Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Go for Gopal?

I was unable to attend the RPI Chair forum held in Des Moines today. From all reports it seems that the forum was very well attended and seen a positive thing for the party to organize. The photo above is from the Des Moines Register.

Probably the most interesting development was the fact that Gopal Krishna was a no show. To some that might indicate he’s not running. Many think that it will be difficult for him to find the necessary votes. I on the other hand think it is probably more a display of arrogance. Why go to a public forum when there are only 17 SCC members who vote, and most if not all of them have had the opportunity to grill these candidates one on one.

All I know is if Krishna is a the Chair a week from today there are going to be A LOT of upset activists who know more about his checkered past with RPI than his plans to re-build it.

Krusty Kudos to the six candidates who participated in today’s events. The comment section is open since I’m sure there was more than one New Years Resolution to be a better citizen in the blogosphere.


  1. If Gopal doesn't come to the forum, he should not get any votes next Saturday.

    All 6 of those guys would be better choices if for not other reason...they showed up.

  2. Iowans Rock must have sore thumbs as he "Twittered" the features of the SCC meeting today. Based on his analysis, it would appear the race is between Matt & Danny and I was somewhat surprised to listen to his thumbs tell me Pate was a distant finisher in last place.

    Frankly, I'm not sure I buy that, even though Paul's not my first pick, he is still one of the sharpest tools in the lineup.

    I figured posting this will get Yoda out of hibernation and he'll draw out his "write saber" faster than you can say, "May the force be with you!"

    What say you Jedi Master?

  3. I also had a chance to attend the forum today. Each candidate there deserves respect for coming out on a cold Saturday morning to share their thoughts on the party. I feel as though some used the forum to brag about themselves instead of offering details on where the party should go, but they have my respect just the same.

    I am sincerely hoping that the SCC chooses a candidate that has a passion to lead a party, not just the money. Danny stepped forward and again caught my attention. I was impressed by Danny's passion to unite a party and the lead that party to victory. Danny was the strongest candidate at the forum today.

    Did you see how many of his supporters showed up!? They actually had a t-shirts that said "Danny." If the SCC doesn't choose him because of his ability to lead, then I hope they listen to the people and choose him because he made a connection with the average. “Grassroots” was the buzzword of the forum. Danny’s supporters there today were a textbook example of how to mobilize and get the average to turn out in support of a candidate they believe in.

    In recent political history, we seem to be giving our nod to those that have money as opposed to those that have the passion. For some reason we think that passion won’t win out in the end. I would like to see my SCC give me a reason to believe in our party. Show me something fresh; show me a leader with a vision to do more than just fundraise. Give me an organized party with a strong leader. Danny is that strong leader and I want him to be the one that tells our story.

  4. Quite frankly, Gopal's no-show today should completely disqualify him from further consideration as State Chair. If Gopal really wants this position..he'd have the courtesy to attend the event today and take questions from the SCC and from the audience.

    I was also dismayed that both our National Commiteeman (Scheffler) and National Committeewoman (Lehman) were not in attendance either.

  5. Gopal at one time had 4 solid votes and 2-4 lukewarm votes, It was believed that Sporer had 2-3 votes hence their partnership. the majority of SCC wasn't in support but the votes ere split all over the place.

    then G$ exposed the secret meeting and that fell apart, this gave the other SCC members a reason to unite, then Gopal started lying and threatening other SCC members and which pissed a number of the lukewarms off, enough to team with the others.

    Gopal wants to save face and say he was never running and it was just a blogging rumor, and he was never in, but truth is if it weren't for the blogs he would have been able to manipulate his way there, btw, the traditional media (and unfortunately Krusty at times) have been wrong on this one, Gopal is done, however...

    if the race comes down to (Strawn and Carroll which it is most likely) then Gopal and Co, might be King maker! :O

  6. JB - Wow, thanks for the flashback to my high school days! Your post reminded me of what it was like to run for class president!! Folks with shirts, all 12?

    Sorry, the Obamanation has you beat by about 29, 999,988 if you want an exact count. Danny is a good guy, in fact the photo shows a lineup of heros in our party.

    This is not about our next class president, this is about right to work, taxes, taxes, taxes, fees, freedom from a behemoth government, education that doesn't pollute our childrens minds while lousy teachers hide behind union get the drift!!

