Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Gopal

Yesterday, Gopal Krishna let it be known that he is not running to be Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, and never has been a candidate. He also took a little time to call his colleges on the State Central Committee immature and that the reason he would not run is because he doesn’t want to be their babysitter.

If you ask me, it looks like Gopal is the one who needs to grow up, get his facts straight.

First, while I question some of the actions taken by the SCC, they are all good people who want to do what’s best for the party. Unfortunately, we have lacked a strong chairman for the better part of a decade meaning the committee has been adrift. I’m actually one of the few who think this committee is a lot better than the previous one.

Additionally, it is no secret that the Iowa Christian Alliance is responsible for helping get most of these members elected to the SCC. So if Gopal is upset with maturity level of many of the members, he can thank himself for putting them in their current position.

Secondly, Gopal calls out members who don’t attend meetings. Yet it was Gopal who didn’t show up at State Central Committee meeting when he was Co-Chair 19 years ago, and he also didn’t attend the 1999 Straw Poll, yet he has the audacity to call other people out for their attendance record.

Gopal might be able to fool the media that he was never a candidate, but will never fool those who understand how these campaigns for chair are run. There is no doubt in my mind that Gopal was a candidate. However, this chair election has been very different that the previous ones. Usually a perspective candidate will reach out to the SCC members, but if they can’t garner the 9 votes needed they don’t pull the trigger. While it might not have been Gopal reaching out to other SCC members, there was an effort on his behalf. What happened is that Gopal is unable to get the 9 votes he needed, so of course he’s not running.

Finally, Gopal painted himself as a victim of lies and hate spread by a few blogs.

I guess he might be talking about me. While I understand that he probably didn’t like seeing all the stuff from the 2000 election cycle back in circulation for public consumption, I’m not the one who wants to reinvent history, Gopal is.

I did not make up the fact that the State Central Committee sent out a letter to county leaders about Gopal’s behavior which lead to his dismissal from the Party which was signed by Leon Mosley and Steve Scheffler and a majority of the SCC members at the time.

I did not magically produce a couple of Yepsen articles that deal with Gopal’s actions on the SCC in 2000 that are eerily similar to Yepsen’s columns this year about the dysfunction within RPI.

I did not make up the fact that he skipped out on the Straw Poll and wasn’t present at the SCC meeting which lead to his forced resignation.

Gopal, I have not lied about your past; I have simply made sure people knew about it. Sorry you if you cannot accept the truth. You might be glad to know that I held back at times, because I wanted to keep the debate about your “candidacy” for chairman about the facts.

Other Chair Business – Let the maneuvering begin!

I’ve heard through the grapevine that 2 potential chair candidates might pull from the race. One is Matt Randall, which doesn’t surprise me. Matt’s a good guy who is smart enough to know whether or not he’s got the votes or not. His vote is extremely valuable as the race between Strawn and Carroll is tight. The other rumor out there is that Paul Pate will not run for chairman, but for the Co-Chair position.


  1. Strawn-Pate? That makes so much sense I am genuinely pissed I didn't think of it first. I geuss the process can work afterall.

  2. Krusty, God Bless you for your help in putting the snake back under his rock. His minions need to be punished for trying to resurrect this clown as our party leader. People like Scheffler and Eva Braun….I’m sorry Lisa Smith get the hint.

    Thank you again Krusty for having the guts to stand up for what is right!

  3. the truth shall set you freeJanuary 7, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    1. Gopal is/was a candidate. He actively sought the office and held meetings across the state, not just the secret ones.
    2. Blast the comittee all you want Gopal, you are a member of it.
    3. This should the message to everyone Gopal does not need to be reelected to the SCC.

  4. And the lesson for today boys and girls is: Threatening everyone if they don't support you is not a good way to win hearts and minds.

    For Tomorrow: Chapter 3, Can't Buy Me Love

  5. Matt Randall for Treasurer!!

    Someone please run for treasurer against GOPal. We need to get this guy as far away from our money as possible.

  6. Perfect - Strawn/Pate would be ok but I would prefer Carroll-Pate; I like Strawn but don't really think he has enough Iowa political experience - yet.

    if this is true, I sincerely value Paul Pate stepping up and offering to work in another capacity... Pate is my first choice yet I recognize he's not getting the 9 votes needed.

    Go Pate, and Thank you for your service.

    Carroll Pate would be an awesome team.

