Friday, January 9, 2009

It’s almost over…

In a just a few short hours members of the State Central Committee will arrive in Des Moines for this weekends meeting. While the vote will take place tomorrow morning, the last minute arm twisting takes place tonight in the nooks and dark hallways of the RPI headquarters. If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, I think Strawn’s their man, but there is a possibility that someone could change their mind. If Strawn is successful in his bid the Co-Chair race is going to be interesting.

Despite being told that he doesn’t have the votes to be re-elected, Leon Mosley is seeking reelection according to SCC member David Chung. I trust my source that told me there is a solid block of 12 SCC members who will not vote for Mosley. However, I think there will still be a few people who vote for Mosley. Assuming that Carroll would run for Co-Chair, that means we could see a three way Co-Chair race between Mosley, Pate, and Carroll.

Now there has also been mention of a Dark Horse Co-Chair candidate from the comment section. I don’t give that rumor much credibility, but if there is a Dark Horse Co-Chair candidate its probably Ted Sporer. Sure Ted’s been AWOL for months, heck I’m starting to really wonder what the heck happened to him, but the one thing that the SCC has agreed on is Sporer’s action plan. While I think it’s highly unlikely, it wouldn’t surprise me either.

As for the Treasurer and Secretary Positions, I’m all for Matt Randall being elected Treasurer, you shouldn’t even has to ask about that…

Moving Forward

My friends over in Flyover Country has a great post the other day about what the new chair should do moving forward. I’d also like to chime in with some things that might help our party unite behind our new chairman.

The new chair and ED should organize a summit of all past RPI Chairs. Look nobody is going to have all the answers, and I’m one that believes you can learn a lot from those who have gone before you. As a party we need to do a better job of utilizing the knowledge and creativity of these people. Additionally, these people need to still contribute to the party even though they are no serve in an official role. When was the last time you saw Steve Grubbs or Mike Mahaffey at an RPI event? Our new Chair needs to reach out and bring these people back in the fold.

I also think the party needs to engage and empower more activists. There is no reason that RPI can’t create study committees on specific issues or major events like the Straw Poll and Caucuses. It seems like we always must reinvent the wheel every two, four, or eight years. We need to retain our institutional knowledge, not watch it walk out the door. Talk about the brain drain.


  1. Past Chair summit is a good idea, KK. Keep the ideas coming, that's the most helpful thing we get from you.

    I think Flyover's post today is good analysis. And it scares me to death. Somehow, Scheffler has always figured out how to keep his powder dry and cut the best deal at the end. And his unholy alliance with Gopal is terribly disturbing. If Scheffler's group ends up going together to tip it for Danny Carroll, I think the party will suffer for it.

    If Danny had the votes without that shrinking group of Scheffler loyalists, I would be much happier if he were to win it that way.

  2. Krusty, how does it feel to be out of the loop on this one?

    there really is a (non Sporer)dark horse co-chair candidate, but it depends on who wins the chairman's race

    if Strawn wins and Carroll decides not to go for Co-chair, your dark horse might emerge

    Scheffler, Smith, Krishna met with Carroll last night, Kim was not there, she has publicly stated her support of Strawn, but she did not do so on Deace yesterday.

    folks this will come down to 1 or 2 votes, Gopal indeed might end up kingmaker

    If Carroll wins, and Strawn decides not to go for co-chair, its anybody's race

    read closely Chung's blog, why would he even refer to this "rumor" if there wasn't

  3. Wow, 11:47 really wants to think of himself as in-the-know.

    I think that if either the chair or co-chair ends up being a dark-horse, there will be hell to pay with the county organizations.

    This time around, people are demanding transparancy, and they aren't going to take too kindly to any stealth candidates.

  4. There are a couple "darkhorses", but Jim Kurtenbach is the most often mentioned. He's a former state representative who has lost his most recent race much like Danny Carroll. He is also yet another candidate from the golden circle in central Iowa. I agree that Krusty is a just a tad bit out of the loop on this one. Sporer? Are you serious?

    I also don't think the Co-chairman, Treasurer and Sceretary positions should be considered consolation prizes for chair candidates who lose.

  5. the "Golden Circle" must get bigger the further away you are from it, like some weird MC Esher painting

    Kurtenbach is from Nevada, I doubt people in Ankeny, West Des Moines, or the East side (of Des Moines) see Nevada as part of the "Golden Circle"

  6. Technically it is the next door county and we do have 99 of the damn things. So you say tomato he says tomato. Sometimes you boys in the circle tend to forget that and I think that was his or her point.

  7. Look. We have a pretty good SSC and a list of good candidates. Let's pray for the best and pledge our support for the new chairman and get on with the job of defeating Democrats!!!

  8. what times the vote?

  9. My votes with Danny the Pumpkin farmer. I think the people of Iowa would rather see a farmer as GOP chair than the CEO/VP of the Barnstormers. Strawn would remind them of a out-of-touch rich GOP elitist. Strawn would just fit the stereotype and that isn't good.

  10. OMFG 5:14

    Spoken like a class envy assbackwards Huckabigot.

  11. 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

    the two candidates at the top of the race are backed by special interest groups that will play the winner like a pawn.

    we need someone to emerge out of the pack that cannot be bought. someone who will lead from their own conscience and stand up for republicans everywhere, not just one particular brand or another.

    We need ANDY CABLE

  12. OMG 5:30,

    Actually, I voted for Duncan Hunter

  13. OMG 7:54
    I voted for Duncan Hines and I never did get any cake sent to my house. That's okay, President Select Obama will make my house payments for me!

  14. Anon 6:43 - It's not his time, but let me assure you our state is miles ahead if the other 98 counties had great men like Andy at the helm.

    Chair is important, don't get me wrong, but it's the grass roots that wins elections and I'm excited to predict that our next chair will understand this paradigm and enhance the practice that time and again is proven to win!

  15. Far reaching networks in our local counties along with qualified candidates win elections.

  16. Jeff - That's a given. But we've made this whole process too complicated, we're all plan and no action! In the business world, employees who model the above traits become unemployed.

    Patton, without argue one of the most effective generals to serve our country, took years and years of West Point training and battle experience and boiled it down to a simple, memorable mantra.

    1) War is about killing
    2) Feed your men
    3) Keep them moving, always attack never retreat

    We should heed the same advice...

    1) Our party is about VISION
    2) Feed our flock with great candidates
    3) Keep our grass roots moving, never to retreat!

    I'd much rather fight with a ballot than a bullet!

    Today we elect a new general. I pray he knows how to lead!!