    Kudos to the process, open and informative is certainly progress from our past. As for the Gopal/Sporer ticket, you can add butter and jelly and slice them in two cause they're toast!!

  7. Not Buying It AnymoreJanuary 3, 2009 at 9:27 PM


    I was there today too. You said it better than anyone here.

    How many elections do we have to lose before we stop following the latest old-money lawyer from Polk county?

    The political landscape is changed. PACs have as much or more sway than RPI does. If our next leader doesn't realize that, and find ways to work within that system we're in for a world of hurt...

    One last question, how come the questions from the audience had more passion behind them than the statements from our would-be leader?!?! (I'll exclude Carroll from this as his closing remarks were a breath of fresh air among all the mediocrity)

  8. That Gopal, Sporer, Lehman and Scheffler weren't there bugs me alot. Let's hope that's not a signal of a conspiracy afoot.

    I do take issue with Sorenson's rebuttal of Mariannette as noted in the Radio Iowa blog. I think the platform is important, don't get me wrong, but the platform comes up for changes every two years.

    The planks are the result of majority vote, which depends on who's there to vote and the skill of those supporting it to maneuver that plank to acceptance. Meaning the platform isn't the final word and I don't always agree with everything in it.

    The final word for me is the Constitution of the United States of America and it's supporting documents the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Any plank in the party platform that disagrees is ignored.

    Let's hope the state GOP will keep that in perspective, because I certainly won't be involved in a party that ignores our Founding documents.

  9. I follow you there Matt.
    I think the State party could really learn from the losses by the national party.
    If they ignore the constitution, as the national party did, they will end up in the same shape

  10. Anonymous – You mentioned this was about things like right to work, taxes, fee, and freedom. Have you looked at Danny’s record? That’s all he fought for in the legislature and in this past election, the Right to Work people turned out more of a vote for him then legislators and the State Party. He’s been fighting for those messages and would continue to as State Chair.

    I’m so afraid that we will go with the old lawyer money from Polk County like we've done in the past. Why are so afraid to go a different direction? Do we have the majority right now?? Not even close! Are the SCC members so blinded by dollar signs that they will ignore the voter’s wishes? I sure hope not. If so – we have more of a problem there than lack of leadership from a State Chair.

  11. It's one thing for each of these fine men to "say" here's my vision-plan for Iowa. What you "do" is entirely indicative of the future of RPI.

    Leadership is not ideas, it's the ability to get things done!!

    I'm not sure we have to stick to the format of a 100-day action plan as Matt Strawn has proposed, but he understands the need to create some up front, high impact results to bring much needed CPR and resuscitation to the party structure.
    When it comes to enthusiasm and money, we're broke!

    I would kindly suggest to the SCC body that they conduct a review by mid summer at the latest to measure and review the "promises" and gauge the level of performance of our new leadership team, including the ED and all other related staff positions. We've run out of "cycles" to lose and recover, this is it IMO.

    Danny Carroll had a good idea with the survey and I would suggest another is conducted early this summer, online and on paper... so it's accessible to all the grass roots folks who do the heavy lifting and not just county chairs, who don't always reflect-represent the "mood of the body." (Insert your own diatribe here)

    Our plan to prosperity is not a straight path, it's like a 747 flying from NYC to Paris, it makes over 1000 course corrections over the several hours and our party needs to become highly attuned and communicative to the members and then flexible, adaptable and responsive to the ever changing landscape.

    If we can reform in this image, I really like our chances for a bull market style Republican resurgence.

  12. Lets face it..the Democrats are going to give us some serious openings here that the GOP can use for a resurgence. For example, here in Iowa, this talk of giving cities the ability to levy a local income tax...

    This gives the GOP the PERFECT opportunity to start to recapture the support of voters that we had previously lost.

    One thing that is absolutely critical is that Paulsen, McKinley and whomever the new State Chair is..are always on the same page and coordinating the message on a DAILY basis.

    The Dems are going to be shoving a lot of major BS down the throats of Iowans this year..and we need to be very clear in getting that word out to Iowans.

  13. Hawkeye, "BS" would refer to "Barak's $pending" or are you referring to what real Iowan's know as the "smell OF money?"

