoveOn, Americans United for Change, AFSCME and SEIU will be announcing a new ad campaign targeting moderate Republican senators who might support the stimulus — Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Charles Grassley of Iowa"

  7. Maybe BVP is running for the wrong office!!

    How can this be? 70% of Iowan's usually support Chuck, has the Deace wing of the party been duped by the sly fox from New Hartford?

    I smell a primary brewing.

  8. Actually, a recent report said Grassley was one of the 10 least conservative members of Congress.

    I guess that's what happens when you push to build a rain forest in the middle of Iowa.

  9. I saw that report too. You mean 10 least conservative REPUBLICAN members of Congress, but yes, all the same - he still invented the cockamamie rain forest scheme and is in the bottom when it comes to Republicans who adhere to conservative values.

  10. Yet the folks in Pella wanted it! I guess the kook fringe in Pella understand that the party platform doesn't mean a whole lot when you don't have a job!!

    Out of work? Don't worry as long as your pro-life everything will be fine! Purity Purity Purity is the mantra now.

  11. I read the story at Radio Iowa about the former Democrat who wishes to be governor - rasttetter. he's running around with that always very charming (ick)nick ryan at the statehouse. he's using the code words "big tent" and i believe in sanctity of life...but". So, we know he'll be the pro-choice republican candidate.

    I had no opinion of this person at all, until I read how snotty he was about BVP. I have no preconceived opinion about the merits of either campaign, but I find myself really turned off by the snottiness of rastetter.

    It sounds so...well, snotty.

    I don't want a snotty gov. Try to be a leader. Try to show some class. Try not to be snotty. The voters are watching and considering the content of the character.

    Snotty ain't cuttin it. He's got a strike against him already.

    Talk about issues, not personality. It demeans the office and the potential officeholder.

    And, being snotty offends my intellect. I'm voting on who can lead us out of this mess, even if that person turns out to have run twice before.

    In sales you are told to never ever run down your competition. The client usually is turned off and doesn't buy.

    Rastetter should know better.

    Maybe he has poor judgment and poor character - after all he's pro-choice and a former member of the snotty democrat party.

  12. I read the Rants snotty filled publication too. what's up? Are Rants and Rastetter working together? They both chose the snotty card and only against BVP? What does Rastetter know? He has no political experience, that I can see. He's ridiculing BVP just because he's run before? Stupid line of thinking. It's not even rational.

    Krusty - how about an article on Rastetter having not one ounce of political experience - just money. I think going for Gov right off the bat is kind of Chris Reed or Bill Salier -like interesting in it's hubris. Don't you? You ridiculed them for doing that. Why not the big brucey?

    Oh, perhaps being rich makes all the difference.

    Krusty - you usually use your blog to destroy who you don't want to win and to promote someone you do wish to win. I'm seeing you do it with BVP like you did with so many others before him.

    Like with the others, I think you have a personal stake in BVP's destruction. Kinda like how Yoda always is about his enemies.

  13. Personally..I agree..I dont want a candidate who's going to be about style rather than substance..we've seen that far too frequently in GOP candidates lately...Does Steve Rathje or Peter Teahen ring a bell for anyone here?

    And Rants?? Um, just got tossed out on your ass as GOP leader in the House. When you took over..we were still in the we're deep in the minority.

    Rants for Gov?? Only in your dreams...

  14. I was more than a little disappointed not to have heard anything from BVP regarding the state budget yesterday.

    If he wants to be taken seriously as a candidate, he needs to start running a serious campaign.

  15. Kind of hard for BVP to respond to anything budget-related when he doesn't understand it.

  16. I love how you are bashing Vander Plaats for being all sizzle, no steak when Rastetter's interview with Kay Henderson sounds like a carbon copy of Vander Plaats' remarks.

    If Rants and Rastetter want to run, great! Lets hear what they have to say. But if the only thing they do is take swipes at Vander Plaats and Social Conservatives calling them "the kook fringe" of the party, they are likely to both be skinned alive in a primary.

  17. Wow 12:52, is there anybody else you wish to anonymously comment on that you have no intelligent nor informed opinion on? Lets see, you mention Rants, Krusty, Rastetter, Nick Ryan, Chris Reed, Bill salier and Yoda. None of those individuals would be afraid to respond to you directly and I'm geussing some of them probably already have in person. Perhaps even have fired you a time or two.

    I'd further point out to you son that Mr. Vander Plaats' experience is exactly like that which you are so utterly dismissive of. Thats right, his only experience is that of running unsuccessfully for an office for which he is qualified for only in his own mind. Running for an office is not a substitute for actual experience for said office.

  18. Constitution Daily's postJanuary 29, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    Sunday marked the 3,000th consecutive day Bob Vander Plaats has been running for governor. To illustrate the amount of time he’s been running, I’ve listed some landmarks for reference…

    Bill Clinton was our President

    Britney Spears was touring to promote her debut album

    911 was just a number you dialed when in an emergency

    Barack Obama was just a State Senator from Illinois

    The Yankees just won their 3rd straight World Series in the Subway Series

    Tom Latham represented part of Western Iowa

    Saddam Hussein was alive – so were his kids

    "Scary Movie" was too stupid for anyone to believe there might be sequels

    Kurt Warner ruled the world (he's on his 2nd comeback now!)

    Lance Armstrong just won a SECOND Tour de France

    Elian Gonzales went back to Cuba

    Doug Gross wasn’t thought of as a moderate

    Marcus Fizer went 4th in the NBA draft - Go ISU!!!

    Napster, Baby. Napster

    Steve King was still a State Senator

    Have you seen that new show, "Survivor"?

    Eastern Iowa Congressional seats were held by Republicans

    What the hell is a DVD player? No thanks - it'll never last

    Dennis Miller is joining "Monday Night Football" - That will be awesome!!!

    Whassup?!?!?!?! (in classic Budweiser voice of course)

    Oh and Bob, may the next 3,000 be as good as the last!

  19. LMFAO&ROTFL@BVP4GOVJanuary 29, 2009 at 2:52 PM

    Was M*A*S*H still on back then too?

  20. No 12:52 you destroy your own credibility just about every time you set your beer/s down and open your mouth or tap those keys with your nicotine stained fingers. Everybody just sits back and watches the spectacle.


  21. Wow. I thought I would support Bob, but his supporters are some of the nastiest people I've ever seen in my life! And if they want to go after staffers, they better be ready to have it come back at them. Watch it, boys or you're next.

  22. As for who should be Krusty's runningmate, I'd say Almo Hawkins. Sorry but I had to.

  23. Whatever happened to Alma Hawkins??

  24. Instead of a Primary Vote, let's give em swords and they can duel it out!

  25. Iowa GOP Idol! Let's make em sing for it!

  26. Hopefully everyone will be in a better blogging mood today because the weekend is impending. Between the anti-everyone but BVP and maybe Krusty commentary and the bloggers copying the BVP bio (we all know it: successful educator, non-profit executive) it's about enough to make one look for another blog to follow.