Monday, January 19, 2009

Rest in Peace

Another State Legislator from Cedar Rapids has passed away. This morning Rosemary Thompson who served in the Iowa House from 1995-2000 passed away. Thompson filled the House seat vacated by Mary Lundby when she ran for the State Senate.


  1. My first job in the legislature while I was still in college way back in '97 was clerking for Rosemary. I learned alot from her and will certainly miss her. My prayers go out to her husband Jim who is the nicest man I've ever met and her family.

  2. She was a winner.

    We've lost some good ones in Finch, Lundby and now Thomson. I sincerely hope a new crop of GOP women will fill those shoes - which are very large.

    May they all rest in peace, and their legacies be honored with strong GOP women in the future.

  3. oh my ....

    ((((( sympathy to the family )))))


  4. in a couple of years, I hope to do just that ;)