  14. Hawkeye Republican 8:44 - Well said - We are positioned to make many gains in 2010 in the Iowa Statehouse- if only we are organized. prepared and unified to do so.
    The Dems will give us all the ammunition we need - the question will be can we find the right weapons to load and the targets to hit?
    One of the big problems I have observed over the last few years is that RPI and the Statehouse Majority Fund Leadership have often been on different pages and do not present a unified message or strategy. RPI has too often allowed the Presidential campaigns to simply take over the running of the Party during those elections and then in the off years when RPI money is low RPI becomes basically a non-factor. The Statehouse leadership simply ignores RPI except to use their checkbook as a legal clearinghouse for their legislative election Funds.
    Unless I am mistaken RPI stands for Republican Party of IOWA. We need strong coherent unified leadership that understands first our allegiance should be to our state. We need to regain the power in the Statehouse in order to best serve the Republicans in Iowa.
    My contention is that should we once again accomplish this then the national elections will fall in place due to our revitalized base.
    This can all start again with gains in 2010- in order to do that we need closer workings between ALL the Republican and conservative factions to put forth a united message based in the reality of our common goals and beliefs and set in a perception that will gain the support we need in the voting booth.
    This will take a leader that understands how the entire system works from the both the ground up and the top down. Someone that gets things done for the good of the Party and not for their own personal agenda. Someone that has the experience to undersatnd what it takes to win elections at all levels in Iowa. Someone that has shown a personal passion to work with all Republicans to accomplish these goals.
    I am running for this thankless job despite warnings from many in the Party that it can not be done under the present cicumstances and makeup.
    Guess that "can't" word seems not to be in my vocabulary and instead it simply says to me here is a challenge.
    Andy Cable

  15. Some observations:

    - I spoke to a guy who said Matt Randall has never been to a Story county cc meeting. Interesting.

    - Kent Sorenson was two beers shy of making a Jim Conklin scene.

    - Miller Meeks gave a speech when she had a chance to ask a question and came off very bitter. Did little to dispell the liberal moderate label.

    - Isiah Meghee asked a five part question for the candidates to answer in under two minutes.

    - Bill Schickel did a great job moderating.

    - Gopal, Scheffler, Lehman and Bill Anderson were no shows. Gilbertson was not present but has a legit reason God bless him.

    - Matt Strawn failed to tell people that he was not THE owner of the Barnstormers but rather one of seventeen. He also briely mentioned his only Iowa political experience which was getting canned by McCain and said he would talk more about it later, but never did. He was also noticably shaking at the table. Good to see the golden boy is human after all.

    - Danny Carroll proved yet again that he is an honorable and sincere man who was able to turn out his people to a scc meeting but not in his last two house defeats.

    - Andy Cable had grassroots running in his veins.

    - Christopher Reed still needs a reality check. He's professing that because he got half a million votes that somehow being slaughtered by Harkin is a mandate to be chairman. A tip: A ham sandwich would more votes than that against Harkin.

    - Pate showed that he has the background to win but seemed frustrated that nobody on the cc had a vested interest in him becoming chair. My advice is get out that checkbook and go see Scheffler. And becoming a 1/17th part owner of a triple A farm team couldn't hurt either.

    - The best question came from the audience. It was hard to hear him but it had to do with building the GOP bench at the local level. Kudos to that guy for not making a speech nor attacking the platform.

    - There were about 25 blackberries burning up during the meeting.

    - There was a lady praying in the audience during the meeting. Weird. Just weird.

    - Carrol, Strawn and Pate were in a tier by themselves but we'll see what deals the scc makes in the next week.

  16. "stop following the latest old-money lawyer from Polk county?"
    "I’m so afraid that we will go with the old lawyer money from Polk County like we've done in the past."

    When has that been done in the past?

    Your ignorance is telling!

    Your attempt of an attack is disheartening and pathetic.

  17. Krusty, the problem with your blog is after a day of pleasant discourse, people start trying to be funny and smarmy, which ruins it. And to me it's not the criticism of candidates, but the criticism of posters. Sometimes, 9:44, it's better to keep your fingers idle. How many times have you read a post on here and not agreed with it? How many times have you commented on it? Perhaps it should have been one less, as a great exchange of ideas was being had.

  18. 9:40

    You are funny and I hope the rest of the "activists" in the room aren't as angry as you are.

    -You "heard" Matt Randall has never been to a Story county meeting. Your "source" is a liar!

    -Rep. Sorenson is a little too sensitive about the platform which made him overreact to a non-attack on it.