  7. I was told this directly from an SCC member,

    about a month ago 9 or so central committee members attended a meeting to discuss the chairman's race it was held in the ICA office and only certain central committee members were invited, and only certain ones attended, those not invited Hutcheson, Shickle, Randall, Ortega. McGee and Hulshiseur were invited but did not attend

    At that meeting Steve proposed a Gopal/Sporer ticket, some in the room were solidly behind Gopal
    some were non committal and some were opposed, those who were not committed arms were twisted, Sporer earlier had expressed interest in the chairmanship, but backed off when he didn't have the votes. Ultimately the arm twisting went too far and the deal fell apart as fast as it was created, we haven't heard from Ted since (to his credit, I might add)

    Then Gopal kept trying to convince other central committee people by lying and saying he had the support of 9 or 10 members and that they should fall in line now before it's too late, with others he tried direct threats.

    There had already been a counter movement against Gopal from other SCC members about him being chair, and those actions made it stronger. Strawn and Carroll were recruited by SCC members who were not apart of the Gopal alliance

    This is the beginning of the End for Gopal, most of the SCC don't want to see him as chair, won't allow him to be kingmaker, and probably wont support him as treasurer either. I've even heard some SCC members have said they would resign if he becomes chair...ever.

    I post this anonymously because I'm not sure the person who told me this wanted it to be public, but I feel it should, and I am sure if you ask any SCC member about this they can probably corroborate

  8. Krusty

    Good work. You can now add Gopal's ferret-esque hairpiece to the other trophies mounted on your wall.

    I, for one, am happy to see him publicly outted and embarrassed. Pulling back the rock to put some sunlight on this matter has seen others scrurrying for cover as well...

    Go Krusty Go!

  9. matt randall as treasurer--that's a great idea. I like it.

    GOP publicly bashing repbulcians as a member of their board of directors seems just silly to me. if you don't like it, there's the door. buh bye.

    quit acting like you're on some holy jihad to save the republcian party.

    it's time for his scc seat to be taken by someone who's NOT a lying, sneaky, dude.

  10. Brilliant move by Pate to be co-chair if it's true. If you can't get votes as chair, might as well be able to stay at the table.

    I hope the SCC will consider those candidates that didn't make Chair for the exec. director and treasurer and whatever other leadership positions need filled. I also hope the losing candidates will consider it. Having all these guys involved in some capacity would be awesome.

    I am glad Gopal is out, he makes a liberal sound good with the snarky victim schtick.

    Now for the $10 trillion dollar question: Who's Scheffler's boy now?

  11. Given Gopal's actions is it any wonder he gave political cover for Kim Lehman's rediculous behavior? As a social conservative first and a republican second, I am sick and tired of having to defend myself for THEIR actions becuase they are viewed by many to lead my wing of the party. Well not in my book and its the Good Book.

    I also like the comments of Strawn as Chair, Pate willing to serve as Co-Chair and then perhaps a Matt Randall or even Bill Schickel for Treasurer.

    Things seemed to be heading in the right direction for our party and Mr. Krusty I think we have you in no small part to thank for it.

  12. Dark Horse for Co-Chair!!!!!!!!!

  13. Does anyone think Gopal's letter on Deace is similar to the old Nixon speech?

    "You won't have ole Gopal to kick around!"

    What a little cry baby. Hey Gopal! Just quit the committee please. If it is that worthless, why be a member?

    God bless Krusty for exposing this guy.

  14. Speaking of dark horses, perhaps Krusty is getting his?

    From HawkeyeGOP:

    "Linda Harrington, of Albion, e-mailed SCC members today declaring that she would be willing to serve as party chair 'without stipend.' She also said that she would team up with co-chair Leon Mosely. Linda was at the candidate's forum but did not ask to be seated with the other six candidates. Linda worked on John Cox's campaign and ran unsuccessfully for the position of National Comitteewoman at the 2008 State Convention."

  15. Hehheh..He said Cox...January 7, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Someone that worked on John Cox's campaign?? *snickers*

    Yeah..that guy..the one who got 46 VOTES at the 2007 Straw Poll.

    Please..can we talk about serious individuals here?

  16. Heine worked for Cox. No pun intended.

  17. I heard Heine really took it from Cox; Cox really stuck it to him.

  18. Does Gopal not realize that with his childish and petty statements, he is not only proving himself a hypocrite, but also proving true all the allegations made against him in 2000?

    If Gopal doesn't get his way, then he's going to make it hell for everyone else. He did it then and he's trying to do it now.

