Friday, January 30, 2009

Krazy Train

Krazy, but thats how it goes…

House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen called on Speaker Pat Murphy to freeze spending on all Pork Projects like the Amtrak station in his home town of Dubuque since Amtrak doesn’t even service that community.

The money for the station has been appropriated but no contracts have been signed yet meaning the state can recoup their money rather than spending it on such a foolish project. While it’s only 300K, this is exactly the type of stuff we need to be cutting. Props to Rep. Paulsen.

Murph’s going off the rails with his crazy train…

Ahhh its Friday, and in honor of Chet Culver and Pat Murphy’s stupid pork project and terrible budgeting practices, I dedicate this to all Iowa Democrats.

I think I just channeled my inner QCI. Speaking on them its QCI’s one year anniversary. Congrats, man. But you have a little ways to go to get your stat counter to look like mine… I’m nearing 45k this month. Sorry, just feel the need to throw down once in a while.

Big Change for Iowa Democrats

While Iowa Democrats will have a new Chairman after Mike Kiernan is selected by their state central committee, they are also going to be getting a new executive director as Mike Milligan has announced he will not be back. This is a significant development. Milligan has run the day to day operation at IDP since December 2004.

More likely than not, Milligan is just moving on. He has his own consulting business, and owns Shane’s Rib Shack in Clive. Some good Q is you ask me. It will be interesting to see who fills his shoes, but one thing is for sure, Iowa Democrats are witnessing a brain drain. Many of their best and brightest are in DC with the Obama administration, and with people like Milligan moving on could be a sign that the good times are over for Iowa Democrats.

Big Killer is a Fighter

I have not heard much regarding 1st District SCC member Karl “Big Killer” Gilbertson. Karl is up in the Mayo Clinic fighting a rare form of cancer. I inquired about his condition with a few mutual friends and was pleased to see that Karl and his family are using a blog type system at Mayo to communicate with people.

While I’d never wish that anyone would have to endure something like this, it’s amazing to see the strength and faithfulness of people shine through during these tough times. It is inspirational. Karl’s posted some pics on his blog, they are classic Karl. I’m not sure they want them posted here or not. They one thing they do need is our prayers, so send one or a thousand up for the big guy and his family.

Super Bowl Picks

I have to admit it; it’s going to be impossible for me not to be rooting for Kurt Warner on Sunday. While this Super Bowl match-up isn’t what I expected when the playoff started, I think it will be a great game. With the weather supposed to be partly sunny and 70 degrees, I’m taking the Cardinals.

I respect the Steelers defense, but I’m just not sold on their offense. I think Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm have a lot of motivation in showing the Steelers they deserved a look when replacing Bill Cowher.


  1. Kurt Warner for governor--of Iowa. :)

  2. Milligan was overpaid as ED, the fact he is leaving is a sign of good things to come for Iowa Democrats. He was very lazy and benefitted solely from the Culver tide of 06 and Obama in 08.

  3. Hell yes! Thanks Krusty. But what else do you expect out of the World's Crappiest Blog?

  4. HA! I love when Democrats come on here and bash their own. Awesome. We're not the only party with divisions!

  5. Grant - Krappiest...not Crappiest.

    This is Krusty...speak the lingo.

  6. Good things to come with Milligan leaving, can they get any better? I hope you are right though. I do agree on the Q, love the ribs!