    -Miller-Meeks did give a speech followed by applause. She is a great conservative as is Rep. Sorenson They can disagree and both be great people.

    -It's 'Isaiah McGee' and his 5 part question could and was for the most part answered in 30 seconds. "Which of the 5 parts are you most passionate about?"

    -Bill did great.

    -We will hear a lot about the no-shows for the next week.

    -You clearly have never owned a business. Who’s the owner of your favorite sports team? They are the principle owner, there are almost always multiple investors...get a clue. Strawns closing remarks were by far the best.

    -Danny - honorable and a very good over all performance but he wants to take a poll on every decision he is to make (3M pointed that out in her question err 'speech'), Andy - activist, Reed - joke...

    -Pate isn't getting any traction for a reason.

    -It's between Carroll and Strawn nobody else has more than 2 votes.

  19. Shouldn't we stop following the latest has-been politician trying to make one last stop before his political tomb?

    When is the last time we have had a great Chair? Was it someone making their last stop on a declining political career? Was it someone who had promise and something on the line?

    I'm so afraid that we will go with a washed up politician with one foot in the political grave like we have done in the past.

    When someones career clearly ends with the Chair they have nothing on the line. If you have nothing on the line will you do what it takes to be a great Chair? History says no.

  20. I agree with 10:34, Danny Carroll fits that description. Good guy but its about winning and he has lost two in a row. Not just two races, but races in a district he held for 12 years.

  21. Not Buying It AnymoreJanuary 4, 2009 at 10:49 AM

    "Danny Carroll ... was able to turn out his people to a scc meeting but not in his last two house defeats."

    I disagree. Check the numbers yourself (like I did.) Danny turned out his base. He was beat by the Grinnell College Absentee & Early Voting machine. A machine RPI gave him no help in defeating.

    How quickly we forget all the previous elections Danny won.

    What's more, his people raised more $$ in direct contributions than his opponent.

    "Danny ... wants to take a poll on every decision he is to make"

    Again I disagree. He's surveying the counties to see where the process is breaking down. Not what issues are popular. Same thing Matt is doing.

    3M misunderstood the point of the earlier comments. Matt and Danny are looking at the process, not polling for principles or popularity.

  22. I think the chairman race says far more about the SCC than it does about the candidates. On paper Paul Pate is light years ahead of the pack, but there is no money, infuence or jobs for their future campaign staff to receive.

    Time get out the broom and sweep, sweep sweep.

  23. The last great Chair: Kayne Robinson!

  24. "Shouldn't we stop following the latest has-been politician trying to make one last stop before his political tomb?"

    "I'm so afraid that we will go with a washed up politician with one foot in the political grave like we have done in the past."

    When has that been done in the past?


    Your attempt at being funny and smarmy, this time has been direct and truthful.

  25. Hopefully the next chair will understand the real problems better than Mr. 10:49. Perhaps Mr. Carroll turned out his base, but, unfortunately, absetee and early ballots count equally. Republicans need to stop holding their collective noses about absentee voting and figure out how to get their fair share of those voters as well.

  26. Not Buying It..

    You're completely missing the point..

    Danny Carroll FAILED not once, but twice, because he failed to adapt his campaign to the new reality of politics here in Iowa.

    Absentee ballots and early voting programs are going to be vital for us to WIN in the future. Danny have a program in EITHER of his election losses.

    Candidates can't simply rely on RPI to do it for them. Carroll should have known from the start that if he was going to win..he'd have to be very aggressive on the absentee ballot/early voting front...and he failed to do so.

    Also if Carroll is elected..we're going to constantly hear the Democrats crow over and over how the Republicans "don't get it"..turning to a guy who's lost two straight elections.

    People want to be associated with WINNERS. That's just natural in and of itself.

    I look at these candidates running for chair..and the ONLY one who has defeated Democrats on a consistant basis is Pate. The guy won at the local and statewide level and he's been a County Chair before..

    Its time to look above style and flash..and look at substance.. Who's produced results in the past?

    Folks..we need to get back to the business of WINNING elections... I suggest that the SCC support someone who actually has done it recently.

  27. 11:08 Your comment makes no sense.

    No money, influence or jobs for who? Who on the SCC has gotten them from the current Chair? Sounds like your talking about yourself having no money, influence or jobs unless its Pate.

    Pate squarely falls under what 10:34 said.