  19. It is deal time for the State Chair. While the two front runners are probaly Strawn and Carroll I see neither having nine votes locked first ballot as of today. The talk of candidates dropping or running for different positions is probably being floated by the top two candidates in hopes of weakening some support from the reamining four.

    The Scheffler block has some power to play Rod Blago and sell some votes- probably 3-4 still remain in his pocket. Enough for either to maybe get to 9. The price? Naming the ED would be solid guess.
    As far as running a "ticket" of two candidates that is a little troublesome since the two positions are separate elections and the Co-Chair post has a popular incumbent.
    Randall would be an excellent Treasurer if not our Chair.

  20. Russ from WintersetJanuary 7, 2009 at 3:50 PM

    (Now, before I say this, I need to remind you that I'm NOT saying that Deace is a childish whiner, so don't interpret it that way.)

    Steve Deace has always showed a willingness to call in artillery on his position, so to speak, if he thinks it's for the greater good. I'm thinking that Gopal's trashing of his own committee is going to raise his profile in Steve's eyes a couple of notches.

    Whether you like it or not, I'm thinking that Gopal is going to be appearing on Steve's show quite a bit in the near future. Will this exposure help or hurt him with the Republican base? I think that if Gopal phrases his statements carefully, Deace could do for him what he did for Huckabee in late '07.

    Deacer, I know you read this site. Any thoughts?

  21. Russ..

    Sorry no..but Gopal no Mike Huckabee.

    Krishna has proven time and time again that the only person he's interested in helping is himself.

    Gopal is much like the prima donna athlete in the locker room. They both rapidly become a cancer on the team they're supposedly "working" for. The only choice we have is to cut out the cancer..before it becomes terminal.

    If Gopal feels like he's "babysitting" the SCC..guess what..there's the door. No one's stopping you from resigning. In fact, its probably better that you DID resign...perhaps then we can have someone else on the SCC than will work to help get the job done..

  22. Notice Gopal ran to Deace first. He knew that was because Deace would give him a sympathetic ear.

    Deace has the goal of destroying the Republican party and Gopal is playing right into his hands.

    Between these two, they can continue to demoralize Republicans.

    They need to be ignored.

  23. Russ from WintersetJanuary 7, 2009 at 5:30 PM


    I tend to agree with you. Even though I supported a candidate other than Huck, I find him to be very personable, which is a big plus for a politician.

    Note that I said "...if he phrases his statements carefully". From what I read at Deace's blog and Iowa Independent, that's going to be a problem for Mr. Krishna.

    I was just interested to see Steve say that part of Gopal's critics are "anonymous internet posters". Anonymous internet criticism has long been a favorite target of Deacer, even back when he was doing sports talk. To me, that offhand comment indicates that Steve is considering using his radio show to help Gopal. Maybe not to win the chairmanship this election, but more like a long term strategy.

  24. Deace is being played by Gopal. Quite frankly I am surprized Deace has fallen for it.
    Gopal is not Huckabee. He is a phony and anyone that has worked with him knows that- except Lisa and Steve.
    Deace will see this fast enough should he give Gopal anytime on the air.
    Gopal can not take criticism nor respond when one on one. Both would expose him should in be on air live.
    Why do you think he did not show up last Saturday? A forum and questions from his peers and even worse- real Republicans? He would have imploded.

  25. Sorry Krusty think your grapevine is no better than your Darkhorse you would present in 2009 or your blockbuster announcement the first Monday of 2009.
    No way Randall drops out- he is not a quitter. And same for Pate. Both know there is good chance of deadlock Saturday and they may become compromise selection or at least be chair maker with couple votes.
    One does not come this far to quit now.

  26. You're correct- Pate's no quitter. He is, however, REALLY smart and has played the game a time or two. Mark my words, he's in the co-chair camp. He can seal the deal there and PRAISE GOD. Pate's experience, integritity, and awareness of the "should-be-obvious", (the old 'not enough members of the party left to start ripping limbs off, boys and girls' adage)makes him the best thing to happen to the party since the 80's. HOLY CRAP!! What if someone in the state party ACTUALLY represented us?!!!! Do I hear the seventh seal breaking?!!!

  27. I think you are dreaming if you think Deace is being played by Gopal and Deace fell for it.

    Take a step back and look at what just happened. Gopal was ready to hang himself with his ridulous tantrum, and Deace gave him the rope to do it by putting said tantrum on his blog and making his childish rantings public.