Thursday, January 22, 2009

Limited Time Offer

Do you have too much credit card debt? Are those bill collectors calling you at all hours of the night? Krusty Konservative can help.

If you are an Iowan making $40,000 you are pre qualified to receive $274,000.00 right now! Think of what you could do with that money. All you have to do is route your annual salary ($40k a year) to us at Krusty Konservative and we will send you a check for $274,000.00!

Wait, that’s not all!

In addition to your payment of $274,000.00 we will also pay you $8,800.00 a year!

That’s a total value of $705,200.00!!!

Call now to order.

Laugh all you want, but this is exactly what Chet Culver and Mike Gronstal are proposing. So while that poor Iowan making $40k a year thinks, that $274k looks tempting, he’s actually agreeing to give up $40k a year for $14,391.84 a year.

That my friends is getting fleeced. You know what’s funny, these are the same people who were outraged by the car title and payday loan places, yet they are the ones knocking down the door to sign one of these stupid deals.


Just to warn you, I might be going into a posting craze we have not seen since TouchPlay…


1 comment:

  1. I never got what the problem with Touch Play is?
    Or this either.
    If people are stupid enough to give there money away, so be it, right?
    It's stupid, I agree.
    But it's not mandatory, and people give there money away for equally stupid things everyday.