  28. I like Carroll but he is not my guy. The real problem with politics is that much of our base is lazy when it comes to actually working and volunteering for candidates. We pay people where people should volunteer and some of the people that get paid to work on every single campaign do nothing or are worth nothing. I understand the dynamics that sometimes campaigns need to have paid people to throw at emerging problems, but in many times ware using those people to run campaigns. The new chair needs to fundamentally reform the work effort (in a pc way)of the base and rank and file. republicans should not be afraid to talk about our beliefs in poblic, in our homes and in our work places.

    Let's build the party! Think of how we can expand our base. If you look at the results of the last election Republicans and conservatives voted. The fringe did not these are the people tha do not follow politics as much as we do. They are swayed by emotion and their pocket book. How do we get these people to vote republican again?

    Fundamentally the party is a conservative party infact all the parties listed are conservative. What we have going on now is a he said she said that is a power struggle on who thinks who is more conservative. Yes there are a few wacko pro-choice republicans (very rare). But the more we talk and focus on the life issues means we are not talking about the things that bring in new voters who are pro-life but if the hear nothing else they vote for the candidate with the most substance out there.

  29. Anonymous 9:44 - I was referring directly to Stawn's relationship with Jeff Lamberti. An attempt at an observation of a relationship. Not an attempt an an attack - we certainly don't need any more of that in the party.

    Important to keep in mind that in Danny's last election, the Party and Legis Leadership failed to find anyone else to run in that district. Danny stepped up to a difficult race so an incumbent dem wouldn't have a year off. He knew it was an uphill battle.

    Are we really saying it would have been better for Danny's career if he had NOT have run in this past election? He should have stayed home because it was a difficult, heavily democratic district? My opinion clearly means little on this blog, but Danny understands what has gone wrong with campaigns where the party should step in the help.

    If we really want to recruit better candidates, we can't approach them with a message that says "We want you to run, but if you lose don't you dare try to do anything else for this party." That seems like the message we're sending Danny.

    At the end of the day, either candidate will do a good job for the party. We're lucky such quality guys stepped up.

  30. 12:53:

    I think the caucus campaigns are actually a root of the problem here.

    While we are spoiled with the attention and it is a great way for a lot of people to get political experiences, we are also causing a problem.

    Wealthy presidential campaigns are willing to pay people to make phone calls and to knock on doors and so activists get used to that.

    But when congressional candidate X or State Senate Candidate Y or State House candidate Z needs help - the activist that got paid during the caucus campaign me the money first!

    As great as the caucuses are, they have also had a downside - people want money for work that should otherwise be done out of a sense of cause or belief - i.e. volunteer.

  31. Strawn is running for congress or is hoping to run the party for Lamberti so he can run for congress again or maybe even for governor. I think that is what the anon is referring to. You know, jobs for his hacks that want to barnstorm RPI. I assume the money comment was a shot at the Scheffler faction and each of the central committee members who sit on boards of interest groups are and should be a concern to us all. Scheffler of ICA which Gopal is a board member and sugar daddy, Kim
    2 Hat" Lehman of Iowa Right to Life of which Strawn is also a board member. Then there is Danny Carroll who sits on the Iowa Family Policy Center board. Its hard to serve two masters.

    Danny Carroll? I have no idea how or why he thinks he needs to be chairman. We need a winner and a leader that is for something and not just against gays.

    Pate? I get tired of hearing the Todd's tout his experience and winning record, but at the end of the day even a broken clock is correct twice a day. In this instance so are they.

  32. I'm sorry if I seemed a little harsh on my tweet that Pate came in last. This is a guy that I knew nothing about except for his supporters raving about him on the blogs, so I was expecting a rock star. I don't know what it was. His answers came accross as mechanical text book answers with no passion. I'm not saying that what he said was wrong, it just didn't seem like he was ready to take the bull by the horns, which is what this party needs.

    Those of you who don't like Chris Reed need to put aside your personal feelings for him and listen to some of his ideas. He has got his head screwed on straight on quite a few things and I know many of you would agree with him on issues. While I don't think he is ready for the RPI chair, I think we need to get past his campaign against Harkin and look at him as an asset to our party. A young, solid conservative who we will need in our generational changeover. Nobody is perfect, especially in their first go at politics.

  33. Good point Iownas Rock. Just think of all the RPI dollars he can expense for new suits and car washes! He raised how much for his campaign again? $6,000? $5,000? Or was it $1,000?

    Are you even a republican? No republican would suggest him as a leader with a straight face. Gordon? Is that you?

  34. Iowans Rock.. why didnt you go and talk to Pate? Learn more about the guy...I have no doubts in my mind that he'd most certainly take the bull by the horns as you put it..

    Pate's never lost to a Democrat..he's won at the local and state level..he's got unquestioned conservative credentials...

    We dont need a "rock star" as you put it as chair..what we need is a rock solid leader who can put RPI back on the right track. RPI's first priority should be getting back to the business of WINNING ELECTIONS. Who better to put in charge of that..than someone who has NEVER lost to a Democrat!

    Now..I don't think anyone dislikes Chris Reed..what people's concern about him is that he's again seemingly biting off more than he can chew again.

    Reed would do well to go back..look at running for a state legislative seat..start making a name for himself there. He's from Linn County..and quite frankly..there's D legislators out there that need a serious challenge.

  35. Chris Reed is a loon. He not only ran a poor senate campaign at the top of the Republican ticket in Iowa, but had the worst funding of any senate candidate IN THE NATION!

    Carroll is a little iffy, Pate is a little out of touch, Sporer is decent but not popular, etc. etc. etc,

    but all of these candidates with all there flaws are MILES AND MILES ahead of Reed

  36. appears that Scheffler has dumped Gopal and the doomed partnership with Sporer is over before it got off the ground.
    So what does Scheffler do now to cement his control over SCC? Would seem he has two choices. Be a Gov Rod Blago and sell his 3-4 votes to highest bidder for probably the right to name the ED or perhaps my guess is he has already made the deal with Carroll.

  37. It seems that Mr Scheffler and his crowd may have realized after Grant Ys report of the meeting and the attempt to get enough support to elect the Gopal/Sporer ticket in December failed that his only prayer was to hide out and stay silent while still trying to broker another backroom deal with his remaining cards.
    Since he and his cronies are nowhere to be found and have totally snubbed the SCC and its forum would be reasonable deduction they have already made a deal.
    Strawn is Lamberti and DSM old guard candidate. Pate seems out of the loop. Cable is too independent for him to control and Randall could not be bought either. That leaves Reed and Carroll for him to deal with.

  38. Don't put words into my mouth. I never said that Reed should be chair or that he ran an awesome campaign. What I said is that he is a rock solid conservative with good ideas and we need more young Republicans like this who are willing to thow their hat in the ring.

    You guys have got to remember that Reed won a Republican primary, so he has an important base of support. You have got to look at the issues and where he stands and quit shooting down the people who are not your enemy.

  39. Don't forget that Reed called our all powerful senator Al Qaeda’s Tokyo Rose at the last debate.

    Harkin went up to him afterwards and with a red face exclaimed that he seemed to be a nice young man who could have had a future in Iowa but after that comment, Senator Harkin made it clear he would personally see that Reed never made it any higher than "humble shoe shine boy!"

    Herschel would get more votes for Senate than any of the candidates from the last cycle and we don't even know his real name but when a "klown" can take the ticket, it really goes to show just how far we've fallen.....and we "can't get up!"

  40. All this talk about the chair is probably a moot point. I think the SCC members had their minds made up before Saturday. The big question to me is that will Leon Mosley be kept on as Co-Chair? If he is not, you, RPI and SCC will lose the best face of a Republican in Iowa. One that does not preach to grassroots but shares their views and knows that listening to them is more valuable than money. He goes beyond to make counties happy with his attendance, happy with his friendship, happy with recognition of their hard work, happy to be a part of their events and happy to be a Republican. The new chair whoever it is had better think really hard and decide up front that LEON SHOULD BE THE CO-CHAIR.

  41. Thanks Leon...
    Shouldn't you add a disclaimer after that last post?

  42. Iowans Rock's heart is in the right place, but you're an idiot. A ham sandwich could've gotten better than Reed. I'm sorry, but it's true. Espousing party platform isn't good enough and is actually damaging. Get a clue. The guy gets kudos for running, but that's where it stops. He ran a pitiful campaign.

    But, at least he got some new suits out of the deal.

  43. Thanks, Iowans Rock for your take on Chris Reed at the SCC Forum. I appreciate your words of enlightenment about Reed and what he can offer to our party in the future. While others here continue to throw stones, you offer your opinion from someone who was in the room.

    The suit stuff is so old news. While it is human nature to remember negative things like the suit money, it is very childish to keep rehashing it.

    Thanks to all who offer up positive and informed discussion.

  44. anon 4:58
    Leon wont have the support to get re-elected co-chair

    he makes a living from the .58 cents a mile travel reimbursements that RPI gives, I can't recall the number I heard but something akin to a teacher's salary worth in travel reimbursements

    Most SCC members know that, same reason some past SCC members "visited" their counties so much

    plus some of them are not too happy about his support for Rathje, his rant at the last SCC
    meeting, and the fact the he's been in the position for 10 years

  45. Matt must be invisible at the Story County CC meetings. He was at County Convention. What is his attendance record at CC, and is it a requirement?

  46. travel expenses are just that - expenses- even at .58 mile there is little "profit" in the expenses. This certainly does not begin to pay for the time spent.
    A taeachers salary? Hardly when the expenses are taken out and my guess it is even far less than current minimum wage. I also doubt we could even begin to find someone that does the rah-rah cheerleading and is as well liked state wide as our current Co-Chair at any price.

  47. Interesting point...

    Who wants the chair of the party? It is in its worst state ever.

    I hear everyone speaking of optimism in 2010, and, although I have nothing against "pie in the sky" thinking, there is nothing to back it up.

    We lost seats in the house for yet another cycle, and we have been reduced to such a poultry presence in the senate that the battle is not Republican v. Democrat, it is Conservative Democrats v. Liberal Democrats.

    Christopher Reed won a State wide GOP primary for heavens sake, and for what? To be a sacrifical lamb for Tom Harkin, a freebee? Because King and Latham where scared of there <40% nobody challengers??

    We need guts. And all we have is a hodge podge of underachievers, cowards, and nut jobs who either have there head in the sand or up there own ass.

    For all the time and money I wasted supporting this party of lost causes and forgotten conservative ideals I could have done something much more constructive

  48. so 10:30 if things are so bad and you have wasted so much time why you doing blogs? take your attitude and and go for a walk.
    King and Latham are doing great jobs where they are and we have lost enough Congressman by trying to move up.
    I do not hear Vilsack or Boswell being called cowards for not running against Grassley.
    No reason for optimism? Where were you in 94? The last time we had a mid-term election with the opposing party at the national level in complete control. Or look at th egains the Dems made at mid-terms when we were in control.
    At the state level the scenario is much the same. Govenor Gronstal will find out soon that the big lug thinks he is Governor. The free spending from the last two years of Demo control will correspond with higher taxes and state layoffs.
    While our numbers are lower they are still the best of the best of who we have and they will hunker down and with the ammunition the opposition gives us we will be in a position to be successful

  49. Okay, so it's not a pretty picture right now, even the optimists like me are using lots of black when I finger paint...

    My encouragement to you is to read just one chapter about Abraham Lincoln. Yes, the founder of our party and the country bumpkin, second-rate lawyer whose monument watches over our nations capital for all eternity. Just days before he took the oath of office, ten states seceded from the union, taking all troops, forts, arsenals and assets and the great rumor floating around DC that week was the attack and assassination that was to occur at his inaugural.

    You think we have it bad....

    My point is: We need leadership, not positions.
    This starts from the SCC, the way they set expectations, (raising the bar way, way up!) and
    then a core group of "servant leaders" who truly understand the power of the grass roots folks.

    I've had many tell me the party has become a joke and I defend that comment strenuously, knowing in the back of my mind that we're dangerously close to that scenario if we don't take decisive action and get something done!

  50. From left to right*

    Won a general election

    -Reed (NO)
    -Cable (NO)
    -Strawn (NO)
    -Carroll (YES) State representative for 6 terms
    -Randall (NO)
    -Pate (YES) State Senator for 2 terms, Secretary of State for 1 term, Mayor of CR for 2 terms

    Lost an election

    -Reed (YES) 2008 versus Harkin
    -Cable (?)
    -Strawn (YES) Iowa Caucus cm for John McCain briefly
    -Carroll (YES) 2006 and 2008 races for statehouse
    -Randall (NO)
    -Pate (NO)

    Succesful businessman

    -Reed (NO)
    -Cable (?)
    -Strawn (YES) Managing partner of the IA Barnstormers
    -Carroll (NO)
    -Randall (YES) Randall Construction in Ames
    -Pate (YES) Owner/CEO Pate Asphalt in Marion

    Been a county GOP Chair

    -Reed (NO)
    -Cable (YES) Forever
    -Strawn (NO)
    -Carroll (NO)
    -Randall (NO)
    -Pate (YES)

    Potential conflicts of interests

    -Reed (NO)
    -Cable (NO)
    -Strawn (YES) Board member of Iowa Right to Life
    -Carroll (YES) Board member of Iowa Family Policy Center
    -Randall (NO)
    -Pate (YES) Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association

  51. It is the Democrat party that is the joke. That party is in total disarray. They have corruption swirling around everywhere.

    Obama has one scandal after another with which he must deal and he hasn't even been sworn into office.

    Pay attention to the US Senate. The Democrats are making a mockery of the Senate.

    They're all bumbling idiots or crooks.

    Iowa Democrats are also tainted with scandal and they've totally run the finances of Iowa in the ground.

    Democrats are destroying Iowa, Illinois, CA, MA, NJ, NY and many other states as well as the United States and the Republicans are the ones playing defense?

    Stop!!! Go on offense and nail these crooks to the wall. Destroy any shred of credibility they may have left.

  52. First off, you guys need to get off of your "has to be a proven winner" track!

    How many failures did it take before we got a working (successful) light bulb filament?
    How many failures before the Model T was created?
    How many failures before the first working telephone?
    How many losses before Abe Lincoln became president?

    We don't need someone with a high rate of wins over losses. We need someone with experiences who has learned from them (whether they be wins or losses). And don't take this as an advocation of one candidate over another, just an admonishment to look at more than just win/loss records.

    We need a chairperson who will stand up in the integrity of his convictions and not waiver. Someone who will do what's right no matter the personal/political cost. We need someone who cannot be 'purchased' and will not even attempt to 'purchase' anyone or anything for political gain.

    We need someone who can build a consensus and rally the troops. Someone who knows their limitations and can find people who can compliment their weaknesses, and can do what they can't. And find staff to do better than them, things that they can do adequately.

    Someone who can get us all to work together to accomplish our goals.

    Plans are great, but they are worthless if our new chairperson cannot lead volunteers and employees alike.

    Should we not be looking at people who have run campaigns; not just at former candidates? People like past campaign managers and county chairpersons? Isn't the job of the State Chairperson the same thing as a county chairperson only on a much larger scale? Don't we want someone who has had experience running such an organization?

    This is what I am looking for in a chairperson.

  53. Anon 9:24
    In response to your chart it is obvious that perhaps I need to include more of my background to you.
    Won a General Election- I have not- but I have been Campaign Manager guiding the winning of District 44 Leg races the last 4 times. We won despite being one of the top targeted races by the Dems and being outsent 2-3:1- we had nearly 400K spent against us in 08 and we won by 8 points. I have hands on experience on how to win elections and success in doing it.
    Lost an Election- think maybe I ran for 3rd grade class election and lost.
    Successful Businessman- While a Senior at Drake I started a business called Audio Labs in Des Moines. It was wildly successful- projected first year sales of $175-did $700K first year and is still today 37 years later a going concern.
    At 24 was youngest Head Buyer at a major Department store chain in charge of seven figure budget and large sales staff.
    Subsequently owned two other successful private businesses and was constantly the Top producing salesman for a large regional sales force over 9 years.
    In the 90s was the General Manager for one of the Top 50 Tennis Resorts located in Naples, FL with over 240 acres and 40 courts. Once again I managed budgets in the 7 figures, had a staff of 75 or more, had over 100 Rental units, numerous name tennis pros and a well known Tennis Academy.
    Today I have business called Diversified Interests that deals with multi based businesses including Farm Management, Satellite Communication, Political Consulting and property rentals. I would put my real world successes and experience up against any of the other candidates.
    County Chair- not forever - 8 years of on the job successful training
    Conflict of Interests- my conflict is with liberals. Was in 08 elected by my peers to be the Chair of the Fourth District Convention.

    I have a somewhat laid back leadership style that invites and relies on input from all. I do believe in transparency and unity.
    However I take great pride in being a Bulldog from Drake and I neither quit nor give up on my principles. Those that have stood toe to toe with me will vouch for that.

    Andy Cable